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Are you a Disney fan?

Just curious. Have you been to the theme parks? Do you have a Disney-heavy wardrobe?

I find it interesting when adults really get into the park vibe. Not judging or pooh-poohing, the world is a rough place and if something brings you joy go for it. Just curious about the why/when/where/hows of it all.

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by Anonymousreply 74April 16, 2024 1:05 AM

I was in Disneyland Paris in 2003. I rode the rocknroll Rollercoaster in that movie park section and had a breakfast with Donald duck but he spoke French. I like the 90s Disney movies the most but pocahontas was boring. I think home on the ranch and sleeping beauty are boring too but I love snow white because I am racist. I think Disney ruined Chris Evans' career by inserting the lesbian couple into lightyear instead of allowing Jeremy Renner and Robert downey junior to come out as gay men. Seriously, why promote computer generated lesbians when you have lesbian looking gay men that are still closeted and which you could support as a billion dollar company for their coming out? That's why I hate Disney these days.

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by Anonymousreply 1April 2, 2024 2:42 PM

Puddin’ married at Disney. It has It has to be fabulous.to be fabulous..

by Anonymousreply 2April 2, 2024 2:46 PM

I'd love to go to a Disney land or world just for the experience, but alas I am too poor and doubt I'll ever get there. I find Disney animations boring. Mickey Mouse and his cohort leave me cold.

I have relatives who are obsessed with Disney. I find it disturbing. Their homes are crammed with Disney crap. They dress their kids in Disney branded clothing. It's mental, really.

by Anonymousreply 3April 2, 2024 2:50 PM

Disney adults are both fascinating and repulsive.

by Anonymousreply 4April 2, 2024 2:54 PM

I love Disney and Universal Studios. The world is so nasty right now that it's a joy to escape to a world where everything is perfect and magical. The rides and attractions are amazing.

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by Anonymousreply 5April 2, 2024 3:01 PM

I love Disney and Universal theme parks.

However, I find Disney Adults to be strange and off-putting. I understand having a lot of attachment to a media property, as my Star Trek tattoo will attest. But even I don't make Star Trek my entire identity.

by Anonymousreply 6April 2, 2024 3:18 PM

I’ve been to each of the US parks once, as a child. No desire to return.

by Anonymousreply 7April 2, 2024 3:24 PM

Tell us about your Star Trek tattoo, r6. It’s The Enterprise, isn’t it?

by Anonymousreply 8April 2, 2024 3:25 PM

I like theme parks. Disney, Efteling, Europa Park, Parc Astérix, Parque Warner Bros.. Storytelling, beautiful theming that makes you forget about real life for a couple of hours...

Buying made-in-china merch crap from any of those parks? God no.

by Anonymousreply 9April 2, 2024 3:27 PM

I have an acquaintance who loves the Star Wars universe and Disney. When the worlds merged, she was in heaven- she's always talking about year passes and the secret restaurant in her SM posts, but the classic Disney characters don't interest her.

Dutchie- Parc Astérix??? That actually sounds fun.

by Anonymousreply 10April 2, 2024 3:29 PM

[quote]Tell us about your Star Trek tattoo, [R6]. It’s The Enterprise, isn’t it?

No, it's one of the delta shields with a medical red cross, combo'd with the Rod of Asclepius and a stylized Psi for psychiatry.

In typical DL fashion, you may clutch your pearls for my temerity for getting tattooed in the first place, or inform me about how I am trashy or mentally ill.

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by Anonymousreply 11April 2, 2024 3:34 PM

Went to Disney World when I was seven and loved it but wouldn't go back.

I like the classic shorts and the early features - Pinocchio, Alice, Dumbo, Peter Pan.

Carl Barks and Don Rosa's Donald Duck comics are brilliant.

I don't count Star Wars, Pixar or Marvel as Disney.

by Anonymousreply 12April 2, 2024 3:38 PM

I have a fondness for Disney's classic films, especially the animated ones. However, I am not much of a fan of the 3D animated films outside of a select few. It would probably be fun to go to Disney World again at some point (I went once, when I was 8 years old), but it's not on the top of my list. I would probably have fun but I am not huge on amusement park rides or hot weather, waiting in lines, etc.

I knew a couple that took almost all of their vacations to Disney, sometimes going twice per year. That seemed a bit extreme to me, but to each their own, I guess.

by Anonymousreply 13April 2, 2024 3:42 PM

[quote] In typical DL fashion, you may clutch your pearls for my temerity for getting tattooed in the first place, or inform me about how I am trashy or mentally ill.

No thanks.

by Anonymousreply 14April 2, 2024 3:49 PM

No not a fan. We live by stories and Disney offers them in abundance. Personally I find Disney full of cliches and low hanging fruit, overly reliant on stereotypes and generic low brow references. They steal from everyone then copywriter everything. They are at this point irideemable capitalist scum.

by Anonymousreply 15April 2, 2024 3:55 PM

It’s a sin, that tattoo. A sin.

by Anonymousreply 16April 2, 2024 3:59 PM

Margaret White has entered the chat.

by Anonymousreply 17April 2, 2024 4:01 PM

[quote] I don't count Star Wars, Pixar or Marvel as Disney.

But they are, Blanche! They are Disney!

by Anonymousreply 18April 2, 2024 4:08 PM

They are owned (and ruined) by Disney. Not exactly the same as created by Disney.

by Anonymousreply 19April 2, 2024 4:10 PM

Not a Disney adult but recently swung by Disneyland Paris after a nice trip over there. I'm fascinated by the technology they use in their attractions, like the autonomous cars in the newer Ratatouille ride, or the drone show they put on now. My partner is a good sport and he's willing to go to a new park we've never been to every decade or so, although that will be a heavier lift in the future.

by Anonymousreply 20April 2, 2024 4:11 PM

I'm a fan based on nostalgia from my childhood and the cartoons around that time. I went to Disneyworld when I was five years old. I really have no desire to go as an adult or wear any Disney clothes. If I was for some reason in Orlando or LA area and friends said "lets go to Disney [or nearby parks] for the day," I wouldn't be against it, but it's nothing I'd pursue on my own.

by Anonymousreply 21April 2, 2024 4:20 PM

I went on a couple of dates with a guy who was obsessed with Disney and Barbie. He still lived at home in his 30s and probably still does in his 40s. He was a total loser.

by Anonymousreply 22April 2, 2024 4:30 PM

If I had 3 days in Paris or Tokyo -- no, I would not spend (waste) one day in a foreign Disney park.

by Anonymousreply 23April 2, 2024 4:42 PM

I’ll stick with Gardaland. Grazie.

by Anonymousreply 24April 2, 2024 4:43 PM

I love everything Disney up until about the 1970s. I find Disneyland nostalgic, since I went there several times as a kid. I went about five years ago with my brother and his wife and two sons for five days and I have to say I really enjoyed it. The new park with all the roller coasters was fun. The only thing I didn't like was that all the stores had the same really crappy merchandise for sale. I kind of hoped to find some store with classic Disney memorabilia, but there wasn't one.

by Anonymousreply 25April 2, 2024 4:47 PM

Hell no. Do I like a lot of their classic animated movies? Sure. Do I want to go to Disneyland or other such park? No way! I'm not 8.

by Anonymousreply 26April 2, 2024 4:48 PM

How much would an average person spend per day - tickets, food, accommodations, etc, for a day at one of their parks? I know there is a huge range, but for those of you who frequent them, what's a good guesstimate of daily cost excluding travel cost?

by Anonymousreply 27April 2, 2024 5:01 PM

The “Disney adult” industrial complex

The grown-up Disney superfan has become a much-mocked phenomenon online. But creating these consumers was always part of the corporation’s plan.

Before Sarah Rachul was a Disney adult, she was a Disney baby. “I don’t really ever remember a time when the Disney movies or characters weren’t a part of my life,” says the 29-year-old account director, who is based in Ohio. When Rachul was a toddler, her parents and grandparents began taking her to Disney theme parks; today, she holidays there regularly, usually with a pair of mouse ears atop her head. Sometimes, she subtly dresses up like Disney characters, which is known as “Disney Bounding” (full-character costumes are banned inside the parks, so guests aren’t confused with employees). She even hosts her own podcast about Disney, The Pixie Dust Project.

Rachul is a proud “Disney adult” – a nebulous and often pejorative term for a grown-up who is a fervent fan of the Walt Disney Company. In the popular imagination, a Disney adult is a childless, self-infantilised and overly excitable millennial; someone who lacks both self- and social awareness. People have said as much to Rachul. In 2022, 2.2 million people watched a video of her breaking down in tears upon meeting a Goofy mascot at a Disney park – many commenters told her to “grow up”, but others told her she was “pure”.

Whether Disney adults are embarrassing or enchanting is largely a matter of opinion. What is missing from endless comment sections is the fact that they are a creation of the Walt Disney Company – a character constructed just as carefully as Elsa or Donald Duck. Disney does not hide its desire to create lifelong consumers. In 2011, Disney representatives visited new mothers in 580 maternity wards across the US, gifting them bodysuits and asking them to sign up for DisneyBaby.com. In 2022, the company announced plans to build residential “Storyliving” communities across America, with special neighbourhoods for those aged 55 and up.

Rachul grew up in the 1990s, during the so-called “Disney Renaissance”, when Disney debuted a string of critically successful films and re-released its earlier classics on VHS. Merchandising reached new heights: 7,000 products were released to promote 1997’s Hercules alone. It was, Rachul says, “almost like you couldn’t avoid having [Disney] as part of your childhood”. She wept when she saw Goofy in the parks because the anthropomorphic dog was her late grandfather’s favourite character, and her grandfather was her best friend. For Rachul, hugging Goofy was like having “this little piece of my grandpa back”.

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by Anonymousreply 28April 2, 2024 5:09 PM

People complain about the high prices, but it's hell of a lot cheaper than going to Europe. It's also a lot more fun and less hassle.

by Anonymousreply 29April 2, 2024 5:17 PM

I'm a big fan of a lot of the classic animated movies. And I've been to Disney World as an adult several times.

I doubt if I'll ever go back, but I wouldn't mind "Disney bounding" in honor of my all time favorite character if I did. That's as far as I'd take it though and I wouldn't go to any trouble to do so.

by Anonymousreply 30April 2, 2024 5:18 PM

Disney Paris is around $100 for a dated one-day pass. That's to get into the park. Obviously, you have to pay extra for food, not sure what else you'd have to pay extra for.

Tokyo Disney is $100 to $150 for a day pass.

I know a frau whose husband is into Disney. They have 3 kids. When they travel, they will spend multiple days (e.g., 3 days) in one park.

by Anonymousreply 31April 2, 2024 5:24 PM

I was in the Disney college program worked at the land pavilion, lived in vista way and had plenty of fun. Learned a lot if you know what I mean. Was absolutely the most fun I had up to that point of my life.

by Anonymousreply 32April 2, 2024 5:46 PM

[quote]If I had 3 days in Paris or Tokyo -- no, I would not spend (waste) one day in a foreign Disney park.

If I had two weeks in one of those--particularly Tokyo--I absolutely would.

The Oriental Land Company, which is Tokyo Disney's actual owners, invests a crapton of money into their rides (and more importantly, maintenance). The Tokyo Disneyland Beauty and the Beast ride has astonishing technology, and Tokyo DisneySea--adapted from their plans for the Port Disney park that they tried to build in Long Beach in the 90s which was scaled back to California Adventure--may be the best Disney park of them all.

DisneySea's new Fantasy Springs section, which has things from Frozen, Rapunzel, and Peter Pan, and is opening in June, is jaw-dropping, especially when compared to how the Walt Disney Company has cheaped out on the US parks for decades.

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by Anonymousreply 33April 2, 2024 5:49 PM

No. But I used to wear a Mickey Mouse watch.

by Anonymousreply 34April 2, 2024 5:53 PM

This is Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast. Even if you don't want to sit through the entire video, skip to 11:05 where the Beast transforms back into a human. I can't figure out how they do it, and I don't even think I want to know, because I'd rather just be dazzled by it.

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by Anonymousreply 35April 2, 2024 6:11 PM

Wow. That is my favorite part in the movie too.

by Anonymousreply 36April 2, 2024 7:42 PM

I grew up near Disneyland and went yearly. I still live fairly close and now go once every four or five years

It’s not the park I grew up with, but the again nothing still is

I do go in the off-season, because the crowds do make it unbearable

by Anonymousreply 37April 2, 2024 8:32 PM

When is off-season, R37?

by Anonymousreply 38April 2, 2024 8:56 PM

I'm fond of Donald Duck.

by Anonymousreply 39April 2, 2024 9:05 PM

When it rains!

by Anonymousreply 40April 2, 2024 9:43 PM

I grew up in Los Angeles & went to Disneyland a bunch of times as a kid. Loved it as a young kid, but I was completely over it by 11-12 years old. Thought it was kinda boring; preferred the rollercoasters & such at Magic Mountain. My last visit -- which was under duress/protest -- was 1978-79-ish, and they still had the ticket booklets ("E-ticket ride").

NBA-twins Brook & Robin Lopez (who grew up in Los Angeles) are unabashed Disney-fans. So much so that Brook LIVES (not a vacation home) in a Disney Resorts gated community, adjacent to Disneyworld.

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by Anonymousreply 41April 2, 2024 9:51 PM

Dafuq? LIVING there? Homie has some serious mental problems that he wants to get away from. Better that than drugs I suppose.

by Anonymousreply 42April 2, 2024 9:54 PM

[quote]I like theme parks. Disney, Efteling, Europa Park, Parc Astérix, Parque Warner Bros.. Storytelling, beautiful theming that makes you forget about real life for a couple of hours...

You could have gone to Epcot and seen all of Europe.

by Anonymousreply 43April 2, 2024 10:06 PM

R41 despite the Stanford pedigree, neither is the brightest bulb in the pack.

by Anonymousreply 44April 2, 2024 10:12 PM

[quote7,000 products were released to promote 1997’s Hercules alone.

I worked on the "style guide" for Hercules at the Burbank Studios. At the time, they were giving away all of the Hunchback merchandise that didn't sell to the employees and temp workers.

by Anonymousreply 45April 2, 2024 10:16 PM

[quote]Dafuq? LIVING there? Homie has some serious mental problems that he wants to get away from. Better that than drugs I suppose.

I mean, I'm not saying I could do it, but Golden Oak, the residential community that's on Disney property, has homes ranging from a few million dollars all the way to $20+ million.

Cotino and Asteria, the communities they're building in Rancho Mirage and the Research Triangle of NC respectively, will be similar.

They sell them because people will buy them.

by Anonymousreply 46April 2, 2024 10:19 PM

I only like Kingdom hearts.

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by Anonymousreply 47April 3, 2024 8:18 AM

Going to a Disney theme park is more fun than going anywhere in Europe, r29? You must be the most boring person on earth.

by Anonymousreply 48April 3, 2024 9:34 AM

I used to enjoy going to Disney World until it was Igerized, became woke, they started untheming everything and all this just so weather reader Iger and the grinning idiot D'Amaro could get bigger bonuses.

by Anonymousreply 49April 3, 2024 10:01 AM

No I grew up in Orlando.

by Anonymousreply 50April 3, 2024 10:17 AM

I was never hugely into Disney even as a kid. I always preferred Looney Tunes. I did watch all the classic Disney movies and they were enjoyable enough (although some were downright depressing!), but nothing that warranted obsession. I have never been to the parks...would I go if someone gave me a free ticket? Sure, but I would never pay those eye-watering prices to stand in queues all day with a bunch of bratty kids and trashy adults. If I did go to one, I would probably choose Tokyo, as it seems like it would offer the best experience.

by Anonymousreply 51April 3, 2024 10:23 AM

Grew up an hour away from WDW. Annual passes for decades. Hundreds of visits from 1971-2012, then moved out of state.

by Anonymousreply 52April 3, 2024 10:49 AM

[quote]When is off-season, [R37]?

For Disneyland, it’s right now, while the kids are still in school.

For Disney World, never

by Anonymousreply 53April 3, 2024 11:50 AM

I have some Alice in wonderland socks and a sleep shirt. Also a cruella deville sleep shirt. I had a pack of assorted Disney villains socks but I’ve lost track of those. I’ve never been to any of the Disney parks. Too far and too expensive.

by Anonymousreply 54April 3, 2024 1:24 PM

It's low end but harmless.

by Anonymousreply 55April 3, 2024 1:56 PM

I'm not a real fan of Disney, although I like Donald Duck. Mickey annoys the shit out of me with his high-pitched voice.

I've been to Disney World twice for half days because I was in Orlando for work. Surprisingly, I preferred Magic Kingdom to EPCOT. I get a kick out of the racist, evil animatronic dolls of It's a Small World.

Weirdly, I like watching the Carousel of Progress ride on YouTube.

by Anonymousreply 56April 3, 2024 5:46 PM

BERKING: Bob Iger has held off a right-wing assault on his job.

by Anonymousreply 57April 3, 2024 5:51 PM

R43 what a fabulous idea. Let me book a flight across the pond to visit a theme park mimicking my real life environments.

by Anonymousreply 58April 3, 2024 10:26 PM

I was a poor kid and didn’t get to Disney Land until I was an adult with my own money. I loved the experience. I would go to Disney Land again but I would not go to Disney World.

by Anonymousreply 59April 3, 2024 10:54 PM

My favorite character is the original Donald Duck who is really unpleasant and funny. When they made him cute and family friendly even in his rages he lost all humor for me.

I very highly recommend the early cartoons The Band Concert and Mickey's Fire Brigade. Absolutely brilliant filmmaking and funny. Back when Donald Duck was one of Disney's best creations.

by Anonymousreply 60April 3, 2024 10:59 PM

I hate that they got rid of the bride sale in Pirates with one of the Pirates yelling We wants the red head! Now the once brides to be are self empowered. Totally idiotic especially that they kept in the water drowning torture of that guy in the well. That's funny? And his wife keeps coming out of the window to yell in a bad hispanic accent in English. Wouldn't she be yelling in Spanish? The picking and choosing of what to be woke about is ridiculous.

by Anonymousreply 61April 3, 2024 11:10 PM

I know two couples who are Disney Gays. One of them goes on about it though I've never expressed any interest. "We're staying at the Grand Adventure on the such-and-such side, and we've got Fast Passes though it's not as good as it used to be ... "

I smile politely and listen.

The one bit of info that was interesting was that post-Pee-wee John Paragon worked at Disneyland as a costumed character, and they hung out with him quite a bit.

by Anonymousreply 62April 3, 2024 11:50 PM

I am ashamed but yes I am a Disney adult.

by Anonymousreply 63April 3, 2024 11:51 PM

No, but I'm glad they voted to keep that asshole Peltz from taking control of the company. P&G says hello.

by Anonymousreply 64April 3, 2024 11:55 PM

Almost every month a visitor is killed in the park from an accident. They get impaled, squashed or beheaded on the rides.

by Anonymousreply 65April 4, 2024 12:01 AM

Really r65? How do you know?

by Anonymousreply 66April 4, 2024 8:44 PM

They don’t, r66. R65 is lying

by Anonymousreply 67April 4, 2024 11:30 PM

I just remembered that relatives travelled to America when I was a young kid and they brought home Disney dollars. Each of us kids received a $1 note. I remember feeling overjoyed that I'd have my own money to spend when my parents took my siblings and I to Disneyland. I remember crumpling the note up in tears when my mum finally snapped at me and said we weren't ever fucking going to Disneyland because we could barely afford to put food on the table. I associated that $1 note, with Mickey's stupid, grinning face with all my childhood disappointment and envy.

by Anonymousreply 68April 4, 2024 11:58 PM

Am almost completely indifferent to Disney.

Disney adults on the other hand I find quite fascinating.

R41 I can understand the appeal of the Disney Resorts gated communities, mainly from the safety aspect. However that is something that other gated communities can offer too. I can see why someone might live in one if a home in a style they liked was available at a reasonable price and the location worked for them. Being a Disney fan would of course be an additional point in its favour for him

by Anonymousreply 69April 5, 2024 12:52 AM

I worked on a commercial that had all sorts of different people. One was a young woman in her early twenties that literally spoke like a Disney princess with the hand affectations. She asked me who my favorite princess was, and that threw me for a loop- I answered, "Can I tell you my favorite villain?". She replied, "OH NO *wrings hands*, you can't....EVERYONE must have princess that they like!". I told her, "NOPE, just villains!", and she proceeded to stay away from me and sing Disney songs in her little world. So weird.

by Anonymousreply 70April 5, 2024 1:10 AM

I adore Heihei!

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by Anonymousreply 71April 14, 2024 1:11 PM

In the nineties, we took our niece and nephews for a few days at Disney World, followed by four nights on the Disney cruise (The Big Red Boat).

I was skeptical about this trip, but have to say that the cruise was quite nice. The boat was immaculate, the food was quite good, the evening shows were great, and Disney did a good job providing dining rooms and decks/pools that were child-free. They also offer childcare and lots of activities for children.

There were two gay guys (a couple) who were on the trip without children. At the time I thought it strange that two adults without children would be on a Disney cruise, but they seemed to be having a great time.

I’m not someone who loves cruises, but I believe Disney provided a much more civilized atmosphere than one might find on a Carnival or Celebrity cruise.

by Anonymousreply 72April 14, 2024 2:34 PM

I adored Anne HeHe!

In other news, Disneyland Paris is trying to make Walt Disney Studios Park suck a little less, by adding the same Frozen land that Hong Kong Disneyland just got, and renaming it Disney Adventure World.

by Anonymousreply 73April 15, 2024 10:24 PM

I hate anything Disney! They think they smell like a fine French fragrance that everybody will love. I think they stink like shit!

by Anonymousreply 74April 16, 2024 1:05 AM
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