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Michael Jacksons 1996 Interrogation

How can anybody think he was innocent after seeing this? That’s ignorant.

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by Anonymousreply 378April 4, 2024 1:52 AM

He reminds me of the Child Catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang there. So creepy looking.

by Anonymousreply 1March 21, 2024 12:53 AM

[quote]How can anybody think he was innocent after seeing this

The thumbnail alone screams “guilty.”

by Anonymousreply 2March 21, 2024 12:58 AM

Cultists gotta cult.

by Anonymousreply 3March 21, 2024 12:59 AM

Beat it.

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by Anonymousreply 4March 21, 2024 12:59 AM

I don't know anyone who thought he was innocent.

by Anonymousreply 5March 21, 2024 1:01 AM

I could barely focus I was so distracted by the tip of his nose that appeared to be falling off during the interview.

by Anonymousreply 6March 21, 2024 1:42 AM

Every time he touched his face I thought for sure a part was going to come off; an ear, the nose, the hair, etc. I think he was massively talented but the ick factor was off the charts.

by Anonymousreply 7March 21, 2024 1:48 AM

He wasn't innocent. He was a great artist. Young boys fell for him. These guys now are probably still trying to wade through that whole mixed up emotional feeling, because he did abuse them, he discarded them for another, they felt very complex feelings for him and love was likely how they would describe it, but he himself was a mixed up boy/man. I'm sure abused in his own youth which colored his outlook. I don't think he actually could understand what he was doing was wrong, he probably thought 'why can't they see I'm not doing anything wrong'. His death in my opinion was merciful. Who knows, maybe he wanted it that way. He sure was speeding down the highway of life to it. I hope God is merciful to him because I think he was very mixed up and what young boy at that time of his success could resist him? He was a monster on the rating scale and incredibly talented. God help him and his 'lost boys' too.

I hope I don't sound too forgiving but I find with him I see him as a lost boy as well.

by Anonymousreply 8March 21, 2024 1:54 AM

He was horrifically abused. His father was a monster. I feel horribly sorry for him.

That he passed the pain down a generation is a sad, sad thing, too.

by Anonymousreply 9March 21, 2024 1:57 AM

That photo at R4. An eye opener.

by Anonymousreply 10March 21, 2024 2:02 AM

Lots of pedophiles don’t think they’re doing anything wrong R8

by Anonymousreply 11March 21, 2024 2:19 AM

[quote] How can anybody think he was innocent after seeing this?

OP, people chose to vote for Donald Trump for president of the United States. And many of them are keen to do it again.

Any other questions?

by Anonymousreply 12March 21, 2024 2:21 AM

He was both victim and victimizer. I can't take away his talent.

by Anonymousreply 13March 21, 2024 2:32 AM

R4 looks photoshopped.

by Anonymousreply 14March 21, 2024 2:34 AM

He looks like a prop from a horror film here.

by Anonymousreply 15March 21, 2024 2:38 AM

His victimisation by his father doesn't mitigate his own horrendous behaviour, IMO. Yes, he was highly damaged by his own childhood, but there comes a point where you're responsible for your own actions. I'd say the same if Jordy Chandler or Wade Robson or any of the other boys he abused grew up to be child molesters themselves.

by Anonymousreply 16March 21, 2024 2:47 AM

Pedophilia is not a trauma response. The answer for getting whooped with a belt by your father is not to start transmitting dozens of boys across state lines in order to ply them with alcohol and rim them. Surviving child abuse isn’t a sufficient condition for diddling kids. Michael would have gone down that path irrespective of having himself being abused physically and/or emotionally.

by Anonymousreply 17March 21, 2024 2:48 AM

My friends have said- and I agree- that if Michael Jackson did not have all of that plastic surgery to look less black he would not have been as popular amongst white people in the USA and Europe. He did not look white really but far more neutral if he had not been so self hating and therefore was motivated to make himself look far less black- but at the same time it made him look far more like a FREAK.

by Anonymousreply 18March 21, 2024 2:51 AM

Twelve posts before it's a Trump thread. Slightly below average but not too bad. Kudos gals.

by Anonymousreply 19March 21, 2024 2:55 AM

The very definition of "Duper's Delight".

by Anonymousreply 20March 21, 2024 2:56 AM

That image at R4 is chilling to look at.

by Anonymousreply 21March 21, 2024 2:57 AM

Joe Jackson molested the girls in the family , didn’t he? Isn’t that why LaToya and Janet were so fucked up, and why Rebbie (and Janet) got married as teenagers?

by Anonymousreply 22March 21, 2024 3:13 AM

Only the centipede knows for sure.

by Anonymousreply 23March 21, 2024 3:27 AM

He predicted 9/11

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by Anonymousreply 24March 21, 2024 3:28 AM

Wade Robson is a liar and a grifter. I don't think anything happened with him, he's just in it for the money.

I feel bad for the other guy from the documentary, I do think something happened with him and it must be such a complicated mess to process and move on from.

by Anonymousreply 25March 21, 2024 3:29 AM

"I'm innocent" he whispered in Minnie Mouse voice

by Anonymousreply 26March 21, 2024 3:30 AM

Tell us how this "poor lost boy" was misunderstood too R8

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by Anonymousreply 27March 21, 2024 3:33 AM

I still laugh at this

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by Anonymousreply 28March 21, 2024 3:37 AM

MJ had a fundie baby voice like that of an evangelical Christian woman.

by Anonymousreply 29March 21, 2024 3:38 AM

The MJ pedo cult is alive and well on DL. Get help.

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by Anonymousreply 30March 21, 2024 3:38 AM

I don’t know R18. I’m not going to discount how horribly racist the US was, and still it, but entertainers have often gotten a pass in our culture if they were talented enough and Jackson certainly was. Everybody loved the J5 growing up and Off The Wall was a big success - as his looks got stranger and stranger he certainly became a cultural joke well before his music got truly awful. I think he’d have been just as big if he’d left his face alone, his music was perfect for that era.

by Anonymousreply 31March 21, 2024 3:44 AM

Please god, let R30 be an AI generated image and not something that was actually hanging on display in MJ’s home.

by Anonymousreply 32March 21, 2024 3:50 AM

R4 That looks like Michael Rapaport standing to MJ’s right.

by Anonymousreply 33March 21, 2024 3:52 AM

He looked black and like himself at his absolute peak R18. He had his first nose job and dermabrasion before off the wall came out. It was great work and his features looked natural. The second nose job before thriller looked caucasian. From 1986 on was when he really went overboard and destroyed his face.

I think he was tying not to look like Joe Jackson more than trying not to look black.

by Anonymousreply 34March 21, 2024 3:58 AM

Gosh MJ doesn't blink much in the video...I find that disconcerting.and freakish.

by Anonymousreply 35March 21, 2024 4:17 AM

[quote]I don't know anyone who thought he was innocent.

There's definitely a racial divide amongst the people who believe he's guilty. Same as OJ.

by Anonymousreply 36March 21, 2024 4:17 AM

R25 why would you take the other guy's account at face value but call Wade Robson a liar? Their abuse stories were exactly the same and they both tried to get money from the estate.

by Anonymousreply 37March 21, 2024 4:21 AM

He can't blink R35.

by Anonymousreply 38March 21, 2024 5:21 AM

Why is he so amused by the interrogation?

by Anonymousreply 39March 21, 2024 5:27 AM

You don't think James Safechuck would be able to suss out Wade Robson if the latter was a fake?

by Anonymousreply 40March 21, 2024 5:58 AM

This is how it goes down hmph *changes to 5 year old voice* “These allegations are categorically false! I love little boys and I would never harm one. I let these boys into my home, a wonderland built for the biggest of kids!”

by Anonymousreply 41March 21, 2024 6:09 AM

I think he was a deeply damaged man, but not a monster.

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by Anonymousreply 42March 21, 2024 6:19 AM

He looks like a monster in the youtube clip, he looks like a ghoul.

by Anonymousreply 43March 21, 2024 6:58 AM

Severely closeted homosexuality x Unimaginable fame = Absolute madness

by Anonymousreply 44March 21, 2024 7:00 AM

Ben was his first victim.

by Anonymousreply 45March 21, 2024 7:00 AM

R18 I'm not sure.

He looked pretty black when Thriller came out and that's what made him the biggest pop star of all time.

Bad was when he started to become "whiter". I was just a kid then, but even I remember being turned off by his new found bizarreness.

by Anonymousreply 46March 21, 2024 7:04 AM

Wade was such a cute child and a MJ impersonator to boot. No way his ego was going to resist that.

It's common for molested children to defend their abusers for long periods afterward. Look at Corey Feldman who still struggles with his idolization and loathing of Jackson today.

by Anonymousreply 47March 21, 2024 7:09 AM

Don't forget the Webster kid's mom had to run an errand & left him with Michael Jackson & when she came back they were both gone (I believe she gave MJ exact instructions that they were both to stay there until she got back & MJ agreed). When she tracked her son down Michael took him to a hotel room & had given him "Jesus juice" which made him groggy. She got him out of there before anything happened to him & she forbade her son from ever having anything to do with him again.

She should've had him arrested for kidnapping & drugging a minor at the very least.

by Anonymousreply 48March 21, 2024 7:28 AM

As far as child molesters go, he was one of the worst. Completely depraved.

by Anonymousreply 49March 21, 2024 7:42 AM

Eww, I have to take a rape shower after watching that.

by Anonymousreply 50March 21, 2024 10:33 AM

he was a maniacal boy-raping monster. his defenders are trash.

by Anonymousreply 51March 21, 2024 10:53 AM

He never had a real boyfriend or girlfriend except maybe Stephanie Mills.

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by Anonymousreply 52March 21, 2024 11:08 AM

Can't believe I sat through this-Ewwwww! So creepy and I guess poor-quality video but his face seemed all torn up. I NEVER(land) know what to think about this guy-So much talent but so much Creep!

by Anonymousreply 53March 21, 2024 2:53 PM

R35 Hard to blink with no eye lids.

by Anonymousreply 54March 21, 2024 2:59 PM

R42 Another deeply damaged but " not a monster" per nitwit fraus.

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by Anonymousreply 55March 21, 2024 3:02 PM

R4, a picture's worth a thousand words...

by Anonymousreply 56March 21, 2024 3:05 PM

R44 He never showed any interest in adult men. He never had any emotional attachment to adult men. He was not homosexual. 90% of pedos are HETEROSEXUAL you bloody dolt.

by Anonymousreply 57March 21, 2024 3:07 PM

The way Jacko stans defend Michael and dig their heads in the sand is wild to me. It's the exact same thing with R Kelly fans. There was that audio released of Michael Jackson trashing Madonna and calling her mean and not a nice person because she yelled at some kid. All the comments on the link I saw were some variation of "I trust Michael 100%, Michael loved children more than anything in the world, he would never hurt them!:"

by Anonymousreply 58March 21, 2024 3:09 PM

[quote] Why is he so amused by the interrogation?

Look at R30's picture (yes, MJ had it in his home). That is someone who is narcissistic who knows they can play people like a fiddle.

by Anonymousreply 59March 21, 2024 3:15 PM

After watching that video, the only conclusion I can reach is that he was a psychologically and emotionally healthy family father, who just happened to love teaching young men the facts of life through singing, dancing and plying them with a bit of "Jesus Wine", just to make them willing to... Learn. Yeah, that's it. Learn.

It's all very innocent and normal, if you ask me. Also, he loved to dress up and perform! What's not to love?

Signed, John Wayne Gacy - also an innocent family father and performer, who just happened to wear more natural makeup.

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by Anonymousreply 60March 21, 2024 3:18 PM

R55, don't even get me started on the Menendez brothers fangirls

by Anonymousreply 61March 21, 2024 3:19 PM

Mendez boys NOT aging well.

by Anonymousreply 62March 21, 2024 3:23 PM

Wasn't one of them gay? Is there a separate prison for "The Gays"

by Anonymousreply 63March 21, 2024 3:24 PM

I believe in James Safechuck and Wade.

by Anonymousreply 64March 21, 2024 3:26 PM

If you think MJ is innocent, then you should never be responsible for the safety of a child, in any way.

by Anonymousreply 65March 21, 2024 3:26 PM

He was seething throughout the interview. "How dare they? This is a joke! Don't they know who I am?" The venom coming through the clenched smile is something else. It's as though he's never been put in a spot before and is flabbergasted, angry, and incredulous that *he* be questioned.

I cracked up when he went from saying something about the Clinton inauguration (didn't fully catch it) to "I'm not gay!" And the inevitable comparisons to the Messiah, just like that other narcissist DJT.

by Anonymousreply 66March 21, 2024 3:34 PM

[quote]He never showed any interest in adult men. He never had any emotional attachment to adult men.

I remember MJ reminiscing about performing at strip clubs and being exposed to sex at a young age. His older brothers would have orgies with groupies on the road in their shared hotel room, which contributed to him becoming repulsed by (adult) sex. His abusive dad, of course, is another major reason he was grossed out by men, including himself after he went through puberty and developed masculine features and a deep voice. He tried to distance himself through plastic surgery and speaking in a breathy falsetto.

by Anonymousreply 67March 21, 2024 3:41 PM

Is [R48]’s story true? I had never heard that about Webster.

by Anonymousreply 68March 21, 2024 8:11 PM

MJ was one of the all time worst malignant narcissists. He was sociopathic. He was probably one of the all time best manipulators, too. He knew he needed strategic people to see a “nice, sweet” side so they’d vouch for him and boy did he get a top notch line up to do it. His narcissism, like that painting, his various statues, are grotesque and it floors me he was never called out over it. He was really not a nice person at all, but he knew how to expertly seem like he was. A lot of times the worst of the worst seem the nicest. Shit, John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, BTK, were beloved or well liked by almost all who met them. MJ wanted the most over the top accolades he could get.

Although talented, he was very overrated. His music stagnated hard after Thriller. The song Bad is horrific. I hated his whiny, thin voice and his vocal ticks were annoying as fuck.

A very bad person. One of the all time worst.

by Anonymousreply 69March 22, 2024 12:22 AM

Only a narcissist would dangle a baby out of a window. And only Jacko stans would cheer that on.

R69, the story about his public voice not being his real voice has always stuck with me. Apparently, his real voice is deep and he just speaks with that baby voice to fool people into thinking he's childlike.

by Anonymousreply 70March 22, 2024 12:52 AM

No, his voice was never deep.

by Anonymousreply 71March 22, 2024 12:54 AM

I wonder if he yelled shamone when he came

by Anonymousreply 72March 22, 2024 12:55 AM

R71. see here. It's not Barry White deep, but it's much deeper than the voice he would use in public. He's a pretender.

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by Anonymousreply 73March 22, 2024 12:57 AM

He actually spoke in his natural voice during his last major public appearance, around 3-4 months before he died.

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by Anonymousreply 74March 22, 2024 12:59 AM


by Anonymousreply 75March 22, 2024 1:00 AM

His voice doesn't sound deep in either of those clips

by Anonymousreply 76March 22, 2024 1:01 AM

R74, it's proof of what a manipulator he was. Typical Hollywood pedo.

by Anonymousreply 77March 22, 2024 1:02 AM

No, his voice wasn’t deep, it was average, but it was definitely a stark contrast to his fake baby voice.

by Anonymousreply 78March 22, 2024 1:09 AM

R78, exactly. That's the point I was trying to make, he used that baby voice to deceive people into thinking he was some retarded baby in an adult's body.

by Anonymousreply 79March 22, 2024 1:18 AM

Thank Jehovah for happy endings!

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by Anonymousreply 80March 22, 2024 1:36 AM

MJ’s natural voice is deeper than Jarod Kushner’s.

by Anonymousreply 81March 22, 2024 1:51 AM

There’s no way he’s innocent with that reaction. I think as an innocent person if you were accused of something like that it would be a mixture of cooperation because you’d want to help if you could and paranoia about being framed. There’s no way you’d be laughing and making faces

by Anonymousreply 82March 22, 2024 2:13 AM

R68 I had heard the Jesus Juice part of that story before it became mainstream news, so I had known that he had done the Jesus Juice for his little male victims before 99% of the population.

Let's not forget several of his victims recounting how MJ told them that girls were negative beings = untrustworthy, trouble, etc.

I f they had any attraction to the opposite sex he wasn't having it in his vicinity.

by Anonymousreply 83March 22, 2024 4:24 AM

MJ was a monster and not just because he was a prolific pedo. He was a top level narcissist and manipulator. Thriller allowed him to get away with a lot of obvious bad behavior from the behavior with boys, but also his ego. No one dared call out untouchable MJ for his tantrums when he wasn’t named Artist of the Decade and his ugliness and jealousy towards Prince and Madonna. Then he cultivated the “sweet, innocent” image that couldn’t be further from the truth, but he sure knew to keep all of his dark side away from his celeb friends so they could insulate him from criticism.

He was also not as talented as he is portrayed. Thriller would not have been anything without Quincy who ghost wrote a lot of it. The quality of his work dropped precipitously afterwards. His voice was thin and whiny. His dancing was the same fucking moves over and over and over. His crotch grabs were also proof that no one would call him out. Here he is with all these kids, and also constantly grabbing his crotch. Silence.

by Anonymousreply 84March 22, 2024 11:03 AM

Before the pedo accusations came out, there were a lot of people who were raising their eyebrows over the fact that MJ was always accompanied by young boys everywhere he went. That's not normal behavior for an adult man, and there was talk that something was wrong with him.

by Anonymousreply 85March 22, 2024 12:23 PM

Right, and it was ALWAYS young boys, never young girls. Which is why it makes no sense when Jacko fans claim he "loved children". No, he just fetishized young boys.

by Anonymousreply 86March 22, 2024 1:19 PM

R86 those Jacko fans are completely brainwashed and bat shit crazy. Facebook has tons of groups on Jackson, and it has to be said that worst offenders are the black fans. They are usually African and mostly women. The other thing I’ve noticed is that when you look at these fan sites, most of the member are really young, they were born years after Jackson had his major success. He has turned into a sanitised cartoon kind of figure, all of the picture on these sites are airbrushed, photoshopped or A1. They take even later stage pics of him when he looked horrific, filter and photoshop his face, then dress him up in everyday kind of casual wear, trying to put accross that he was just a regular guy.

I post real pictures of Jackson with the long thick ladies wig, double false eyelashes, tattooed lipstick and eyebrows, drag queen make up, and unguarded unfiltered pics like the one in the police interview. His fans go mental, accusing me of posting fake pics, everything is the fault of the tabloid trash and their lies.

The big and latest thing is that ‘they had him killed, because he was worth more to them dead”. Another one is they killed him because he knew too much about the pedophile gangs in the music industry. And of course they repeat their mantra, Michael is innocent, he didn’t have a childhood. Do they really think that most kids childhood is like The Waltons or Little House On The Prairie?

You really should check these groups out, they are scary for sure, but it’s hugely enjoyable provoking them an winding them up. Maybe the paperboy was right, maybe I am just a mean old man….😂

by Anonymousreply 87March 22, 2024 3:14 PM

^This reminds me of the HKN fans item who insisted Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison were married and had a baby they name Sweet Pea. For years. The site seems to have disappeared. Delusion overload.

by Anonymousreply 88March 22, 2024 3:29 PM

The entire Jackson family does that fake baby voice thing.

Michael was good friends with billionaire Ron Burkle who was a frequent flyer on Epstein's plane. Burkle claimed he was just doing "humanitarian missions" with Epstein. All these skeevy Hollywood types claiming to be "humanitarians". MJ was also on Epstein's plane and was photographed with Burkle at the island. Ghislaine Maxwell must have also been recruiting young boys. Burkle later bought Neverland Ranch.

At the 30:00 mark, MJ tells Geraldo he was at Ron Burkle's house watching the Super Bowl when Janet had her wardrobe malfunction.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 89March 22, 2024 3:31 PM

R87, trust me, I am well aware. I see those kind of ridiculous comments ALL The time. It's infuriating. And I see the same thing with R. Kelly (I live in Chicago). So bizarre how someone can defend R Kelly when he has been found guilty in a court of law. If Michael Jackson was found guilty, his fans would accuse it of being a witch hunt. They would never accept the verdict, ever.

by Anonymousreply 90March 22, 2024 4:17 PM

^HKN fan site, not item at r88.

by Anonymousreply 91March 22, 2024 4:20 PM

The R.Kelly doc interviewed one of his victims who showed up at court every day during his first trial. She carried a sign proclaiming his innocence and when she was approached by one of his entourage (pimps? Procurers? I don’t know what to call it) and was HERSELF abused in the same way, then she was all “yeah, I guess maybe the girls in court were telling the truth.”

Why do these people not believe mountains and mountains of factual evidence? It’s not like they get a prize or a reward or something. What do they get out of digging their heels I. So hard they end up looking stupid or mentally ill?

by Anonymousreply 92March 23, 2024 5:00 PM

R92, it's their own personal bias and not wanting to believe the worst about their idols

Same reason why Trump supporters think all 91 of his indictments are bullshit

by Anonymousreply 93March 23, 2024 5:07 PM

smell my finger tee hee heee

by Anonymousreply 94March 23, 2024 5:37 PM

Michael Jackson was a textbook case of a pedophile, just on a grand scale.

I've always said think about it this way: There's a 40 year-old man who lives on your street who invites all the little boys in the neighborhood over to his house for sleepovers. How fast do you think the parents of those kids would be calling the police? Any Joe Average guy who behaved the way Jackson did would raise alarm bells immediately with everybody.

by Anonymousreply 95March 23, 2024 7:21 PM

R95, Michael's narcissism was off the charts. He's a special kind of evil idiot for continuing to sleep with kids AFTER he was exposed.

by Anonymousreply 96March 23, 2024 7:28 PM

I'm surprised how naive some of you DLers sound in here. Never meet your idols.

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by Anonymousreply 97March 23, 2024 8:37 PM

Elvis reportedly had a string of underage women, including his wife Priscilla. The pair met in Bad Nauheim, Germany, during his army career when she was just 14.

That first night with Elvis, "he made love to her in every way short of penetration. It was as if Priscilla's virginity was another thing that Elvis strangely and sorely needed to maintain", the book claims.

by Anonymousreply 98March 23, 2024 8:38 PM

Elvis kept a group of three 14-year-old girls with him on tour who were up "for pillow fights, tickling, kissing and cuddling", reports vice.com.

In "Elvis Presley: A Southern Life", Williamson also alleges that he cheated on his 15-year-old girlfriend Dixie Locke when he was 19, before ringing her desperately as he drove to the hospital when the condom broke.

by Anonymousreply 99March 23, 2024 8:41 PM

Michael Jackson was having sex with little boys, not teens. One is bad, the other deserves a death sentence.

by Anonymousreply 100March 23, 2024 8:56 PM

So you should live if you have sex with a 13-year-old but get the death penalty if you have sex with a 12-year-old? Okay 👍

by Anonymousreply 101March 23, 2024 8:59 PM

No no no R100. A minor is a minor. There are age restrictions for a reason. Fuck you pedo R100.

by Anonymousreply 102March 23, 2024 8:59 PM

Um, what? Michael Jackson was having sex with people even younger than 12, wtf are you talking about? I wasn't defending Elvis, I am someone who thinks people in their 20s, 30s, 40s, etc sleeping with teenagers disgusting. But there is a MASSIVE difference in someone having sex with a 7 year old old versus someone having sex with a 15 year old.

by Anonymousreply 103March 23, 2024 9:44 PM

I think the fact that he was so weird/eccentric in basically all other areas of his life made his predilection for young male...friends...seem like just one more oddity.

by Anonymousreply 104March 23, 2024 9:57 PM

R104, I'm curious what people thought during the Thriller era when he kept bringing that one little boy with him (the one he brought to the Grammys)? Because, initially, I don't think anyone knew Jackson was weirdo.

by Anonymousreply 105March 23, 2024 10:03 PM

After Elvis left Germany, they didn’t see each other again for 2 years. Elvis got back together with his girlfriend Anita Wood who was close in age to him when he returned to the U.S. and also had relationships with many of the ladies who worked on his movies like Juliet Prowse, Pam Austin, Nancy Sharpe, and Anne Helm while Priscilla had high school boyfriends like Ron Tapp and Jamie Lindbergh when she was separated from Elvis in Germany. She moved to Graceland in March 1963 and turned 18 in May. A few months later Elvis had an affair with Ann-Margret during the filming of Viva Las Vegas. Many people say they were in love and wanted to get married but it didn’t work out because Elvis had to fulfill his commitment to marry Priscilla. She was nearly 22 when they married.

by Anonymousreply 106March 23, 2024 10:04 PM

A lot of people are eccentric but men who aren't pedophiles don't have slumber parties with little boys, no matter how eccentric they are

by Anonymousreply 107March 23, 2024 10:04 PM

Elvis was born in 1935, Dixie Locke was born in 1938. She was only 3 years younger than him.

by Anonymousreply 108March 23, 2024 10:05 PM

R105, I remember Spy magazine hinting that Michael was a pedo back in the day.

by Anonymousreply 109March 23, 2024 10:05 PM

None of the younger girls who were friends with Elvis like Frances Forbes said he had sex with them when they were underage.

by Anonymousreply 110March 23, 2024 10:06 PM

Why do MJ fans always bring up Elvis and never someone like say, Chuck Berry (the real king of rock) ? They also always praise MJ for giving Little Richard his music back or something like that but Little Richard had a sexual relationship with 16 year old Audrey Robinson when he was 24 and they never bring that up.

by Anonymousreply 111March 23, 2024 10:09 PM

Because most Michael Jackson fans probably haven't even heard of Chuck Berry

by Anonymousreply 112March 23, 2024 10:10 PM

Connie Stevens talking about Elvis

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 113March 23, 2024 10:12 PM

R109, wow. Well, "where there's smoke, there's fire".

by Anonymousreply 114March 23, 2024 10:12 PM

Valerie Allen talking about Elvis

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 115March 23, 2024 10:12 PM

Gail Ganley talking about Elvis

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 116March 23, 2024 10:13 PM

Anne Helm talking about Elvis

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 117March 23, 2024 10:14 PM

Barbara Hearn and Elvis

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 118March 23, 2024 10:15 PM

June Juanico and Elvis

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 119March 23, 2024 10:15 PM

Anita Wood and Elvis

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by Anonymousreply 120March 23, 2024 10:17 PM

[quote] wow. Well, "where there's smoke, there's fire".

"Goodness, Gracious, Great, Balls Of Fire!"

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by Anonymousreply 121March 23, 2024 10:18 PM

[quote] Why do MJ fans always bring up Elvis and never someone like say, Chuck Berry (the real king of rock) ? They also always praise MJ for giving Little Richard his music back or something like that but Little Richard had a sexual relationship with 16 year old Audrey Robinson when he was 24 and they never bring that up.

It is brought up. Some of the stuff you mentioned can be found on these men's Wikipedia pages. But there hS been a very calculated media takedown of everything Jackson since the 90s. It's not just Michael that they targeted. They obviously destroyed Janet's career over a little Nip Slip. The superbowl wasn't that big a deal, but the takedown of arguably the most successful family in music history certainly was.

by Anonymousreply 122March 23, 2024 10:26 PM

Janet's career was already on the downswing at the time of "nipplegate"

by Anonymousreply 123March 23, 2024 10:29 PM

MJ had a very successful Broadway musical about him and his biopic will probably be the highest grossing biopic of all time if it’s good. His streaming numbers are also intact. I also see him regularly celebrated or going viral on social media. I also hear his music played when I’m out in public or listening to the radio in the car all the time. Janet may have been unfairly canceled but MJ hasn’t been.

by Anonymousreply 124March 23, 2024 10:34 PM

There wasn't a takedown effort until Michael was exposed as a pedo.

by Anonymousreply 125March 23, 2024 10:35 PM

But the thing is Leaving Neverland didn’t even really hurt MJ in the long run despite what his fans say. He’s more popular than ever and many people are outspoken (at least online) about not believing Wade and James.

by Anonymousreply 126March 23, 2024 10:37 PM


by Anonymousreply 127March 23, 2024 10:38 PM

Anybody with half a brain believes Wade and James. Their stories are identical. They've gained nothing from telling their stories, no money or anything like that.

by Anonymousreply 128March 23, 2024 10:43 PM

Unfotunately, MJ's reputation doesn't seem to really have been impacted by the movie. His streams are massive. Among legacy acts, only The Beatles and Queen do better. I hope his biopic bombs. But it won't.

by Anonymousreply 129March 23, 2024 10:45 PM

Of course the stories would be identical moron R128. What part of "calculated takedown" do you not understand? David Geffen of all people funded that pathetic excuse for a documentary. The hypocrisy is astounding.

by Anonymousreply 130March 23, 2024 10:47 PM

MJ gets a lot of love on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc. I don’t see much support for Wade and James on there, many people are vocal about not believing them.

by Anonymousreply 131March 23, 2024 10:48 PM

r130 you are an idiot. James and Wade gained nothing from that documentary. Their stories are identical because Michael Jackson was a textbook case of a pedophile. What MJ did was exactly what a pedophile does to groom and then seduce minors.

by Anonymousreply 132March 23, 2024 10:48 PM

R132, I wonder how MJ defenders explain away the semen stains (ones NOT from MJ) on his mattress. Do they think sex happens through osmosis?

by Anonymousreply 133March 23, 2024 10:50 PM

We live in a celebrity obsessed culture where a lot of people cannot accept that celebrities are just regular human beings like the rest of us and have the same faults and can even be sick in the head. They're not gods FFS.

As Maria Riva, the daughter (and biographer) of Marlene Dietrich said "we cannot PRAY to these people!"

by Anonymousreply 134March 23, 2024 10:50 PM

I should also add that millennial and zoomers are quick to call out every other celebrity for being predatory but many of them love MJ and believe in his innocence.

by Anonymousreply 135March 23, 2024 10:50 PM

No you are the fucking idiot R132. And so easily bent. David Geffen is a known pedophile his damn self. Why would he fund that? Out of the kindness of his heart.? Think about it.

by Anonymousreply 136March 23, 2024 10:51 PM

What the fuck are you talking about R133? More of your sick fantasies?

by Anonymousreply 137March 23, 2024 10:53 PM

So you're an adult man who has a 10 year old boy (who is not your son) in your bedroom overnight. There's an alarm in the hallway to alert you when someone is approaching the bedroom.

Oh no, there's nothing fucked up and totally abnormal about that at all.

If your next door neighbor was doing that with one of the boys in your neighborhood you'd be calling the police in two seconds.

by Anonymousreply 138March 23, 2024 10:56 PM

R138 The problem is people like Brett Barnes, Macaulay Culkin, and Corey Feldman swear MJ did nothing to them.

by Anonymousreply 139March 23, 2024 10:57 PM

People always use Feldman and Culkin in particular to discredit the boys who did accuse MJ.

by Anonymousreply 140March 23, 2024 10:58 PM

He preyed on non-famous boys who often came from broken homes. They were much easier to manipulate and the parents had no power.

by Anonymousreply 141March 23, 2024 10:59 PM

[quote] Janet's career was already on the downswing at the time of "nipplegate"

They completely destroyed her reputation over a 2 second clip that they replayed over and over again. They portrayed her as some kind of sexual predator exposing her nipple to "innocent children". Oh there was such a big deal made about children watching the superbowl, but most people missed the whole thing. It was the media who shined a spotlight on it. Did you know "nipplegate" helped start youtube? That's how powerful the Jacksons are, and how much money rhe media has made off of their name. Meanwhile Madonna French kissed two women on live TV and her career wasn't affected at all. In fact she was praised for it. Hypocritical America picks and chooses who "went too far".

by Anonymousreply 142March 23, 2024 11:02 PM

R137, there were semen stains found in Jacko's bed from boys. You can twist that any way you want. The fact is, your idol was a pedo. Why can't you admit that? If you like his music, that's fine. Just admit to yourself that your idol raped young boys.

by Anonymousreply 143March 23, 2024 11:14 PM

R138, watch the MJ fans twist that--"he was just really cautious!"

by Anonymousreply 144March 23, 2024 11:14 PM

R140, Feldman doesn't defend Jacko anymore. Good for him!

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 145March 23, 2024 11:16 PM

R142, the reaction to Nipplegate was ridiculous but Janet did that to herself. And Madonna didn't French kiss two women on network tv, she did it on MTV, a channel known for routinely pushing buttons.

by Anonymousreply 146March 23, 2024 11:17 PM

Then why wasn't he convicted and serving prison sentence over it? Sick fuck R143?

by Anonymousreply 147March 23, 2024 11:20 PM

R147, you're calling me a sick fuck for calling out facts? You must be Qanon too. And, really, guilty people are not found guilty all the time. And I hope you are smart enough to know that being found "not guilty" isn't the same thing as being found innocent?

by Anonymousreply 148March 23, 2024 11:23 PM

He was eating Webster's ass? OMG.

by Anonymousreply 149March 23, 2024 11:25 PM

all about the semen

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 150March 23, 2024 11:27 PM

R148 Yeah you're clearly a big fat fuck who eats whatever the media feeds him. R150 it's been a planned setup from the beginning.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 151March 23, 2024 11:28 PM

R145 Broken link you idiot, and who gives a fuck a Feldman when he protects the current pedophiles in Hollywood? He's never been reliable.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 152March 23, 2024 11:30 PM

Arguing with people like R151 is pointless. They would sell out their own kids to rich celebs.

by Anonymousreply 153March 23, 2024 11:38 PM

Keep drinking the kool-aid and fantasizing about young boys R153. You are one sick bastard.

by Anonymousreply 154March 23, 2024 11:41 PM

[quote]But the thing is Leaving Neverland didn’t even really hurt MJ in the long run despite what his fans say. He’s more popular than ever and many people are outspoken (at least online) about not believing Wade and James.

r126 what I find most interesting about discussions about Michael Jackson's life here is that people talk about him like he's still alive. The man has been dead for 15 years. HE is not popular. The music is what's more popular than ever. I think most people (aside from people who frequent celebrity obsessed message boards like this) can separate the person from the art. And like someone mentioned already, there were so many exceptionally brilliant people who had a hand in Michael Jackson's career. There is no reason not to enjoy their work because Michael Jackson the person was fucked up in real life.

Michael Jackson's adulthood life was destined to be shit like so many child celebs. And on top of that he was a huge diva and narcissist. After he got burned in 1983 he also became a hardcore drug addict and it was downhill from there.

by Anonymousreply 155March 24, 2024 12:01 AM


by Anonymousreply 156March 24, 2024 12:02 AM

Complete with dramatic music, R156.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 157March 24, 2024 12:06 AM

R139, even the worst molesters don't molest every kid they meet

by Anonymousreply 158March 24, 2024 12:08 AM

Corey Feldman said Michael asked him to watch porn (when Corey was on 14 or so)

What normal man is watching porn with 14-year-old boys?

by Anonymousreply 159March 24, 2024 12:09 AM

r156 it triggered a downward spiral in his mental health, along with starting his addiction to drugs and plastic surgery.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 160March 24, 2024 12:09 AM

R136, name one kid David Geffen molested. He likes young but definitely legal porn guys. Right-wingers accuse him of being a molester because they think all gays are molesters

by Anonymousreply 161March 24, 2024 12:10 AM

"James and wade had nothing to gain"

What a crock if shit. They are both liars. R161 So now lick David Geffen's taint? The numerous threads here on DL about Geffen and Bryan Singer didn't move you? You are awfully invested in convincing everyone that Michael was a pedophile. Wonder why?

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 162March 24, 2024 12:22 AM

Aaron Carter also claimed Lou Pearlman wasn't a perv 😆 🤣 😂

by Anonymousreply 163March 24, 2024 12:25 AM

R163 Aaron has always been consistent on Michael Jackson. Even when everyone else tried to alter his reality.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 164March 24, 2024 12:27 AM

Why couldn't he feel his hair burning?

by Anonymousreply 165March 24, 2024 12:27 AM

How did he end up needing a nightly IV of Propfol? Like, chill out, diva. Take a melatonin and drink a cup of Sleepytime tea like the rest of us.

by Anonymousreply 166March 24, 2024 12:40 AM

He could have waited 15 years and got some CBN an delta 8.

by Anonymousreply 167March 24, 2024 12:42 AM

“Elvis used to bang underage girls” is not really a winning argument here. Is that supposed to make it acceptable that MJ was getting pre-pubescent boys drunk and proceeding to rape them?

by Anonymousreply 168March 24, 2024 12:45 AM

r162 Wade and James were telling the truth. Jackson's behavior was that of a pedophile.

Just to play Devil's Advocate, let's say he wasn't a pedophile (even though he was). An adult man befriending young boys and constantly being in their company, having sleepovers with them, going on vacations with them etc. is extremely abnormal behavior. And then he dumped them as soon as they got pubic hair and their voices changed.

by Anonymousreply 169March 24, 2024 12:49 AM

The real question is how can a parent not see that and send little Tommy into MJ pit and then be Shocked, Shocked, Shocked that something may have happened and now you need to sue him for all he's got.

Kids may great pawns for cash, especially if you are a Karen type mom who filed a "Slip and Fall" claim a year prior in Walmart.

by Anonymousreply 170March 24, 2024 12:51 AM

He paid off the Chandler family (not sure how much, but the figures reported were $20m-25m). Shortly after, he admitted on TV that he was still sharing a bed with young boys.

Come on. He had shown the world that if someone accused him of child molestation, he would pay them millions of pounds (even if it was less than $20m, he knew that was what people were reading in the press). And then he kept sleeping with young boys, thus providing the perfect scenario to claim molestation. No one would do that unless they couldn't help themselves. Of course he abused those kids.

by Anonymousreply 171March 24, 2024 12:53 AM

R168 A "winning argument?" Fucking minors when you're a world famous man in his early 20s? Bringing prepubescent girls on the road with him for "tickle fights and cuddling?" Yeah nothing wrong with that said no normal sane parent ever.

by Anonymousreply 172March 24, 2024 12:53 AM

R171 Bitch please. Wade Robson has spent the last 8 years pursuing frivolous claims in different lawsuits against Michael Jackson’s estate and companies associated with it. Robson has taken nearly three dozen depositions and inspected and presented hundreds of thousands of documents trying to prove his claims, yet a Judge has once again ruled that Robson’s claims have no merit whatsoever, that no trial is necessary and that his latest case is dismissed,” said Jonathan Steinsapir, attorney for the Estate of Michael Jackson.

Previously, the case brought by James Safechuck against the Jackson estate was thrown out.

by Anonymousreply 173March 24, 2024 12:55 AM

R169 You are such a fucking moron. Both Wade Robson and James Safecuck’s cases have been separately thrown out of court again & again. Facts and Evidence ACTUALLY MATTER in court. The real courts, not Datalounge opinions.

by Anonymousreply 174March 24, 2024 12:57 AM

Previous suits were thrown out due to TECHNICALITIES not because they didn't have merit.

by Anonymousreply 175March 24, 2024 12:59 AM

r174 and OJ Simpson was acquitted of double murder. Sometimes the court system doesn't work the way it's supposed to.

by Anonymousreply 176March 24, 2024 1:01 AM

What technicalities R175? All the lying?

by Anonymousreply 177March 24, 2024 1:01 AM

Looks like Aaron Carter did have some things to say about Michael being a creep

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 178March 24, 2024 1:01 AM

[quote] and OJ Simpson was acquitted of double murder. Sometimes the court system doesn't work the way it's supposed to.

Yeah especially when you are a Black male. All the more reason these accusations sound like bullshit fantasies R176

by Anonymousreply 179March 24, 2024 1:04 AM

R178 We can dig up all kinds of quotes and articles from both sides for or against Michael Jackson. We can have a whole little dance:

"Nicole Richie Defends MJ

Nicole Richie grew up around MJ as a child since her father – Lionel – and MJ were best pals. She told Access Hollywood, “a group of us would all sleep in the same room. It was like, absolutely nothing more than just an adult kind of wanting to be a kid again. Absolutely nothing went on."

Another Child Star Defends Michael Jackson

Emmanuel Lewis, a former child star from New York, befriended Michael Jackson in the 1980s and would hang out with him at Disney World and Neverland Ranch. Their relationship fueled the sexual abuse allegations, but Lewis has taken to Twitter numerous times to defend his old friend.

by Anonymousreply 180March 24, 2024 1:08 AM

My father would have knocked out if a 40 year old man asked if I could spend the night at his house.

by Anonymousreply 181March 24, 2024 1:12 AM

Aaron Carter and Corey’s feldman were not 7 year olds when they were hanging around Jackson.

by Anonymousreply 182March 24, 2024 1:18 AM

So fucking what R182. So the actual celebrities aren't to be believed, but the nobodies like wade who is struggling financially has nothing to gain and is totally believable. Yeah fucking right.

by Anonymousreply 183March 24, 2024 1:21 AM

R183, They’re aren’t more credible because they’re celebrities.

by Anonymousreply 184March 24, 2024 1:30 AM

R184 It certainly doesn't make them less credible.

by Anonymousreply 185March 24, 2024 1:32 AM

Connie Stevens, Valerie Allen, Gail Ganley (plus Cynthia Pepper), and Anne Helm talk about dating Elvis.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 186March 24, 2024 1:32 AM

Watch OJ25

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 187March 24, 2024 1:34 AM

R186 Stephanie Mills discusses dating Michael Jackson and other women he's dated.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 188March 24, 2024 1:36 AM

R188 I’ve seen that interview. Sounds like she wanted to marry Michael but he chose white girls over her thinking it could advance his career.

by Anonymousreply 189March 24, 2024 1:37 AM

R187 OJ's problem ain't pedophilia, he has nothing to do with MJ and elvis.

by Anonymousreply 190March 24, 2024 1:38 AM

OJ Simpson murdered two people.

All MJ did was rape a bunch of boys. They should be thankful to Michael for not killing them.

by Anonymousreply 191March 24, 2024 1:38 AM

What about Robert Blake?

by Anonymousreply 192March 24, 2024 1:39 AM

What about Marvin Gaye, Prince, Chuck Berry, and Muhammad Ali who also had relationships with minors?

by Anonymousreply 193March 24, 2024 1:40 AM

Cough Robert Wagner

by Anonymousreply 194March 24, 2024 1:41 AM

So I actually have a family that went to Neverland ranch. I actually was invited but was not a MJ fan. This was long before the interview by the way. This is what actually happens. It's a big place, so it's not one kid at a time, it's hundreds. Busses and cars pull up to the gate, they park, let the kids out, they get read the rules and the day begins. Here's the catch ALL CHILDREN must be accompanied by an adult. No smoking or drinking allowed. In may cases, you have both parents, and the child. So you basically have more adult parents running around that place than children. This goes on even when he's not on the premise.

Here's the rub, with dozens or hundreds of parents there just like a mini Disneyland, how can MJ carve off a dozen of them into the house WITHOUT the parents? Not like there is a beer garden near by. Any parent sending their kids in there but reaming outside knowing the HISTORY and RUMORS for decades are just as complaisant if the child gets molested. Fishing for a lawsuit with your child as bait. TRUTH

by Anonymousreply 195March 24, 2024 1:48 AM

Honestly it’s awful if MJ did indeed molest those boys but he’s dead and there’s nothing that can be done about it. I also don’t think his kids should suffer because of his actions (whether he did it or not). The MJ estate should just pay a settlement to Wade and James to put an end to this all, that way everyone can move on.

by Anonymousreply 196March 24, 2024 1:49 AM

Jackie wouldn’t get away with it today. It’s amazing to look back at the way the media reported his trial. All the jokes and laughs. The SNL sketches,etc.

People don’t find child molestation funny today

by Anonymousreply 197March 24, 2024 1:49 AM

The victims were not 14 years old. Feldman was too. Old.

by Anonymousreply 198March 24, 2024 1:50 AM

R191= Idiot shill with an agenda. R197 elvis wouldn't get away with it either, oh wait they just released not one but two award winning films about that pedo in the past two years.

by Anonymousreply 199March 24, 2024 1:52 AM

R199 You only call out Elvis because you don’t like him. Your idol MJ loved Chuck Berry who did horrible things to girls/women and you have nothing to say about that.

by Anonymousreply 200March 24, 2024 1:53 AM

Your idol MJ also loved James Brown who beat nearly every woman he dated, including 17 year old Tammi Terrell, but again you have nothing to say about that.

by Anonymousreply 201March 24, 2024 1:54 AM

[quote] The MJ estate should just pay a settlement to Wade and James to put an end to this all, that way everyone can move on.

Why should they estate pay a couple of lying grifters R196? FYI they both sued the estate multiple times both before and after that shoddy documentary and lost Every. Single. Time.

by Anonymousreply 202March 24, 2024 1:55 AM

R200, R201 is getting desperate now. Also has very poor reading comprehension. Chuck Berry and James Brown were already addressed several posts above silly rabbit.

by Anonymousreply 203March 24, 2024 1:58 AM

What is going on with his nose in that video? Did he have a third nostril or is that just some kind of sore at the end of his nose? How could any kid look at that face and not run screaming?

by Anonymousreply 204March 24, 2024 2:01 AM

[quote] Here's the rub, with dozens or hundreds of parents there just like a mini Disneyland, how can MJ carve off a dozen of them into the house WITHOUT the parents?

Have you heard of money?

Do you think he had hundreds of kids and parents over for “petting zoo theme park day” every day of the year? You should be thankful that you were never offered backstage passes for unchaperoned day. If the offer was on the table, you should be thankful you had parents who weren’t headless and shot that shit down.

A couple hundred people show up to my church every Sunday and none of them get molested, ergo priests are totally not fucking boys when nobody else is around. Does that sound right?

Michael was a pedophile. Make every limp excuse you want.

by Anonymousreply 205March 24, 2024 2:07 AM

Robson's case against Jackson's estate was dismissed because the judge ruled that Michael Jackson's employees were not responsible for keeping Robson safe. That's not the same as dismissing any claims that he was molested. Not that the freak who keeps shrilly defending Jackson gives a fuck about facts. Also, the appeals court reversed that ruling and the lawsuit is ongoing.

by Anonymousreply 206March 24, 2024 2:08 AM

I get the argument that people make up things for money and Jackson was the biggest star in the world, but to be falsely accused of child molestation 5 times? Has that ever happened before?

by Anonymousreply 207March 24, 2024 2:09 AM

Is that so R206? Is that why he admitted to lying in court to defend Jackson but waited ten years after the man's death to "tell his truth" why not when MJ was alive? Because he's a fucking liar. Aaron Carter died 14 years after Michael, but unlike wade remained consistent even after Jackson’s death even though he could have very easily told a different "truth."

by Anonymousreply 208March 24, 2024 2:16 AM

R208, Jerry Sandusky's adopted son told a grand jury that his father never molested him, then changed his story. Would you say Sandusky was innocent? Most molested kids and molested by an adult they know and trust, and sometimes they feel compelled to lie to protect that person.

by Anonymousreply 209March 24, 2024 2:19 AM

R208, his 1993 accuser accurately described the vitiligo marks on the underside of Jackson's penis. How do you explain that?

They found child-sized fingerprints on porn magazines that Jackson kept under his bed. How do you explain that?

by Anonymousreply 210March 24, 2024 2:22 AM

Fucking bullshit R209 wade is fucking liar. What a fool you are to put all your eggs in that basket.

by Anonymousreply 211March 24, 2024 2:23 AM

[quote]A couple hundred people show up to my church every Sunday and none of them get molested, ergo priests are totally not fucking boys when nobody else is around. Does that sound right?

I am glad you brought that up. If you knowing hand you kid over to a priest to hang out in private, after all the news and rumors about molestation, just like MJ, then I would say YOU ARE AND ACCOMPLICE in the molestation of your child knowingly putting them in danger. You cant claim ignorance and neither should the parents who took their kids to Nederland without being like most parents no farther than 5 feet away in a strange place.

by Anonymousreply 212March 24, 2024 2:23 AM

R188, she's a liar who is trying to capitalize on their "relationship"

Talk to Brooke Shields, who said he never laid a hand on her the whole time they "dated"

by Anonymousreply 213March 24, 2024 2:24 AM

"Child sized fingerprints" ugh so stupid. Keep it up R210 its getting sad and desperate even for you.

by Anonymousreply 214March 24, 2024 2:26 AM

R193 And Jerry Lee Lewis, and Robert Plant, Mick Jagger, Steven Tyler also dated minors.

by Anonymousreply 215March 24, 2024 2:29 AM

They also found books in Michael's house full of nude pictures of boys. One of the books was called Boys Will Be Boys

by Anonymousreply 216March 24, 2024 2:37 AM

R216 Jamie Lee Curtis has nude paintings of children in her house. What does that say about her?

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 217March 24, 2024 2:51 AM

OP, you posted on the original thread. The one you saved and saved the link from. Why are you posting this like it’s the first time you’re seeing it?

by Anonymousreply 218March 24, 2024 2:54 AM

PS over 100 of the replies on this thread are from OP.

by Anonymousreply 219March 24, 2024 2:55 AM

OP posts an MJ is a pedo every few months. SHE is definitely a Frau with a screw loose. Probably wishing she had her own child she could have pimped out to MJ. You know she would.

by Anonymousreply 220March 24, 2024 3:01 AM

R217, not the same thing. These are paintings, they are pictures of naked boys in the age range that Michael liked

by Anonymousreply 221March 24, 2024 3:34 AM

Fuck off R221. Forever moving the goalpost. Both are equally disturbing.

by Anonymousreply 222March 24, 2024 4:06 AM

You're right, r214. I'm sure he was just looking at porn with his adult girlfriend/boyfriend who happened to have tiny prepubescent hands. Oh wait, the staff at Neverland never saw him with an adult partner. I noticed you completely ignored his 1993 accuser accurately drawing his vitiligo PENIS MARKS. Explain that away, you stupid bitch.

by Anonymousreply 223March 24, 2024 4:19 AM

I’d be appalled by the Jamie Lee Curtis thing if she raped a bunch of children like Michael Jackson did.

by Anonymousreply 224March 24, 2024 4:23 AM

R223 Explain what you stupid bitch? It takes more than a bunch of tabloid rumors to get a conviction. You're a fucking shil. R224 Show me where Michael was convicted for "raping a bunch of children" oh wait you can't. More of your sick fantasies, you disturbed old pedo.

by Anonymousreply 225March 24, 2024 4:38 AM

R222, there's a difference between actual art and quasi-porn for pedos (which is what Boys Will Be Boys is)

by Anonymousreply 226March 24, 2024 4:43 AM

You would know would you? R226. I've never heard of such a thing.

by Anonymousreply 227March 24, 2024 4:47 AM

I love how MJs cuckoo stand claim a) Michael is innocent b) it’s the parents fault for sending their kids to be molested

by Anonymousreply 228March 24, 2024 5:00 AM

[quote]Here's the catch ALL CHILDREN must be accompanied by an adult. No smoking or drinking allowed.

Jackson whisked Wade's mother away for luxury shopping trips all over the world which went on for days, even weeks at a time which left him alone and unsupervised at Neverland. Why exactly?

It was quite a change from the seedy hotel Jackson put the family up in when they first relocated to the US. Something about Wade made him fly to the top of Jackson's radar.

The poor dad back in Australia was just an ordinary, trusting guy who wanted a simple life for his family. He was impressed by the ostentatious living through Jackson too, but was cut off when he knew something was not right about the situation.

by Anonymousreply 229March 24, 2024 5:18 AM

Too bad he killed himself over his son’s lies

by Anonymousreply 230March 24, 2024 5:20 AM

Frau R230 at home, working hard to defend Jackson on her computer.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 231March 24, 2024 5:35 AM

R227, well Michael sure had heard of it. He loves those naked boy books

by Anonymousreply 232March 24, 2024 5:35 AM

It's not a rumor, r225. They had his accuser draw Michael Jackson's penis and then they put that drawing in a sealed envelope. Someone from the DA's photographed Michael Jackson's penis and then a lawyer who wasn't present for either event compared the drawing and the photo. He said that the markings on the drawing matched the distinctive vitiligo marks on the underside of Michael Jackson's penis. Please explain how a 12 year old would be intimately aquatinted with Michael Jackson's penis. Looking forward to your answer.

by Anonymousreply 233March 24, 2024 6:25 AM

R231 is turned on by stories of young boys being molested. What a sick fuck even for datalounge.

by Anonymousreply 234March 24, 2024 6:30 AM

R233 I'm explaining shit to you sick faggot. Yes I know you're looking forward to more fantasizing over young boys getting harmed. I refuse to feed into it. You're so disgusting.

by Anonymousreply 235March 24, 2024 6:32 AM

If that's all true R229, those are some pretty bad parents. It wasn't the 1950's, I don't see how they could be that clueless. Even in my parents day when kids could play unsupervised outside for hours blocks away from the home with no phone they would have seen that coming. Taken in with glamours trips didn't set off any red flags? And pretty damn materialistic if they had no problem shopping on someone else's dime without wondering what is expected it return? I mean come on, how many celebrities pick random adults with kids with no connection to the entertainment industry and shower them with gifts? Mom knew what was going on, she knew the deal, she just did care. In fact she encouraged it. Slip and Fall, Slip and Fall was her other scam before MG wasn't it?

by Anonymousreply 236March 24, 2024 8:03 AM

There are some shady people out there to suggest a seven-year-old was somehow complicit in his own molestation. I hope none of these sick fucks have access to kids themselves.

by Anonymousreply 237March 24, 2024 8:25 AM

No one is saying that R237. Please backup your BS statement and faux outrage.

by Anonymousreply 238March 24, 2024 8:36 AM

Disgusting. The paedophile defenders have arrived.

by Anonymousreply 239March 24, 2024 8:42 AM

R238 Imbecile. It's implied in all the "Wade is a liar" statements.

by Anonymousreply 240March 24, 2024 8:44 AM

First time posting on this thread… Can we take the Elvis conversation to a different thread? It’s not relevant.

by Anonymousreply 241March 24, 2024 3:02 PM

R241, it's Janbot using their "everything but the kitchen sink" approach to arguing.

by Anonymousreply 242March 24, 2024 3:29 PM

I find it impossible to believe these kids are half black. I know sometimes people who are half black end up looking white but that’s not the norm. And you’d think at least one of them would look black. I have three half black half white cousins and they all look black. One of them has lighter skin and hazel eyes but they still all look more black than white. None of them have straight hair.

by Anonymousreply 243March 24, 2024 6:15 PM

Jackson’s kids I mean

by Anonymousreply 244March 24, 2024 6:34 PM

Paris Jackson is clearly not Michael's biological daughter.

by Anonymousreply 245March 24, 2024 7:41 PM

Not a drop of Jackson blood in any of those kids.

by Anonymousreply 246March 25, 2024 1:16 AM

I have a quack doctor put me to sleep every night with a Propofol IV. Not sure why there’s still such a stereotype.

by Anonymousreply 247March 25, 2024 1:24 AM

Ironic r246 considering there were drops of Jackson in dozens of ten-year old boys.

by Anonymousreply 248March 25, 2024 1:25 AM

R248 You sure love making sexually explicit comments about underage boys while pretending to be above Michael Jackson. Only a pedo would post that, you're a sick fuck who deserves to be castrated. This thread is very transparent actually. You freaks are obviously getting off on these stories of boys being assulted under the guise of fake concern, when the reality is you fucks are no better. Nothing worse than a bunch of sanctimonious gays acting like they're not as perverted as the pedos they're mocking. This is why you're hated.

by Anonymousreply 249March 25, 2024 1:45 AM

R249, I'm amazed that you are still not permanently banned from this forum.

by Anonymousreply 250March 25, 2024 1:53 AM

R250 I'm amazed you aren't in prison right now. You don't have anymore bad puns about little boys being assaulted? You sick freak.

by Anonymousreply 251March 25, 2024 1:56 AM

Me too R250. I recognize R249 from the Janet Jackson threads where he calls us faggots etc. He deserves plenty of F&Fs for R249 to get a red tag.

There's literally nothing worse than a paedophile defender. Disgusting.

F&F R249.

by Anonymousreply 252March 25, 2024 1:58 AM

Pour out the Jesus Juice

by Anonymousreply 253March 25, 2024 1:58 AM

The quality of this site has really gone down with obnoxious trolls shitting on threads. Years ago we would've had an intelligent discussion about Jackson's pathology, the relationship of fame and getting away with serious crimes in plain sight, etc.

by Anonymousreply 254March 25, 2024 1:58 AM

[quote] Ironic [R246] considering there were drops of Jackson in dozens of ten-year old boys.

R252 Are you R248? Did you just make this comment? You fucks hate being called out on your sickness. I haven't defended ANY PEDOS nor have I made any jokes about little boys being assaulted like you have. Now you're trying to project but you won't fond me making light of molestation. You need to go straight to jail.

by Anonymousreply 255March 25, 2024 2:03 AM

^won't find me making light.

by Anonymousreply 256March 25, 2024 2:04 AM

r255 is a great example of how DL has declined.

by Anonymousreply 257March 25, 2024 2:05 AM

^Touche R257 you goddamn hypocrite.

by Anonymousreply 258March 25, 2024 2:07 AM

No R255. I am not R252. We are different posters. Another F&F for your post at R255 you grossly obese gelatinous cunt Janbot.

Your hero Janet knew exactly what Michael was doing and she ignored his raping little boys and ran interference and deflection so he could get away with it and earn the family more money. The whole Jackson family are as disgusting as you are. Every single one of them. If just one of them came out and were honest about anything I'd have a lot of respect for the person.

by Anonymousreply 259March 25, 2024 2:10 AM

Red tag for R249.

by Anonymousreply 260March 25, 2024 2:10 AM

Sure, R255. In your eyes you are not a pedo defender, yet you routinely defend a grown man who would put a baby in a headlock and dangle him from a four-story balcony. You are are seriously ill and deranged person.

by Anonymousreply 261March 25, 2024 2:16 AM

R255 [bold]IS[/bold] a paedophile defender who supports Michael Jackson sexually molesting prepubescent boys and is trying to deflect attention. R255 says it's the young boys fault for being in awe of a pop superstar using his superstardom to rape them and blames their parents for making bad decisions. Disgusting.

by Anonymousreply 262March 25, 2024 2:20 AM

R252 yup, it's Janbot. Janbot somehow is STILL on this forum. Despite repeatedly calling everyone faggots.

by Anonymousreply 263March 25, 2024 2:38 AM

Janbot will get a red tag if enough people F&F R263. He must have lots of accounts at DL. What a cunt.

by Anonymousreply 264March 25, 2024 2:50 AM

R39 I think someone was making bunny ears in the background.

by Anonymousreply 265March 26, 2024 11:33 AM

Facebook has tons of Michael Jackson groups, each of them full of angry and deluded weirdos, just like our very own resident whacko stan.

They actually believe that Michael was straight and had secret girlfriends that he was super discreet with. Strange that he wasn't so discreet with the little boys he abused. I mean for gods sake just look at him, he was gay from space. Totally effeminate, always looked and dressed like a woman with his wigs and makeup and those beaded and sequinned elaborate camp outfits, And these loony fans think he was a hot blooded heterosexual.

Planet Jackson is a scary place to visit. I checked out a website many years ago when his home was raided by police. They were wishing death on the children accusing him of abuse. A few years ago one of them went to the trouble of forging an ‘official’ statement by Jordy Chandler, the little boy he paid over €20 million to avoid going to court, admitting that he had lied about being abused. This spread quickly through the whacko Jacko fan groups and they all believed it. It was eventually proven to be fake.

Jackson fans are every bit as scary as moonies or Scientologists.

by Anonymousreply 266March 26, 2024 3:04 PM

R266, I cannot imagine stans of any other artist screaming with joy if their favorite artist dangled a baby out of a window. Pure insanity.

by Anonymousreply 267March 26, 2024 4:02 PM

Why did Michael Jackson go to KMart?

Little boys' underpants were half off

by Anonymousreply 268March 26, 2024 6:38 PM

What did Michael Jackson and pimples have in common?

They both came all over your face when you were twelve years old.

by Anonymousreply 269March 26, 2024 6:38 PM

Why did Michael Jackson make a phone call to Boyz-2-Men?

He thought it was a delivery service.

by Anonymousreply 270March 26, 2024 6:48 PM

What did Michael Jackson and caviar have in common?

They both came on little white crackers.

by Anonymousreply 271March 26, 2024 6:48 PM

Jockeys at tomorrow's races will be wearing black armbands in memory of Michael Jackson, who rode more three year olds than anyone in history.

by Anonymousreply 272March 26, 2024 7:07 PM

Did you hear about the Michael Jackson tribute song"

It's called "Michael Jackson In A Minor"

by Anonymousreply 273March 26, 2024 7:08 PM

What's the difference between Michael Jackson and a shopping bag?

One's white, made of plastic, and a hazard to children. The other is used for carrying groceries.

by Anonymousreply 274March 26, 2024 7:09 PM

Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. In their own way, each helped young boys masturbate.

by Anonymousreply 275March 26, 2024 7:09 PM

I like the Michael Jackson Whammy on Press Your Luck.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 276March 26, 2024 7:09 PM

McDonalds is introducing the Michael Jackson Burger. It's 50 year old meat between 10 year old buns.

by Anonymousreply 277March 26, 2024 7:10 PM

All the kids who matter say he never was inappropriate with them: Emmanuel Lewis, Alfonso Ribeiro, Macauley Culkin, Aaron Carter, Tatum O'Neal, Corey Feldman, his own children.. The ones with grifting parents and losers looking for a financial windfall all say he molested them.

Let the man rest in peace.

by Anonymousreply 278March 26, 2024 8:44 PM

Man? 🧛‍♀️

by Anonymousreply 279March 26, 2024 9:20 PM

Someone should inform R268, R269, R270, R271, R272, R273, R274, R275,R277 that Michael Jackson has been dead for nearly 15 years and to update his "jokes" from 1995. You sound like a 12 year who just discovered pornography. I'm sure you think you're oh so original and witty, giggling like a bitch each time you clicked "post."

by Anonymousreply 280March 26, 2024 9:24 PM

R278 fuck off, no we won’t let that ‘thing’ rest in peace. He was a creepy weirdo, a plastic surgery freak show, a complete loony tunes basket case, and a pedophile. He used everyone his whole adult life, he was fake.

Michael Jackson was a vile human being and a lying closeted cunt. I hope he is burning in hell for what he did to those little boys.

Now fuck off back to your Michael Jackson fan sites with the other nutters, and chat about how handsome Michael was, how generous, how he never had a childhood, how he just never met the right woman.

by Anonymousreply 281March 26, 2024 9:35 PM

He's dead you fucking moron R281. Imagine writing three paragraphs over a deadman. How pathetic. Take your blood pressure meds before you have a stroke old man.

by Anonymousreply 282March 26, 2024 9:47 PM

R282 we write about dead people all the time on here, there are a ton of threads about dead people. It’s a gossip site you fucking idiot. Are you even aware of what you are doing here? I don’t take any medication, unlike your drug addicted alcoholic hero. But at least he is dead, and we can take comfort in that knowing that little boys are now safe.

by Anonymousreply 283March 26, 2024 10:47 PM

R283 It's a gossip site but you're not saying anything new dumbass. You have to reach back into the 90s for those lame kiddie jokes you made for over 20 posts on this thread alone. Just admit it youre obsessed. You're more insane than all Jacko fans combined for giving him an equal amount of energy. What more can be said after 15 years and 300 replies on Datalounge? You're the shitstain that's keeping him relevant. You might as well dig up.hia corpse and fuck it at this point since you're obsessed with what he was doing 20 years ago.

by Anonymousreply 284March 26, 2024 11:33 PM

R284 - I didn’t post the jokes, but found them funny - hadn’t heard most of them.

You’re the one who seems obsessed with MJ - half the crap posted on DL isn’t “saying anything new” - so that criticism is ridiculous. MJ was obviously guilty, most rational adults who were alive during his trial came to that conclusion decades ago.

The MJ joke I remember is even older: Did you hear about Michael Jackson’s new charity?

The Ignited Negro Collage Fund

by Anonymousreply 285March 26, 2024 11:49 PM

I am not watching this molestor or this video. Is this the "doo-doo and feces" on the wall one?

That line always killed me.

by Anonymousreply 286March 26, 2024 11:49 PM

R285, R286 You're so fucking lame jesus. And older than dirt. Too old for Neverland and that's probably why you're so bitter. Too bad you never got to fuck Michael while he was alive. It's so obvious that you want to.

by Anonymousreply 287March 26, 2024 11:58 PM

R284 what the fuck are you talking about, I didn't post those jokes or reply 300 times to a thread.

You sound confused dear, are you feeling ok? Is there anybody we can call to do a welfare check on you?

by Anonymousreply 288March 27, 2024 12:01 AM

Oh yes, please touch me!!!!

by Anonymousreply 289March 27, 2024 12:02 AM

R287 is one sick puppy.

by Anonymousreply 290March 27, 2024 12:32 AM

R290 Projection. I'm not making sexual jokes about a deadman.

by Anonymousreply 291March 27, 2024 12:41 AM

I just felt bad for Farah.

by Anonymousreply 292March 27, 2024 12:45 AM

Yo, 290. That poor dead man was a child abuser. GET HELP YOU SICK FUCK.

by Anonymousreply 293March 27, 2024 1:22 AM

YO R293 he's been dead for 15 years let it go! I find it interesting that you're throwing around the words "sick freak" in all caps like a psycho, but you won't address the numerous molestation jokes made about these boys in this thread. There's nothing funny about this topic, but It proves my point that you guys were never concerned about the victims, not one bit. Child abuse is nothing more than a punchline on datalounge. You're the real sick fuck. Deal with it.

by Anonymousreply 294March 27, 2024 1:39 AM

Many many many men had miserable childhoods and were abused by their fathers. They never had any interest in little boys in their adult lives.

by Anonymousreply 295March 27, 2024 2:21 AM

The entire Jackson family is vile garbage. Nobody should ever “let it go”. He raped boys for years and he was a plastic surgery freak and bed shitting drug addict who needed a fucking anesthesiologist to drug him to go to sleep. If there’s a hell, that whole family has an entire chalet waiting for them.

by Anonymousreply 296March 27, 2024 4:31 AM


by Anonymousreply 297March 27, 2024 4:40 AM

R287 is just plain scary and weird, and to think he's just out there walking the streets.

by Anonymousreply 298March 27, 2024 6:18 AM

The reason he was acquitted in 2005 was because Gavin Arvizo and his mother Janet had credibility issues that devastated the prosecutions case. Janet Arvizo admitted to welfare fraud and also admitted she land her kids lied about an incident where they were detained by store security at a Macy’s or JC Pennys for shoplifting and claimed the security guards physically and maybe sexually assaulted her and the kids and the ended up getting a financial settlement.

Wade Robsons testimony and sworn affidavit that he wasn’t molested by Jackson during the 2005 trial was another nail in the coffin in the prosecutions case but also Robsons credibility that he was abused by Jackson after he came forward years later.

I couldn’t imagine being in the position jordie chandler has been in for the the last 30 years. Having to continually look over your shoulder because of harassment and death threats. He’s had to move and change his phone number many many times and lied to the suicide of his father. I think he finally reestablished contact with his mother after many years of not speaking to her because of her not protecting him during that time. Like many of these parents she got caught up in the fame, status and financial perks.

by Anonymousreply 299March 27, 2024 6:34 AM

Great analysis R299. Back during the trial I was sure MJ was going to be found guilty and would commit suicide shortly thereafter.

by Anonymousreply 300March 27, 2024 3:25 PM

People--especially those from countries outside of The US--forget that not guilty doesn't mean the same thing as innocent.

by Anonymousreply 301March 27, 2024 3:26 PM

[quote] How can anybody think he was innocent


I will never understand

by Anonymousreply 302March 27, 2024 3:26 PM

[quote] and lied to the suicide of his father.


by Anonymousreply 303March 27, 2024 3:27 PM

To R4, there is "not a black person" anywhere in the photo, Miss Michael really did not want to suck down Black boy jizz.

by Anonymousreply 304March 27, 2024 3:49 PM

*led to the suicide of his father.

Also a clip from Latoya’s infamous press conference in 1993.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 305March 27, 2024 4:27 PM

^Latoya was estranged from the family during that time period. She later recanted her statements. But even back then Latoya was seen as odd in a family of odd people.

"La Toya said she had proof of Jackson's pedophilia and offered to disclose it for $500000. A bidding war between US and UK tabloids began, but fell through when, as Jackson's biographer J. Randy Taraborrelli wrote, "She didn't have much to offer, after all."[74] The Jackson family disowned her, and in later years she recanted the allegations, saying she had been forced to make them by her husband.[75][76] Prior to making the allegations, Gordon had been arrested for assaulting her, and the couple divorced three years later.[77] By the turn of the millennium, Jackson had forgiven his sister.[57] In 2009, when recanting her 1993 statements to the broadcaster Barbara Walters, she said that Jackson had not been a pedophile and had never indulged in improper relations with a child.

by Anonymousreply 306March 27, 2024 4:38 PM

To R280, Thank you for all the Miss Jackson pedo jokes, I forgot all about them, I couldn't stop laughing!!

by Anonymousreply 307March 27, 2024 4:48 PM

Some of you prisses need to fuck right off to LSA.

We're not giving the disgusting rapist a pass, dead or alive.

by Anonymousreply 308March 27, 2024 5:07 PM

His was a life that spun horribly off the rails, despite incredible talent and success in show business. I love much of his music- it did decline after Thriller, but I really cannot listen to it now because he evolved into such a monster. I’m getting that way with Madonna as well. I find her anger and her appearance (which mirrors the personality) disgusting. At least she’s not a pedophile.

by Anonymousreply 309March 27, 2024 5:13 PM

R300 I think we were all hoping that would happen. But I would have liked him to live long enough to serve a few years in prison, we could have enjoyed the stories about how is face is falling apart and how his nose is rotting without the frequent visits to his surgeon. He wouldn’t have been able to bleach his skin in prison, also no wigs or makeup.

God only knows what he would have looked like after a year in prison, given how horrific he looked before that. I know it’s a horrible thought but I can’t imagine that any inmate would ever have raped him in prison. Ugh, that doesn’t bear thinking about.

by Anonymousreply 310March 27, 2024 5:25 PM

[quote] I’m getting that way with Madonna as well. I find her anger and her appearance (which mirrors the personality) disgusting. At least she’s not a pedophile.

Interestingly, Madonna defended MJ immediately after the release of Leaving Neverland, she they didn't have the best relationship when he was alive.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 311March 27, 2024 5:43 PM

^ And they didn't have the best relationship.

by Anonymousreply 312March 27, 2024 5:46 PM

[quote] They actually believe that Michael was straight

Well, are you telling me the Dating Game was a lie?

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 313March 27, 2024 5:59 PM

Reports of Michael Jackson’s death are incorrect. He was in the children’s ward having a stroke.

Michael Jackson was rushed to the hospital the maternity ward was put on lockdown.

Michael Jackson requested his pallbearers all be boyscouts. He wanted to be on top of a group of 12 year old boys for one last time.

Michael Jackson requested he be cremated and put into a box of Rice Krispies so he could be in a 10 year old boys ass for one last time.

Michael Jackson was hospitalized and had to cancel two of his dates, Bobby age 11 and Tommy age 9.

Farrah Fawcett arrived at the gates of heaven and god asked her what her last wish would be. She said she wanted all the children in the world to be safe. An hour later Michael Jackson was dead.

What’s black and white and dead all over? I don’t know but it touched me.

by Anonymousreply 314March 27, 2024 6:11 PM

Aside from the sex-with-children stuff: To this day, it amazes me that Jackson was able to retain so many millions of fans even after he destroyed his face to the point where he literally began to look more and more like something out of a monster movie. Honestly, I will never be able to understand that.

It is telling that the unfortunately successful Broadway show MJ focuses on a time before the major plastic surgery, skin bleaching, etc., so they didn't have to try to recreate that look onstage with monster makeup.

by Anonymousreply 315March 27, 2024 6:25 PM

[quote]Michael Jackson was rushed to the hospital the maternity ward was put on lockdown.

That would have been funny if you had written it properly: "Michael Jackson was rushed to the hospital, and the pediatric ward was put on lockdown."

by Anonymousreply 316March 27, 2024 6:28 PM

R315, MJ fans still see him as the MJ from Off the Wall/Thriller. They don't see reality clearly.

by Anonymousreply 317March 27, 2024 6:32 PM

I first watched that Jackson interrogation video several years ago, and the way he smirks through much of the questioning and even yawns at one point, despite the tremendous seriousness of the subject matter, is amazing, horrifying, and very sick.

by Anonymousreply 318March 27, 2024 6:41 PM

R314 I love you!

by Anonymousreply 319March 27, 2024 6:45 PM

[quote]MJ fans still see him as the MJ from Off the Wall/Thriller. They don't see reality clearly.

But he continued to perform and remained very much in the public eye long after his face was destroyed. That's why I don't understand why the fans remained.

by Anonymousreply 320March 27, 2024 6:47 PM

R320, but that's exactly the point. If MJ fans made a hologram of him today, they would do it in the form of Thriller MJ. Not Bad, Dangerous, HIStory, etc. It's like his face never changed for them. They remember him how they want to remember him, not the way he actually was. It's fandom at it's most insane. Actually, another thing is that many of them seriously think that his face looks like that strictly because of vitiligo and that he never had plastic surgery. It's nuts.

by Anonymousreply 321March 27, 2024 7:12 PM

The Michael Jackson Cartoon Show from SNL.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 322March 27, 2024 8:08 PM

Another one from SNL

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 323March 27, 2024 8:09 PM

Like Cosby.

by Anonymousreply 324March 27, 2024 10:18 PM

[quote]Actually, another thing is that many of them seriously think that his face looks like that strictly because of vitiligo and that he never had plastic surgery. It's nuts.

It really is nuts. Especially because, of course, changing his skin color to clown white -- however he did that -- was not the only way in which he destroyed his face.

by Anonymousreply 325March 27, 2024 10:30 PM

R325, I was just seeing comments the other day that we shouldn't make fun of MJ because his face changed due to vitiligo. You just can't make this shit up. And today, some media thing on facebook posted a picture of Stephanie Mills and Michael Mills, saying "how long did they date?". One person said, "She wasn't his type, she didn't look like Macauley Culkin". That person was, of course, attacked. Some of the comments read like they could have been from Janbot--"you're sick mind means you are the one experienced in this", "were you there with him in his bedroom? Then you don't know what he did!". Fucking ridiculous.

by Anonymousreply 326March 28, 2024 12:29 AM

*Stephanie Mills and Michael Jackson

by Anonymousreply 327March 28, 2024 12:31 AM

Only in America could a poor black boy grow up to be a rich white woman.

by Anonymousreply 328March 28, 2024 12:42 AM

[quote] "were you there with him in his bedroom?"

No, but lots of little boys were.

by Anonymousreply 329March 28, 2024 12:59 AM

This is from a Facebook page today…

Cool man. I’ll be honest, I don’t care all that much for anything you have to say about him, you sound incredibly ignorant. He did far more for the world than you’ll ever be capable of in your entire life. He donated everywhere he could, helped as many children as he could, got kids into schools when they would never have been able to, helped dying children. He was the biggest humanitarian this world has ever seen, and here you are trying to pick apart his image as if he would have even cared if he saw it. Keep going man, see how far it takes you. Just know that it sets you so far low in the scale of what it means to be a human being.

by Anonymousreply 330March 28, 2024 2:21 PM

Another Facebook post from today

Lisa never loved or cared for Michael, she used him for his fame and popularity. She pretend to love him and humiliated him in public when he kissed her and she wiped her mouth after Michael kissed her. That threw up a red flag she never loved or cared for Michael.

by Anonymousreply 331March 28, 2024 2:26 PM

R330/R331, I'm laughing at these posts. Michael was the greatest humanitarian ever? Says who? And Lisa Marie wiping her mouth after the kiss is one of the few GREEN flags about her.

by Anonymousreply 332March 28, 2024 8:56 PM

[quote] Keep going man, see how far it takes you. Just know that it sets you so far low in the scale of what it means to be a human being.

Comments like this are so weird. Celebrities exist for us to discuss, judge and mock them. The Jacko fan who posted that needs to return to reality.

by Anonymousreply 333March 28, 2024 8:57 PM

Another Facebook post today by a complete nutcase.

give it a fuckin rest! There was NO proof and he was PROVEN INNOCENT in the court of law! AND, the accusers have all come forward and admitted it was lies! Don’t believe me, for starter’s, look up Jordan Chandler statement on You Tube of him confessing word for word that none of it was true! It was all about money! Now fuck off this page if you don’t have nothing to decent to say or prove! 😡

by Anonymousreply 334March 29, 2024 12:49 PM

[quote] Nothing worse than a bunch of sanctimonious gays acting like they're not as perverted as the pedos they're mocking. This is why you're hated

How someone manages to post this on a gay forum, without any intended irony, is just incredible. And not in a good way.

by Anonymousreply 335March 29, 2024 1:36 PM

Michael LOVED his troll dolls!

by Anonymousreply 336March 29, 2024 3:34 PM

I remember Stephanie Mills getting so pissed at Sam Smith when they claimed that they didn't like Michael Jackson's music. Here is what she said. All this just because Sam Smith didn't like MJ's music. Who cares?! People dislike peoples music all the time, it doesn't mean anything. There are many artists I strongly dislike but I can still appreciate their significance. And then Mills makes it into a "white privilege" thing. And I don't even like Sam, but they aren't a one hit wonder.

[quote] “Don’t come for MICHAEL JACKSON when you wish you have sold as many records and you wish you were the King of Pop like he was,” said Mills via Instagram. “I’m so tired of you people studying our music, and studying our artist and claiming that you don’t like our music. Go sit your 1 HIT WONDER ass down and learn how to finish a tour.”

by Anonymousreply 337March 29, 2024 3:39 PM


by Anonymousreply 338March 29, 2024 6:56 PM

It’s interesting how black people would have fiuck all to do with the bleached and butchered weirdo. But now in death they have reclaimed him, and have airbrushed everything after the 80’s from their memory.

by Anonymousreply 339March 29, 2024 7:48 PM

R339, so is it your impression that a lot of black people turned against MJ when he began destroying his face, bleaching his skin, etc., and only "reclaimed" him after his death? I've never heard anyone else say that, and I don't think it's true. I think the vast majority of his black fans -- and probably his non-black fans -- stayed by him the whole time.

by Anonymousreply 340March 29, 2024 8:53 PM

R340 that isn’t my recollection at all. As soon as he started appearing ultra feminine, around the time of Bad, his audience was predominantly white. And that was before the really weird stuff, like extreme surgery, bizzare behaviour, flaunting his little boy as as trophies etc

I can remember the day he died Kanye West was on TV saying “he is ours, he belongs to us, we only loaned him to you (whites) we want him back” or words very similar to that. I remember thinking yeah that fine, but you take the whole of him back, not just the Jackson 5 up to Thriller Michael Jackson, but the whole bat shit crazy, controversial, weird and scary Michael Jackson as well.

by Anonymousreply 341March 30, 2024 7:21 AM

R341, that Kanye quote is interesting and also weird, which is not surprising, as by now we all know he's a mental case. But I think what he meant was that he felt MJ had been co-opted by white fans, which is NOT the same as saying he had been abandoned by his black fans.

Are you going to double down and insist that MJ was, in fact, abandoned by his black fans when he started to go off the rails?

by Anonymousreply 342March 30, 2024 1:34 PM

Yes I am.^^

by Anonymousreply 343March 30, 2024 4:09 PM

That's why this insistence by sections of black people that white America wanted to takedown Michael Jackson don't make sense to me. Thriller wouldn't have sold something like 30 million copies in America if it didn't appeal to white people. White people loved Michael Jackson, hence the high sales of mediocrity like Dangerous.

by Anonymousreply 344March 30, 2024 4:17 PM

It don’t matter if you’re black or white

by Anonymousreply 345March 30, 2024 5:33 PM

R74 This was his real voice before he died.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 346March 31, 2024 12:01 AM

Really creepy now

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 347March 31, 2024 12:11 AM

[quote]It’s interesting how black people would have fiuck all to do with the bleached and butchered weirdo. But now in death they have reclaimed him, and have airbrushed everything after the 80’s from their memory.

r339/r340 only on Datalounge are black people viewed as a monolith of believers that Michael Jackson never touched young boys (because you are racists and likely on the spectrum). His own family, most notably Janet, totally abandoned him in 1996 and didn't speak to him for years. I'm a real black person and recall many horribly homophobic conversations in barbershops about Michael Jackson being gay first, and then a pedophile.

I live in a very diverse area and people who weren't born in the United States are generally huge fans of Michael Jackson's music. I honestly think the international community is one of the main reasons the music continues to be so popular.

I will also restate that Michael Jackson has been dead for almost 15 years. People have moved on and realized that his music is work of a large collection of talented people who had a hand his career. Michael Jackson alone is not responsible for those hit songs.

by Anonymousreply 348March 31, 2024 2:52 AM

WTF is he laughing about? Accusations like that would be devastating. Kids, just no.

by Anonymousreply 349March 31, 2024 3:03 AM

R348, yes, people in many countries still love MJ. People in other countries, even other highly developed ones, don't seem to care as much about the sick shit MJ did. In the country my parents are from, Michael is STILL popular.

by Anonymousreply 350March 31, 2024 3:37 AM

R346, he's such a cunt.

by Anonymousreply 351March 31, 2024 3:39 AM

[quote]In the country my parents are from, Michael is STILL popular.

Which country is that R350?

by Anonymousreply 352March 31, 2024 3:46 AM

R352 Wakanda Rose.

by Anonymousreply 353March 31, 2024 3:51 AM

Is it a state secret R353?

by Anonymousreply 354March 31, 2024 3:53 AM

Y R U asking me for? I'm not interest in MJ crap.

by Anonymousreply 355March 31, 2024 3:55 AM

R352, it's in South Asia. And it's like this in all of South Asia too. My Indian friends say that if Michael Jackson came to India today (yes, I know he's dead), there would be lines of millions of people throughout the country just to see him.

by Anonymousreply 356March 31, 2024 3:57 AM

Why post about it at all if you're going to be weird about someone asking you a reasonable question about your post R355/R350? It makes you look like you're either a troll or you're trying to hide something.

by Anonymousreply 357March 31, 2024 3:59 AM

R356 Who couldn't get in line for a moonwalking zombie?

It'd be hard to turn down something like that.

by Anonymousreply 358March 31, 2024 4:00 AM

R357 I'm tired of seeing this ugly face in the feed. A person can only take so much...

by Anonymousreply 359March 31, 2024 4:01 AM

R359, or, rather, the ugly, hideous, nauseating horror mask that was left of his once handsome, normal face.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 360March 31, 2024 1:14 PM

An innocent person would've been outraged at being dragged into a police station and accused of being a child molester. Imagine how pissed and angry you would be if that happened to you. You'd be yelling at the cops and spitting nails. Jackson thought it was a big joke. He was guilty AF.

by Anonymousreply 361March 31, 2024 2:42 PM

King of Pedos

by Anonymousreply 362March 31, 2024 3:07 PM

Michael Jackson’s requested his remains be melted down and turned into legos so kids can play with him for a change.

by Anonymousreply 363March 31, 2024 3:50 PM

MJ used to visit Las Vegas quite a little bit. The blackjack dealers reported that he wouldn't hit on anything above 10.

McDonald's was considering a partnership: The McJackson burger was to consist of a 50yo piece of meat in-between two 9yo buns.

Why did Michael Jackson prefer dating twenty-eight-year-olds? Because there were 20 of them.

by Anonymousreply 364March 31, 2024 4:29 PM

R360 wish he had stopped the surgery at his Off the Wall period.

His mother was a low down gay hating bitch in church clothes, pretending to be a sweet old lady. Wouldn't let have presents for Christmas or birthdays.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 365April 1, 2024 12:00 AM

They are a strange family.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 366April 1, 2024 12:09 AM

R364 wins

by Anonymousreply 367April 1, 2024 12:14 AM

[quote]An innocent person would've been outraged at being dragged into a police station and accused of being a child molester. Imagine how pissed and angry you would be if that happened to you. You'd be yelling at the cops and spitting nails. Jackson thought it was a big joke.

Or, alternatively an innocent person being interrogated regarding child molestation charges might be extremely upset rather than angry, or in addition to being angry, during the questioning. Jackson seemed not remotely upset or angry AT ALL, instead he kept smirking and even yawned at one point during the questioning. Which I suppose might be taken as indicating mental illness as well as guilt.

by Anonymousreply 368April 1, 2024 1:31 AM

Ewwwww, there was Doo-Doo all over the bathroom.

by Anonymousreply 369April 1, 2024 2:27 AM

This is what some idiot posted today on Facebook, I. Wonder where they get this crap from.

good try... But no... There are childrens there it is Fake they never live with MJ And the Canadian boy was debunked, a Canadian journalist investigate about this boy and the boy who was homeless admit a white man come to him in the street and ask to the boy if he wants to have a lot of money easily all he had to say it's " Michael Jackson molested me " to TV and that what he did but the journalist got them 💪🏼Wade et James the same interest easy money they refuse to leave the ranch when MJ tell em to go back to home ... Bullshit 😉

by Anonymousreply 370April 2, 2024 8:26 PM

R370, I'm surprised he didn't just bust out with the "it's white supremacy!" BS.

by Anonymousreply 371April 2, 2024 11:49 PM

A lot of these delulu fans are also white

by Anonymousreply 372April 3, 2024 4:43 AM

He used the same nicknames with his own kids “doo doo head” and “apple head” as he did with Culkin, Robson? Arvizo, Safechuk, Chandler etc….

There’s a video of a paparazzi yelling apple head and doo doo head at Paris Jackson and she lashed out at him for calling her those names because he didn’t have that right.

When Michael Jackson’s death was announced the flags at nambla were lowered to half staff.

by Anonymousreply 373April 3, 2024 7:47 AM

Jackson had no sense for normality. My theory is that he wanted to construct a perfect childhood fantasy for himself as well as for children. Even without any sexual abuse that fantasy was very specific. Living in a theme park is not what most children desire - it's sad and fucked up. I am unconvinced he was violent though. He wanted to be the antithesis of his father after all. A groomer? Definitely. Fucked in te head? Also most definitely. Not making excuses. I do believe though hat he really wanted to be "one of the boys". Society gave him a pass as long as he was young and good looking. When he looked like a melted candle and his time was over, the parents who were fully aware of what was going on sued. They should be taken to court as well.

by Anonymousreply 374April 3, 2024 9:49 AM

The parents weren't aware. MJ bamboozled them with his celebrity. It's still going on now.

by Anonymousreply 375April 3, 2024 10:28 PM

Stevie wonder was aware.

by Anonymousreply 376April 4, 2024 12:53 AM

Inappropriate giggling. I have that at funerals.

by Anonymousreply 377April 4, 2024 1:52 AM

Inappropriate giggling. I have that at funerals.

by Anonymousreply 378April 4, 2024 1:52 AM
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