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Tasha put a shark in the swimming pool

Dave loved his pool. It was his pride and joy, his sanctuary, his escape from the stress of his job and his messy breakup with Tasha. He had spent a fortune on installing and maintaining it, and he enjoyed swimming in it every night before going to bed. He felt calm and relaxed in the water, as if nothing could bother him.

One night, he decided to go for a late night swim as usual. He put on his swimming trunks, grabbed a towel, and headed to the backyard. He didn't bother to turn on the lights, as he liked the dark and the silence. He opened the gate and walked towards the pool, ready to dive in.

But as he approached the edge, he saw something that made him stop in his tracks. There was a large, dark shape moving in the water, creating ripples and splashes. It looked like a fish, but not any fish he had ever seen. It had a long, sleek body, a triangular fin, and a mouth full of sharp teeth. It was a shark. A shark in his pool.

Dave felt a surge of fear and disbelief. How did a shark get into his pool? Who put it there? And why? He quickly backed away from the pool, hoping the shark wouldn't notice him. He reached for his phone, but realized he had left it inside the house. He had no way of calling for help.

He looked around, trying to find a way out. He couldn't go back through the gate, as the shark was blocking his path. He couldn't climb over the fence, as it was too high and had barbed wire on top. He couldn't run to the neighbors, as they were too far away and wouldn't hear him. He was trapped.

He wondered if this was some kind of prank, or a nightmare, or a hallucination. But it was all too real. He could hear the shark's breathing, see its eyes, smell its blood. He knew he had to do something, or he would be shark food.

He remembered that he had a metal pole in his shed, which he used to clean the pool. He thought maybe he could use it as a weapon, or a distraction, or a way to scare the shark away. He ran to the shed, which was on the other side of the pool, and opened the door. He grabbed the pole and turned around, ready to face the shark.

But as he did, he saw another sight that made him gasp. Standing by the pool, holding a remote control, was Tasha. His ex-girlfriend. His vindictive ex-girlfriend. She had a wicked smile on her face, and a gleam in her eye. She looked at him and said, "Hello, Dave. Fancy a swim?"

Dave realized then that this was her doing. She had somehow gotten a shark from Sea World, where her uncle worked, and put it in his pool. She had rigged a device that allowed her to control the shark's movements. She had waited for him to come out, and then unleashed the shark on him. She had planned this all along. She wanted to kill him. And she wanted to watch.

Dave felt a surge of anger and hatred. He hated Tasha more than anyone in the world. She had cheated on him, lied to him, humiliated him, and now she wanted to murder him. He couldn't let her get away with this. He had to fight back.

He raised the pole and threw it at her, hoping to hit her or the remote. But he missed. The pole landed in the water, making a loud splash. The shark heard the noise and turned its attention to the pole. It swam towards it, curious and hungry.

Dave saw his chance. He ran towards Tasha, hoping to tackle her or grab the remote. But he was too slow. Tasha saw him coming and pressed a button. The shark stopped chasing the pole and turned back to Dave. It swam towards him, fast and furious.

Dave reached the edge of the pool, but it was too late. The shark leaped out of the water, its jaws wide open, its teeth ready to bite. Dave screamed, but no one heard him. The shark grabbed him by the leg, and dragged him into the pool. Dave felt a sharp pain, and then nothing.


by Anonymousreply 22February 10, 2024 8:25 AM

Tasha watched as the shark devoured Dave, leaving nothing but blood and bones. She laughed, and said, "That's what you get for breaking my heart, Dave. You should have never messed with me. I'm the queen of the sea, and you're just shark bait."

She turned off the remote and threw it in the trash. She walked away from the pool, satisfied and happy. She had gotten her revenge. She had won. She had no regrets.

by Anonymousreply 1February 10, 2024 12:33 AM

You suck.

by Anonymousreply 2February 10, 2024 12:39 AM

That makes no sense. He couldn't turn around and walk back into the house the way he'd come out? Inter alia.

by Anonymousreply 3February 10, 2024 12:40 AM

What in the low rent script Scyfy channel meets Lifetime meets cameo William Shatner hell?

by Anonymousreply 4February 10, 2024 12:43 AM

OP, if you were a five year old and you brought me this story and told me you'd written, I'd sit you down and tell you straight to your face- Give it up, you haven't an ounce of talent and you wasted five minutes of my life, for which you will be severely beaten.

by Anonymousreply 5February 10, 2024 12:44 AM

You know what, OP? I don't even want you to keep your day job.

by Anonymousreply 6February 10, 2024 12:46 AM

R5 = Mrs. Patsy Ramsey, formerly of Boulder, CO

by Anonymousreply 7February 10, 2024 12:47 AM

OP - your story is nonsense.

A shark would die in a pool intended for human use.

by Anonymousreply 8February 10, 2024 12:49 AM

OP - your story is nonsense.

None of the neighbors noticed the flatbed aquarium from SeaWorld and the crane required to put the shark in the pool?

You good and truly suck at this.

by Anonymousreply 9February 10, 2024 12:52 AM

r8 The pool is huge.

by Anonymousreply 10February 10, 2024 1:13 AM

R10, ask yourself how would a shark fare in chlorinated water.

by Anonymousreply 11February 10, 2024 1:15 AM

r11 Tasha took away the chlorine. She had this planned for a while.

by Anonymousreply 12February 10, 2024 1:16 AM

[quote] What in the low rent script Scyfy channel meets Lifetime meets cameo William Shatner hell?

Oh look, Teafake's new persona is cosplaying jive.

by Anonymousreply 13February 10, 2024 1:16 AM

R11 And replaced it with salt water? How did she fill the pool with the ocean?

by Anonymousreply 14February 10, 2024 1:19 AM

Nobody’s questioning the remote control shark?

by Anonymousreply 15February 10, 2024 1:26 AM

O is darkmingelord trying to work out ways to kill the man he ruthlessly stalked.

by Anonymousreply 16February 10, 2024 1:34 AM

Hey it worked in JAWS r15

by Anonymousreply 17February 10, 2024 2:21 AM

No it didn't, R17. Bruce the shark was animatronic but not remote controlled. The fake shark or rather, sharks (there were three), were towed by a boat when it had to swim and was manipulated by divers atop an underwater pole when it had to do things like eat Quint onboard the Orca.

Did Tasha also have a motorboat and scuba divers hanging around all day and evening in case - just in case - Dave decided to come out for a swim?

by Anonymousreply 18February 10, 2024 3:06 AM

What kind of shark? Mako, barracuda, lemon? Be specific. A great white won’t fit.

by Anonymousreply 19February 10, 2024 6:42 AM

OP, Why would Dave fear an attack by a shark in his pool, given that he, Dave, had "stopped short" so wasn't in the pool with it? How could the shark block his path on land? Do you think a shark can leap out of a pool to chase someone?

by Anonymousreply 20February 10, 2024 7:11 AM

Wow, I hate reddit.

by Anonymousreply 21February 10, 2024 7:26 AM

retarts on DL

what do?

by Anonymousreply 22February 10, 2024 8:25 AM
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