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I’ve seen Nicole S’s “SUNSET BLVD.” five times. Ask me anything.

The Lighting in the show is incredible.

by Anonymousreply 420March 3, 2024 10:49 PM

Where did you see it?

by Anonymousreply 1January 27, 2024 3:43 PM

Is Tom Francis family?

by Anonymousreply 2January 27, 2024 3:43 PM

Were you ever in the stalls?

by Anonymousreply 3January 27, 2024 3:44 PM

R1 R2 R3

by Anonymousreply 4January 27, 2024 3:46 PM

For God's sake, why?

by Anonymousreply 5January 27, 2024 3:47 PM

Who is Nicole S.?

by Anonymousreply 6January 27, 2024 3:49 PM

Oh, Ned, on block? And I was the only one asked you any questions at all. Now there's a dilemma, little snowflake.

by Anonymousreply 7January 27, 2024 3:54 PM

And still we rise!!

by Anonymousreply 8January 27, 2024 3:55 PM

[quote]Where did you see it?

At a private performance in my villa in the south of France, Rose.

by Anonymousreply 9January 27, 2024 4:26 PM

I’m at Pret, R7. Wanna buy me something?

by Anonymousreply 10January 27, 2024 4:33 PM


by Anonymousreply 11January 27, 2024 5:03 PM

I bet if you go one more time you'll get to meet Nicole and get a picture with you.

by Anonymousreply 12January 27, 2024 11:25 PM

R10 Get me the protein box and ask the cool kids behind the counter if I can get yesterday's salmon for a few quid off. Cheers!

by Anonymousreply 13January 27, 2024 11:27 PM

I don't have enough quids for the tubes so I'll be walking to the theat-ah. It's only a four-hour walk!

by Anonymousreply 14January 27, 2024 11:49 PM

A couple of doozies today:

1) "Small-town London. When your friends who work at your local Starbucks tell you they like what you’re wearing and you tell them that you’re the kind of guy who wakes up feeling butch so to feel butch-er puts on a woman’s jacket."

Frau comment: "You do look good but your woman's jacket has pockets too high up ,just saying."

2) "Happy birthday today to Oprah who has always shown me kindness and never bullshitted me - even when bullshit would have been better for my ego. LOL. She even told me to write something once and quote her based on my memory of a private conversation she was allowing me to use because she trusted me to get it right and no need to run it by her later when I called to ask if she wanted to see the finished story. "

Oh, okay then.

by Anonymousreply 15January 29, 2024 7:03 PM

He does nothing but lie.

by Anonymousreply 16January 29, 2024 8:49 PM

I can’t remember what thread it was featured in, but one of our more witty posters said something like “Call it a plop, call it a flop” and I think it’s fucking hilarious. Sometimes I just say it to myself alone in my apartment and burst out laughing again.

Thank you to the wonderful Bavologist who came up with that. It has brought me great joy and laughter.

by Anonymousreply 17January 29, 2024 9:09 PM

He writes about his fabulous friend Oprah, oblivious to the fact that she’s now being exposed for the fraud she is. But he is one also, so game recognizes game, I suppose. !!

by Anonymousreply 18January 29, 2024 9:24 PM

He also writes about his job at the Curran and at 429 Magazine, conveniently omitting the fact that he was unceremoniously fired from both!

by Anonymousreply 19January 29, 2024 9:50 PM

Who is he here?

by Anonymousreply 20January 29, 2024 9:51 PM

Homeless. Toothless. Jobless.

by Anonymousreply 21January 29, 2024 11:08 PM

They may take away our threads....but they will never take away our GENIUS!!!!

by Anonymousreply 22January 29, 2024 11:33 PM

Kevin Sessums saddo stalker honeypot 🍯 🐝🐝🐝

by Anonymousreply 23January 30, 2024 10:27 PM

Okay, Let me get this straight. At an Oscar weekend picnic many moons ago (back when he used to be somebody) he slithered up to Sidney Poitier and said, "As a child, I referred to you as a (insert racial slur beginning with 'n') when my black maid mentioned you. You may have already heard this story from Oprah, but it's such a knee-slapper I thought you'd like to hear it again."

I mean what the actual fuck is wrong with this person?

Also, he spells the maid's name as both 'Mattie" and 'Matty.' Did he name the fucking cat he abandoned after his black maid?

And finally, he doesn't understand how online discourse works. The whole, stupid Barbie movie nomination discussion is now over. He can't spend an entire week sitting and shitting in Starbucks laboring over an unreadable column on a topic we all moved on from days ago.

by Anonymousreply 24January 30, 2024 11:38 PM

The Sidney Poitier “n word” story is a “Bav fave” he likes to pull out of his shithole because it serves many functions….1) it’s horrifying. 2) he gets to weave Oprah into it. 3) he humblebrags about his book (that flopped very badly) 4) he was at an “Oscars picnic”. The mere fact that FOR WHATEVER REASON he felt he “had the agency”🙄 to say that word in front of Sidney Poitier makes my flesh crawl. If he did THAT, everything else people say he did, or any “gross out fetish” example SURELY TRACKS….and makes him one of the most repulsive people alive. HOW DARE HE !?

by Anonymousreply 25January 31, 2024 4:09 PM

Eleven posts already today. Between these, the constant attendance at plays/films, and the incessant tramping around London on foot, when does he find the time to (ahem) "WORK?"

by Anonymousreply 26January 31, 2024 6:36 PM

I resent that, R21

by Anonymousreply 27January 31, 2024 6:47 PM

What part of that post isn’t true, boo? R27

by Anonymousreply 28January 31, 2024 7:19 PM

“Mother, May I plop with spinach?”

by Anonymousreply 29January 31, 2024 8:19 PM

My buddy said my plops made them weep and were limned with light.

by Anonymousreply 30January 31, 2024 9:31 PM

Did you miss the costumes, sets, old Hollywood?

Did you like the stark stage?

What was the blood for?

by Anonymousreply 31January 31, 2024 9:47 PM

Norma abandons her comeback and becomes a Red Cross volunteer, Rose.

by Anonymousreply 32January 31, 2024 10:00 PM

Why are they covered in blood during the curtain call?

by Anonymousreply 33January 31, 2024 10:41 PM

The cast is at each other's throats, Rose.

by Anonymousreply 34January 31, 2024 10:54 PM

I feel bathed in the warm glow of my fellow revellers

Missed you all

by Anonymousreply 35February 1, 2024 1:17 PM

Yes R35 "We're home – home! And this is my room – and you're all here – and I'm not going to leave here ever, ever again, because I love you all!

by Anonymousreply 36February 1, 2024 1:29 PM

Let’s hope no batshit landlady evicts us r36

by Anonymousreply 37February 1, 2024 1:39 PM

She is manic-posting again. Sometimes three nee posts in the space of less than an hour.

by Anonymousreply 38February 2, 2024 1:29 PM

Another still life study of his remaining possessions. Does he really travel with all those framed pictures? And then arrange them in other peoples’ houses??

by Anonymousreply 39February 2, 2024 4:07 PM

It's the "artful" staging of all that crap on the bed for me. No wonder he broke something falling down the stairs -- schelping all that stuff around is a lot to begin with.

by Anonymousreply 40February 2, 2024 5:48 PM

A still-life crowned with a plop limned with deep feeling and LIGHT.

by Anonymousreply 41February 2, 2024 5:54 PM

Doctor Brother wisely decided not to shell out $40 for the vintage PLAYBOY mag in which he is referenced. Instead he sent photos. hahahahaha

by Anonymousreply 42February 2, 2024 7:13 PM

He’s sucking up to some playwright who had the misfortune to sit next to him at the theater last night. Posting her resumé on his FAILbook, doing his fucking retarded “Meet So-and-So” as if his introduction is anything but a negative.

by Anonymousreply 43February 2, 2024 7:26 PM

Kevin Sessums stalker saddos.

by Anonymousreply 44February 2, 2024 7:51 PM

How big is your cock? Do you swallow or spit?

by Anonymousreply 45February 2, 2024 7:59 PM

Oh, hi, Bav at R44!

by Anonymousreply 46February 2, 2024 8:03 PM

Oh hi Mark O'Donovan.

by Anonymousreply 47February 2, 2024 8:04 PM

R43. Did you see he wrote “privy” and “privet” in ONE SENTENCE!! And who said he was only good for rimming the shit out of some fat fools asshole???

by Anonymousreply 48February 2, 2024 8:34 PM

He eavesdropped on her conversation with someone else during "the interval" - another one of his cheesy affectations.

by Anonymousreply 49February 2, 2024 9:51 PM

To answer r6 it's Scherzinger. From the Pussycat Dolls.

by Anonymousreply 50February 2, 2024 9:58 PM

I’m picturing him carrying all those still-life possessions in a bindle slung over one shoulder, hopping from boxcar to boxcar like a 19th century stowaway tramp

by Anonymousreply 51February 2, 2024 10:38 PM

In Tangier!

by Anonymousreply 52February 2, 2024 10:58 PM

In Oregon!

by Anonymousreply 53February 2, 2024 10:58 PM

They. Devoured. Him.

by Anonymousreply 54February 3, 2024 3:18 AM

A dispatch from Tangier, plopping way past the Camino-

by Anonymousreply 55February 3, 2024 3:49 AM

I never had a loft, I just think I did.

by Anonymousreply 56February 3, 2024 5:17 AM

I feel like I’m going a bit batty — did the capital of Morocco used be Tangiers, with an s? I could swear that’s what they taught in middle school geography class, but again I may just just have a touch of dementia.

by Anonymousreply 57February 3, 2024 10:31 AM

This, as usual, has a bitter, queeny, tint to it in the beginning, but also, as always, turns around to shine the spotLIGHT on our hero….and his never ending mission to bond with every broken shoulder on planet earth. He means business when it comes to healing, and the theater and ballet are the soothing balm one needs to carry ONWARD!!!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 (getting fisted in the men’s room is optional)

Small-town London. So this afternoon at the matinee of Manon I had one of my favorite seats in the amphitheatre - B 82 - but there was a very tall man with a very large head and a big ass (which made him seem even taller when he sat down) who sat in front of me over to the side and leaned in over the railing and blocked almost my whole view of the stage. So I stood in the large empty area by my seat - one of the reasons I like it - but was told after about 15 minutes that I had to sit back down even though I was blocking no one's view and there was a wall behind me. Some officious reasoning about needing an exit way in case of an emergency but because of the position of my seat I'd have been the first one up and out if there were one. But I never argue with officious reasons whispered by officious head ushers so sat back down on my old flat ass - oh, for the days when it was bigger and rounder.

At the first interval I headed for a empty seat I'd spotted in the stalls on about the fifth row next to the wall. During that interval I had a lovely conversation about ballet and all the different leads for Manon and what they bring to the productions with the two lovely British women next to me, Susan and Patricia. When the second act started I slumped a bit and was careful to keep my head and body mostly still for the woman seated behind me who had had a clear view for the first act since that seat had been empty. I asked her if she could see okay during the second interval and she thanked me for my being so considerate after sitting in the seat.

Meet Leila from South Africa. We bonded afterward because I noticed her sling and she told me she had recently broken her shoulder. My empathy and consideration increased ten-fold -even for her cultural gumption in coming to the ballet and having been to Elektra's final performance earlier in the week. We traded stories of how painful it is to sleep and, yes, sit in the theatres but sitting in theatres to see ballet and. opera was as important to us and our healing as sleep is. "I thought that tall man sat in front of me upstairs to give me a reason to move to this empty seat I spotted," I told her. "But he sat there so I'd sit in front of you and have this conversation about healing from a broken shoulder. I really believe that. I am your messenger."

"You are," she said, as if I had a small but important role in a ballet or opera to move the plot along. I hope I helped her do so in her own life for she helped me do so in mine.

Let's all send healing thoughts to Leila and her broken shoulder beneath that velvet coat draped over it.

Onward ...

by Anonymousreply 58February 3, 2024 8:38 PM


by Anonymousreply 59February 3, 2024 8:40 PM

I don't know what the guy's fat ass had to do with it.

by Anonymousreply 60February 3, 2024 9:04 PM

"Theatre." "Interval." "Quid."

Oy gevalt!

by Anonymousreply 61February 3, 2024 10:06 PM

Somewhere on Facebook right now a mild mannered 6’4” guy is writing about the effete, foul-smelling bald man with grey teeth and pancake ass who sat behind him at Manon earlier in the day, and about how he wouldn’t stop sighing, tsktsk-ing, and clicking his tongue all throughout the first act before finally getting into an argument with the usher over his blocking the egress route.

by Anonymousreply 62February 3, 2024 11:06 PM

R60. That’s the cunt in him coming out…. He can’t help it. He sees himself as “above it all”, and it stymies me that he sucks up to every barista he meets…(”here comes “two honeys!”)…lol, as if. Oh, I forgot….they are a captive audience, and he’s a piece of shit!

by Anonymousreply 63February 3, 2024 11:46 PM

Spare a thought for the poor Balletomane

by Anonymousreply 64February 4, 2024 12:03 AM

I wish he'd take Mandy Patinkin's advice and start auditioning for roles.

by Anonymousreply 65February 4, 2024 12:18 AM

The balletomane in me is dying to see a really smart choreographer come along and produce a ballet from The Grass Harp.

by Anonymousreply 66February 4, 2024 12:38 AM

Why the blood??

by Anonymousreply 67February 4, 2024 12:40 AM

Are the rumors of an Eden’s Crush reunion for the finale true?

by Anonymousreply 68February 4, 2024 1:29 AM

Something Messhy This Way Comes.

by Anonymousreply 69February 4, 2024 3:53 AM

R24/R25, who, possessed of a moiety of their marbles, a single shred of decency or any atom of etiquette would recite that story to anyone, let alone Oprah Winfrey and Sidney Poitier?

I could see working it into a memoir if the point was he realized either as a child or later growing up he had said a very terrible and insensitive thing in the presence of the maid. But a knee-slapper?

What's next? Him pinning Martha Plimpton to the wall so he can amuse her with imitations of River Phoenix's death rattle? Asking Robert Downey Jr. if he has any spare coke? Faking a gunshot wound in the presence of Jodie Foster and then beaming up at her "are you impressed?"

The fuck is wrong with this schmuck?

by Anonymousreply 70February 4, 2024 7:53 AM

Psoriasis, r70.

by Anonymousreply 71February 4, 2024 8:09 AM

R70. He’s mentally ill, his brain and teeth both severely rotted by meth. Now, couple that with an inflated sense of entitlement from when you were “cut from the herd”, and you have the bav. It’s utterly laughable. He’s a fucking tool..

by Anonymousreply 72February 4, 2024 7:40 PM

R72, he is describing a scene from some time ago. Presumably he wasn't the methed-out mess he is now.

by Anonymousreply 73February 4, 2024 7:43 PM

I’m aware. The “oscar picnic” wasn’t that long ago. Long time bavoligists will know this. I’m saying around 2017-2018. When his shitty 2nd book came out. So, yeah, he was a mess.

(Insert pic of Bav and O)🙄 “With Winfrey at a picnic in Los Angeles. I once ran into her at a picnic thrown by a gracious married couple, both cultural machers themselves, on the grounds of their Beverly Hills home over Oscar weekend in Los Angeles and Winfrey has kindly allowed me, based on my own discernment, to share a bit of our visit that day. The picnic was the kind of sun-dappled afternoon affair where Sheryl Sandberg and Jeff Bezos watched movie stars mingle and Rupert Murdoch lined up for mac’n’cheese. I had earlier sent Winfrey, at her request, my last memoir, I Left It on the Mountain, to read. The book focused on my drug addiction and subsequent sobriety and I had hopes of being on her Super Soul Sunday show on OWN to talk about it. We had discussed that it might be a possibility for me to do so. I had, alas, never heard back from her but thought I might run into her there at that picnic. When I did, she walked right up to me, put her hands on my shoulders, and squared me in her sights. “I didn’t like your book,” she bluntly told me. “It was so loud. I loved your first book, Mississippi Sissy. But this one … I don’t know … I just didn’t respond to it and I didn’t think my audience would either. I always have to think about the trust my audience has in me. I wasn’t sure how this served that trust.”

by Anonymousreply 74February 4, 2024 8:13 PM

Are we talking about Scherzinger in Subset Boulevard or Kevin Sessums in this thread?

by Anonymousreply 75February 4, 2024 8:18 PM

R74: TANSLATION FROM THE OPRAH "I realize that, without about four editors, your writing is absolute shit."

by Anonymousreply 76February 4, 2024 9:51 PM

What makes this person worthy of so much of your attention?

by Anonymousreply 77February 4, 2024 10:00 PM

The way he can fuck up a nice rotisserie chicken by plopping it in a pool of grease is really something. Sunday roast, my ass.

by Anonymousreply 78February 4, 2024 10:06 PM

R77 She was formerly a member of the esteemed Pussycat Dolls.

by Anonymousreply 79February 4, 2024 10:07 PM

Karmic Train Wrecks are inherently fascinating R77. And with this one the jokes write themselves!

by Anonymousreply 80February 4, 2024 10:17 PM

I learned the hard way”: One Good Thing Came Out of Lewis Hamilton’s Painful Breakup With Nicole Scherzinger.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 81February 4, 2024 10:19 PM

“I share my life, and I don’t.”


by Anonymousreply 82February 4, 2024 10:31 PM

Get ready, New York!

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 83February 4, 2024 10:45 PM

Bav is discussing Feud/Swans. He’s watching a pirated stream from China or some convoluted bullshit.

“Okay - I watched the first episode and Robbie Baitz is incapable of writing a bad script to me. He's a friend so there's that but I also think he's just deeply talented. The anachronisms and factually incorrect little details and the grammatical mistake I pointed out did bother me and stopped me my narrative tracks.”

Sure. The utter dope who publicly misused the word ’fitful’ for three years is devastated by a grammatical error. And a dear friend wrote it, but he’s still gonna talk shit about it to his demented facebook fraus.

This is why we talk smack about him. He is a massive asshole, and he affirms that publicly on his socials at least a dozen times a day.

by Anonymousreply 84February 5, 2024 3:04 AM

I don’t know how the stark Nicole S. version of Sunset will be received in the States. “Will it play in Peoria”, etc.

I’d love to see some thoughts or input from any American who’s seen the show at the Savoy, possibly upwards of a dozen times.

by Anonymousreply 85February 5, 2024 3:11 AM

R85, I think it'll bomb in New York. It's got just enough wrong that it will get savaged - for all the wrong reasons. Saw it in London... it was an unexpected treatment... I loved it. Scherzinger, overall, sings it so powerfully it's if not legendary, at least something you need to see and hear for yourself. i know many can't bear the idea of Lloyd Webber and success in the same sentence, but this is a really creative treatment of the material.

by Anonymousreply 86February 5, 2024 3:39 AM

R84. Agree one thousand percent. His “review” also seems tinged with jealousy and bitterness. Slightly, but there nonetheless. Like he’s secretly seething and stewing in his own juices that his life is such a fucking mess. That “a friend” wrote something that will be lingering in the zeitgeist for weeks, and all he does is eat plops, scrubbo around for free “press” tickets, and the last thing he wrote that was memorable was the words “Pussy” “Fuck” “Cock” and “Cum” on a scrap of paper for Michael J. Fox’s dog to find behind a throw pillow. Oh, and a book about being a useless junkie that Oprah said stank out loud.

by Anonymousreply 87February 5, 2024 4:01 AM

R87 Ali MacGraw scrubbo me draws!

by Anonymousreply 88February 5, 2024 5:05 AM

One of the fraus on Swans:

"not knowing exactly whom to root for"

It's not a football game you ditzy doodle. And I'm pretty sure you mean 'whomst.'

by Anonymousreply 89February 5, 2024 6:13 AM

Co-sign R87. He seemed to be watching looking for things to criticize, rather than taking in the episodes as wholes. Plus those issues, particularly the "60 Minutes" one, have been well-documented on the internet prior to his tuning in. The contrast between Robbie Baitz' professional life and his is stark and it's apparent, at least to me, that this is a sore spot. He's probably seething about what he perceives as what-might-have-been with his career -- but in reality he can only dream of writing a grocery list as well as Baitz.

by Anonymousreply 90February 5, 2024 1:59 PM

He’s still complaining about not getting his $150 gift card from Amazon!!

by Anonymousreply 91February 5, 2024 2:41 PM

Now he’s crying in Starbucks thinking about Joni Mitchell’s Grammy performance and how the lyrics resonate with his life now as a grim pill. THEN….THE POWERFUL COFFEE WILL ROCKET STRAIGHT THRU HIS INTESTINES PRODUCING THE MOST THUNDEROUS BOWEL MOVEMENT A STARBUCKS TOILET HAS EVER SEEN!!!!🚽💩 Then, he’ll not wash his hands, and he will plop down for another three hours making strange Facebook posts, and griping about Jeff Bezos and the Vulcan death grip he has on the bav’s $150 dollars.

by Anonymousreply 92February 5, 2024 3:57 PM

This missing $150 gift card could actually precipitate the “The Great Unravelling” we’ve all seen coming for awhile now with Bav. Monitoring situation accordingly.

Is that okay with you, Miss Sally Schoolmarm Thread Police Monitor?

by Anonymousreply 93February 5, 2024 4:36 PM

Anyone know how many quid are in $150 🤭

by Anonymousreply 94February 5, 2024 5:31 PM

He can’t get the $150 cuz he is a stupid, brain-addled Luddite. Who can’t use Google Maps. And every single thing makes him weep uncontrollably and is “deeply moving.”

DEEPLY BOWEL MOVING is more like it.

by Anonymousreply 95February 5, 2024 5:49 PM

She certainly likes to throw herself into these hours-long “voyages” doesn’t she? Setting aside an entire afternoon to try and haggle $150 from an AI chatbot, spending round-trip six hours walking through the freezing cold of London in order to attend a dinner rather than splurging for an Uber. It’s all “content” for her, I suppose, but it makes her look stupid and poor.

These are things that people who don’t have jobs do to fill up their days.

by Anonymousreply 96February 5, 2024 5:55 PM

Nicole who? OP, quit typing like a moron.

by Anonymousreply 97February 5, 2024 6:12 PM

^Thread de-railer

by Anonymousreply 98February 5, 2024 6:16 PM

R96. Bingo. Like when, after being banished from all cafe’s in Hudson, he took up residence at the local library….legs splayed open, a jumble of books and his trusty laptop ….you know “working”. Until it all came tumbling down. Let’s hope we get the REAL story of what happened soon. He keeps teasing us with vague nuggets…🙄🙄🙄

by Anonymousreply 99February 5, 2024 6:48 PM


by Anonymousreply 100February 5, 2024 7:52 PM

On his posted about arguing psychotically with the Amazon customer service bots, someone comments:

"You can contest this payment with your card company."

LOL. No he can't.

by Anonymousreply 101February 5, 2024 8:22 PM

Does anyone else see this Amazon kerfuffle as one huge “dry beg”? The fraus may slide into his BM’s offering financial aide. I have a feeling this is the underlying reason for the blow by blow account of his *exhausting* Amazon botcapades. I mean, if 150 bux is gonna totally tip over your apple cart…you may want to rethink your grim pillage. I don’t mean to be heartless…but this Magooey bullshit makes him appear to be “special needs”.

by Anonymousreply 102February 5, 2024 9:27 PM

His pussy is too messhy for Amazon.

by Anonymousreply 103February 6, 2024 1:08 AM

Amazon in the UK will do a callback and you speak to a human - 99% of times the issue is resolved fairly. It doesn’t require hours trying to “reason” with a chat bot. Worth tuning in for the OG Bav’s solidarity rant with bonus chanting.

This angst about streaming refund and being “forced” to view an illegal Chinese stream are some classic dry begs. A few quid for the coffers…

by Anonymousreply 104February 6, 2024 1:25 AM

Isn’t Nicole Scherzinger a little young to be playing Norma Desmond?

by Anonymousreply 105February 6, 2024 1:29 AM

Sorry the empty stage no costume endeavors don't interest me. the original had a magnificent set. You sat there and all of a sudden you realize that mansion is moving and it rose up. True theatre magic. Scherzinger in a slip doesn't cut it for me.

house rises 1:04

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 106February 6, 2024 1:51 AM

I thought the same, R106. Then I saw the new version.

by Anonymousreply 107February 6, 2024 2:19 AM

R107. How many times did you see it???

(Stealth bav check) 🤪🙃😬

by Anonymousreply 108February 6, 2024 5:00 AM

I’m reading Capote Women, the book on which Feud/Swans is based. Just got to this excerpt which positively screams Bav:

In vivisecting the playwright Tennessee Williams in another section of Answered Prayers, Truman could have been writing about aspects of himself: “Here’s a dumpy little guy with a dramatic mind who, like one of his own adrift heroines, seeks attention and sympathy by serving up half-believed lies to total strangers. Strangers because he has no friends, and he has no friends because the only people he pities are his own characters and himself—everyone else is an audience.”

by Anonymousreply 109February 6, 2024 5:19 AM


by Anonymousreply 110February 6, 2024 5:20 AM

“The fraus may slide into his BM’s offering financial aide.”

The only person Bav wishes would slide into his BM’s is Ned. Ok, and Pan.

by Anonymousreply 111February 6, 2024 5:27 AM

But what of Teddy & Archie & Finn & Matty?

by Anonymousreply 112February 6, 2024 6:44 AM

And don't forget Oakley!

by Anonymousreply 113February 6, 2024 11:39 PM

R113. Yes!! Poor Oakley, he wasn’t “a good fit” for the bav’s “get fired twice from do nothing jobs” San Francisco lifestyle. He also used and allegedly showed up at the INSIPID “429”magazine (429 = “GAY” on the telephone keypad….HOW FUCKING DUMB!!) so spun on meth, he was sent home and fired shortly thereafter. ALLEGEDLY… Now the ghosts of these dead pets follow him around like phantom spirits that haunt his every dream, and he “sees” them everywhere. Maybe keeping that 12.5K gofundme money wasn’t so wise after all.🤷🏻‍♂️


by Anonymousreply 114February 7, 2024 12:43 AM

Bless your collective hearts, you all make me smile.

A full happy smile, not a lop-sided meth mouth recovering from a stroke grim visage 😀

by Anonymousreply 115February 7, 2024 10:14 AM

Kevin Sessums saddo stalker sock puppets strike again!

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 116February 7, 2024 10:23 AM

R115 speaking of which there was a picture taken outside the national theatre where half his face is completely lopsided. I won't post it so as not to attract attention from the Bavites but it was definitely in the 'I have had a stroke' territory. You'd think he'd ask either his niece or nephew who are dentists to fix his fucking mouth for him.

by Anonymousreply 117February 7, 2024 6:03 PM

R177. That’s the $64,000 question. I don’t get it. The fact that no one has offered, or he hasn’t explored other options himself is a massive mystery. I personally couldn’t live with a Bav O Lantern mouth. I like chewing all sorts of food, not just plops. But that’s me. I’m a simple sort who doesn’t grift gofundme money, press tickets, and discontinued eyeglass frames. I pay for things, not scrubbo around for freebies.

by Anonymousreply 118February 7, 2024 10:39 PM

His precious reading glasses that fade ever so slightly from black to brown ….

by Anonymousreply 119February 7, 2024 10:51 PM

If Bav had $64,000 it wouldn't last long. Would be interesting to watch how he wastes it though. Would the IRS be seeing any of it?

by Anonymousreply 120February 7, 2024 10:52 PM

What the fuck are you people talking about?

by Anonymousreply 121February 7, 2024 11:12 PM

R121. the London production of “Sunset Bavulard”

by Anonymousreply 122February 8, 2024 12:04 AM

A Bav-o-Lard lined with Bav-o-Lanterns!

by Anonymousreply 123February 8, 2024 1:04 AM

The constant intrusion into the lives of strangers is deeply disturbing. He’s like the person seated next to you on a plane who starts yapping. (I insert my earbuds if that happens)

by Anonymousreply 124February 8, 2024 1:36 AM

He is very lonely. No matter how much he tries to convince himself and others he is fine living the pilgrim life.

by Anonymousreply 125February 8, 2024 2:28 AM

Because he wants what he insists he doesn’t.

by Anonymousreply 126February 8, 2024 3:54 AM

But what would make him happy?

When he had a career and youth he seemed unsatisfied.

by Anonymousreply 127February 8, 2024 4:25 AM

Regarding the lopsided mouth, I wonder the same thing. It’s a really dramatic change to his already methed-out, fucked-up visage. How is it his family of medical and dental professionals aren’t corralling him to deal with this issue? His big, bald-ass Magoo head is caving in.

And R127 what would make him happy is to have been born rich and connected, and to have had a successful career as some sort of celebrity. That is all he’s ever wanted, and he demonstrates it every day the way he will lick the ass of any random understudy in a third-rate production he happens to attend. He never made it, but he will go to his grave blathering on about how he once met Oprah, or worked as a “Senior Editor for Andy Warhol’s Interview.”

He’s homeless, feckless, and mean as a snake.

by Anonymousreply 128February 8, 2024 5:32 AM

R128. Truer words were never spoken. He is what I, as a New Yorker, (formerly in the entertainment industry (now retired), but THANKFULLY behind the scenes) would go OUT OF MY WAY to avoid….a failed actor. Nothing is worse. Bitter, judgemental, haughty for no reason…and mean spirited at their very core. “WHY NOT *ME*!!” is the ever present undercurrent that vibrates in their soul. The bav had it better than most, AND STILL WASN’T HAPPY. This point is key🗝️. What kind of idiot cunt are you, when you have a cushy job, an expense account, a loft, a life “outside the frame of fame”, and you fuck it all up and torch every bridge you have?? That’s some mental illness right there. Add drugs to the mix, and soon you’re running nude down an ice covered wharf IN THE DEAD OF WINTER, at the end of the world, screaming in a cops face that you need vigorous intercourse immediately!! Honestly, when I heard that story, I was CERTAIN he was gonna end up in the mental ward. But he’s pinballed around, SF, HUDSON….then he saw London, He saw France, then Ali McGraw scrubbo’d his underpants!!🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

The End……OR IS IT?????

by Anonymousreply 129February 8, 2024 6:03 AM

Why don't you all take the suggestion made on the Datalounge subreddit and make your own private subreddit where you can obsess and stalk Kevin Sessums to your hearts' content? Nobody cares. You're not warning or recruiting anyone.

by Anonymousreply 130February 8, 2024 8:47 AM

R130 "Nobody cares."

R130 has posted a dozen times in this thread alone.

R130 Cares. A lot.

by Anonymousreply 131February 8, 2024 1:51 PM

Why don’t you go create that subreddit, dear/R130. We’ll all follow you there…

by Anonymousreply 132February 8, 2024 2:45 PM

R130. Although I blocked you, I invite you to go play in traffic.

by Anonymousreply 133February 8, 2024 6:35 PM

Today he has unleashed a flood of logorrhea that rivals Niagara, with prose so purple the color actually leaks through the screen! He would never admit it in a million years, but something in the Capote series seems to have touched off a manic frenzy of babble. Could it be that one sad, epic failure recognizes the same elements in his own reflection?

First (as he eats his "porridge" in a local Starbucks, where the kindly manager, his "friend" Violeta, gives him a couple of egg plops to augment his pauper breakfast. In return, he stays for "a couple of hours" to "work" and await his bowel movement, hopefully prompted by the eggs and black coffee. Then it's off to the St George in St Martin's Lane to "work for another two to three hours" (!!) and where, miraculously, they "know him" too and "can get my order ready for me without my telling them" - another coffee and an apple tart (only 2 pounds!!")

And what is it that he's writing? A book? A memoir? A novel? No - his Substack article, which he touts as a "rich literary roux of curated photos and lots of researched quotes" - AND you get to "meet" an usher from the Royal Opera House named Strawberry!! He must spend all those hours with a thesaurus, looking up alliterative words to punch up his writing. All this for an audience of 3000 subscribers, only 400 of which are paying (and dropping off like dead flies!) Then, while trudging home along the Mall, after eating a smoked salmon sandwich (Pret, of course! - and at least it's easy to chew!) he has a moment of epiphany, (including a flashback to his 19 year old self driving through the Lincoln Tunnel to Juilliard - symbolic much?) and ends up "sobbing" while watching an online interview with cast members from MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG. (symbolic much?) Another day ending in sobs.

Coming attractions: endless ruminations on "broken/broken shoulder" and the epic fall down the stairs in Paris; a flurry of crisscrossing plane trips with no real purpose; and eventually down and out in Tangier. Which one of these destinations will deliver the eventual knockout punch to our peripatetic pilgrim?

by Anonymousreply 134February 8, 2024 6:46 PM

Capote was a metal, emotional and ethical disaster area but had genuine talent. The short stories in The Tree of Night are exquisitely handled. "Miriam" is one of the greatest ghost stories in American literature.

I can't think of anything KS has written that approaches Capote.

by Anonymousreply 135February 8, 2024 6:54 PM

R135. And, as annoying as Truman was, anyone who remembers his FREQUENT appearances on “The Stanley Siegel Show” will admit he was quite funny and compelling to watch. The Bav has NOTHING that Truman had. He’s not funny, he cannot take a joke, he’s angry and mean. In a word, a cunt. Truman sure had a bunch of problems, but had enough going for him to remain in our minds forever. What does the bav have? Nothing. These threads are the most interesting thing that’s happened to him in his entire life. Oh, and he got birthday orchids from a notorious queen “media mogul” once.

by Anonymousreply 136February 8, 2024 8:25 PM

ps: it’s nauseating that he had to let us know that he defecates in Starbucks. Those poor employees. They have to watch him twitch and phumpher and sob as he “works” for a few HOURS after eating his “porridge” (us Americans know it as OATMEAL). Then he gets up to grunt out a Loch Ness-like spinach studded craplog, stinking up the entire place?? EW!!! 🤮🤮🤮 Cue the “gross out fetish” in 3-2-1…..

by Anonymousreply 137February 8, 2024 8:37 PM

If you sob in every post, and are ‘deeply moved’ in every other post, you lose all credibility and can best be described as a toothless, post-menopausal, broken twat.

by Anonymousreply 138February 9, 2024 12:42 AM

More spinach omelette and stilton plops tonight. His BMs must fucking reek.

by Anonymousreply 139February 9, 2024 2:51 AM

R139. He’s into it. He’s “one of those” ….allegedly. 👃🏽💩

by Anonymousreply 140February 9, 2024 3:20 AM

Big bav watcher here, so apologies for derailing the conversation. However…

Isn’t Nicole Scherzinger way too young and supple to be playing Norma Desmond? I’ve heard the West End production is somewhat “avant garde”, and obviously Nicole S. can sing her ass off, but still. Glenn Close makes sense. I’d even buy like a Minnie Driver. But Nicole still has a Pussycat Doll face and bod — mustn’t her casting beggar belief of the story?

by Anonymousreply 141February 9, 2024 4:11 AM

R141, I have not seen the production. But if she conveys how Desmond sees herself - through the veil of film and time as a beautiful young woman - it might work.

by Anonymousreply 142February 9, 2024 4:17 AM

Good point R142!

by Anonymousreply 143February 9, 2024 4:28 AM

There is a sequence in the production that does exactly what R141 describes, where present-day Nicole/Norma is watching a grainy reel of herself at age 20 performing “Floozies” from The Grass Harp. It’s very moving.

by Anonymousreply 144February 9, 2024 4:43 AM

I won’t post it, but it’s a real doozy of a pic. The bav, “starring” in Equus in cultural hub Providence, Rhode Island, is staring down a horse with a defiant “Shirley Temple…”I’m *ever* so cross with you!” pout on his femmy mug. His Keith Partridge blowout makes him look like a demented figure skater. It’s a keeper. If only that production was filmed. It would go right into the “Floozies” file….

by Anonymousreply 145February 9, 2024 6:16 AM


Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 146February 9, 2024 7:14 AM


Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 147February 9, 2024 7:16 AM

R146 MY EYES !!! Stop 🛑!! my EYES!!

by Anonymousreply 148February 9, 2024 5:37 PM

Thank you, David Furnish, for sharing ...

by Anonymousreply 149February 9, 2024 10:04 PM

Why the fuck does he do this?

"Small-town London. Yesterday at the Royal Academy of Art after working a bit in the cafe, I bought a ticket to see the remarkable new exhibition "Entangled Pasts, 1768 - Now" (link below in comments section). I was deeply moved by it and the narratives not only in each portrait and sculpture but the overarching one being told by them all. At one point I photographed a beautiful young Black woman taking a photo Barbara Walker's "Vanishing Point 18 (Titian" from 2020 which re-situates Titian's "Diana and Actaeon" from the mid-1550s which itself was inspired by Ovid's "Metamorphoses." Using a process of erasure in her printing of this work of art she was addressing the absence of Black representation by inserting more pronouncedly a Black representative. I wanted to post that photo to address what the young Black woman with her iPhone camera pointed at the canvas was addressing perhaps, a kind of positive objectification of an objectification but objectification nonetheless no matter how artful - or something like that. I hadn't worked it out in the moment when I was feeling the frisson of inspiration - as the Black woman was recording the righting of objectification by my troublingly objectifying her in such an exhibition, an un-righting or re-righting. I wasn't sure. I showed her the photo because I never post a photo anymore and was going to explain some of this in the hopes of our conversation about it would shed light on it with her contribution to what I was trying to figure out because I was having such complicated feelings as a white man in the context of this show. But she instead just immediately told me no when I asked if I could post the photo and walked off. A few moments later she came back over to me and asked - kindly demanded of me - that I delete the photo. I did. "It was not my intention to offend you," I said. She smiled and said "No worries. But thank you for deleting it," and dismissively walked away. So what I had wanted to say about objectification and erasure became a story about a Black woman empowered by her own agency in demanding to be deleted.

I wandered the rooms a bit more and then decided to ask these two guards whom I noticed in the background of another photo I had taken of the 1996 sculptural installation "Akua's Surviving Children" by El Anatsui. I showed them the photo and asked if it were all right to post. They said sure. I then asked them what they thought of the show. But they were more interested in talking about life. Meet Muhammad from Somalia and Adé from Nigeria. So charming, so lovely. They thought I was rich because of the life I now lead but I told them I lead the life I now lead because I am poor. The look of wonder on their faces at that concept made me positively objectified in their eyes since my setting out on this life as a pilgrimage was a way to erase the erasure of myself which I had been doing since I'd arrived at my 60s eight years ago and instead consciously put myself back into the seen world, a willing participant in The Picture. I kindly demanded of myself no longer to be deleted. A nearby woman who possessed the burrowed-in beauty of an aged bohemian - a pensive allure pentimento still in her presence - was lingering about the doorway where Muhammad and Ade and I were talking. When I asked them if it would be okay to have my photo made with them and that didn't go against any RAA rules because I didn't want to get them in trouble, they said sure. The woman - meet Gayle or maybe Gail or Gale, I didn't get the spelling - then caught my eye and I realized she was willing to take it. So she graciously did. "

Why this compulsion to go to museums and take creepshots of everyone?

by Anonymousreply 150February 9, 2024 10:49 PM

That young Black woman is my new hero.

by Anonymousreply 151February 9, 2024 11:23 PM

Like a sissy in spiral, Like a framer in a frame. Never ending or relenting, Just a grifter seeking fame. Like a fall that keeps on falling In the Blue Light of a dream. The ripples all connecting In a toothless thirsty scream. These are the floozies that you find…

In the windmills of Bav’s Mind!!!

by Anonymousreply 152February 9, 2024 11:43 PM

R152 LOL! Can we set this to music and put on a show?

by Anonymousreply 153February 9, 2024 11:48 PM

R152 brilliant. However you’ve just ruined a song I really like.

by Anonymousreply 154February 9, 2024 11:49 PM

R152. GENIUS!! You made my day!!!

by Anonymousreply 155February 10, 2024 12:21 AM

Can you imagine seeing a picture of yourself on his Facebook and it’s captioned something along the lines of “Today in small-town London while whiling my way musing the museum, I effervescently espied this daring darky, this ethereal Ethiopian étoile. She asked me not to post her photo, but y’know, the Light etc”? Making his pretentious, homeless ass the center of your black story?

by Anonymousreply 156February 10, 2024 3:44 AM

He claims the housekeeper brought him a bouquet of yellow tulips today as payback for the cat hair pah he gave her awhile back. She put them in a vase, but IT WAS NOT THE ONE HE "PREFERS", so he moved them, the pretentious SOW!

by Anonymousreply 157February 10, 2024 4:17 PM

The vase she put them in was nicer he’s bunched them up and strangled them but that it’s aesthetic- leeching the life out of whatever he touches.

by Anonymousreply 158February 10, 2024 4:29 PM

He’s so fucking insufferable…he accosted a child telling her that he is great at “seeing stars” and this child is one!! Her name is Delilah, and the bav thinks that is the name of a star! He then “regaled” the child with what it takes to be a principle dancer, the hard work and discipline involved… etc etc etc. The concerned mother then whisked the child away to the safety of their home. The child became weary, restless, and spiked a VERY high fever….And later that evening, the poor tot was the first child to ACTUALLY DIE OF BOREDOM. RIP DELILAH!!

by Anonymousreply 159February 10, 2024 7:16 PM

🤣 Brits can be polite to the deranged elderly…at their PERIL! Next thing you know they’re pounced upon for “profound” pronouncements from a putrid pilgrim.

by Anonymousreply 160February 10, 2024 7:33 PM

I really cannot believe how many of these people actually give him their permission to post these pictures. I would be mortified.

We know from his post that other day about the “Black woman” that not everybody says yes.

by Anonymousreply 161February 10, 2024 8:41 PM

Another tiresome curtain call post with him yelling "Bravi!"

by Anonymousreply 162February 10, 2024 8:53 PM

I have no idea who Nicole S. is but I guess this is a thread meant exclusively for people who know who Nicole S. is.

by Anonymousreply 163February 10, 2024 9:06 PM

R162. He’s the only one EVER yelling anything. It’s so super cringe. He needs attention anyway he can get it. It’s really really pathetic.

by Anonymousreply 164February 11, 2024 12:30 AM

In the Instagram post about his latest creepshots at the museum and the black lady who told him to fuck off, someone left this comment:

"Lesson learned to mind one’s business."

by Anonymousreply 165February 11, 2024 12:50 AM

He is trying to manifest someone to lie in bed with and watch some series with, but since that isn't happening he manifests gratitude that he has a second egg to plop on top of his pasta, asparagus and broccoli concoction, which within a few short hours will manifest itself as bilious gas which will in permeate his solitary bed, ripple across the carefully placed books, wilting the yellow tulips he has crammed into the vase he prefers, and rising upward toward that ugly Irving Penn poster....

by Anonymousreply 166February 11, 2024 3:38 AM

I only started following this modern day subluxation saga a few months ago. Why did he flee the States to begin with, was it just because of the NY congressman thing and an unwillingness to file bankruptcy? How did he decide to plop down in his current small-town?

by Anonymousreply 167February 11, 2024 4:47 AM

R167. He’s already fucked up the ass by the IRS, but left his brother to deal with that. He “chose” this life because he had to leave Hudson rather hastily, but we still don’t know why…. He’s been teasing an answer to this but “isn’t ready”. It’s major meth/opioid country up that way, along with many many Trumpers once you leave Warren street. He was also “blackmailed” by a hustler but the hustler realized he had nothing. lol. I’m betting a major relapse, considering lying about his sobriety is a “thing” with him. But isn’t that a trait of every junkie?? I can’t imagine traipsing from country to country, staying in smelly bedsits, making them reek even more with egg, spinach, and Stilton plops. I guess I don’t have that gypsy in my soul like this hunk of steaming dogshit does.😂😂😂

by Anonymousreply 168February 11, 2024 5:25 AM

And while he was living in Hudson, he found out he was eligible for low-income housing, but he objected to the "brutalist" aesthetic of the building's exterior. Applying for, and moving into subsidized housing would have been the responsible thing to do. It would have alleviated the 24/7 horror that I imagine his siblings deal with. In the last few days he's been going on about how he's settled into his little life in London and is enjoying it. And at the end of next month, he legally needs to get his ass out so as not to extend his visa. As we learned last year, Paris is not his happy place. Even the maids won't put up with his annoying bullshit, and the Airbnb owner from last year made it clear he was not invited back. So this year, he's staying in a closet in the 11,083 Arrondissement, so basically nowheresville. He doesn't speak the language, so he can't pretend to be interested in culture. I guess he can go to the Louvre and take pictures of strangers and get into arguments with them about whether he can post them for his 86 year old demented Fraus.

by Anonymousreply 169February 11, 2024 6:28 AM

[quote] He’s so fucking insufferable…

And yet you follow Kevin Sessums's every move...

by Anonymousreply 170February 11, 2024 10:00 AM

Nice try, R170, but Miss Siss posts his every piss, shit and brain-fart for public consumption on social media. He WANTS people to follow every move.

by Anonymousreply 171February 11, 2024 4:15 PM

R170 And yet you follow ours. Odd, that.

by Anonymousreply 172February 11, 2024 4:19 PM

[quote]I have no idea who Nicole S. is but I guess this is a thread meant exclusively for people who know who Nicole S. is.

Whoever is posting here gave up discussing Nicole S. a hundred posts ago. Now only a few people know what they are posting about.

by Anonymousreply 173February 11, 2024 4:43 PM

Our grim pillager is now equating doing a Google image search with carefully curated a careful curation ffs

He’s blue as a “friend” has cancelled plans

Plops ahoy!

by Anonymousreply 174February 11, 2024 6:40 PM

Perhaps Ned realized he really was in danger.

by Anonymousreply 175February 11, 2024 7:25 PM


WE GET IT….YOU'RE “COUNTRY”. FUCKING ASSHOLE….who writes like this????

“Small-town London . A friend had to cancel our plans for the day so it turned into a bakin’ cookin’ readin’ writin’ day of contemplatin’ - which I guess is what Sunday’s are for when they insist you notice them in a different way which conflates with their truest nature - which is sort of what we all end up wantin’ -“

by Anonymousreply 176February 11, 2024 9:10 PM

What does the above goobledegook mean?

How do you notice something in a different way which conflates with their truest nature?

Is it really possible for a day of the week to have a truest nature? I think we can agree that the Sabbath is a cultural construct of some importance and Sunday bears the brunt of that. But still, pathetic fallacy ahoy.

by Anonymousreply 177February 11, 2024 9:26 PM

"Thank you, Tony Bravo, for sharing this. Seeing Yuan Yuan Tan dance the first time at SF Ballet convinced me I could live in San Francisco. If such a company and such a dancer who possessed greatness could find a home there, so could I."

WTF? Is he saying he thought he was too good for SF, but because a great dancer lived there it would be okay for his talentless, dumb ass to live there? And it turned out he couldn't live in San Francisco. He got run out of town on a rail, just like Hudson.

And while we're at it, he reposted a 2014 post from Joyce Maynard talking about how when Bav was the editor of 3-6-9 The Goose Drank Wine magazine for approximately five minutes, he let her write about this ballerina.

I bring all this up only to remind long-time Bavologists and new fans about the thing Maynard and Bav share. In 2010, Maynard adopted twin girls from Ethiopia. Two years later she got bored with the whole arrangement and gave them up. A few years later, Bav would follow her lead by taking home two cats into his chaotic life in his "loft" in Hudson, and refusing to potty train them. They just peed wherever, and at least one guest who was invited for dinner had to excuse himself because the stench of cat pee was causing him to gag. This was of course, shared with his readership across all his socials in repulsive detail.

Then Bav, like his friend Joyce, got bored with Finn and Matty and sent them off to live on "a farm" somewhere.

Both before and after abandoning his pets, he wrote rambling, unhinged posts about them. I give you one of the most unhinged:

"I told Finn that for me the best thing to happen would be for me to find a room someplace in someone’s home that I could rent for three months a year where he and Matty could live all the time because the person who owned the home loved them so. “I don’t know if you want that,” I told him as his face seemed to take on a human countenance - or maybe he was just observing mine taking on a cat-like one. “You might want never to see me again,” I said. I paused as I took in that thought and he looked more deeply into my eyes. “I don’t know if you even remember our first night here in this loft, Finn, when I brought you home and you hid in the bathroom and I slept on the bathroom floor with you that night. I hope you remember,” I told him because it is something that is deeply embedded in me in the way that memories live side by side with us in the museum of our lives. “It is something that I will never ever forget. It was one of the most important nights of my life.” I paused again as he saw me in the unseen ways he always has. “I don’t think you even like me anymore,” I finally said to him. “But I have loved you since that first night. I love you, Finn.”

by Anonymousreply 178February 11, 2024 9:38 PM

Sweet Baby Jesus, R178 -- unhinged doesn't even begin to describe it. Was he "sober" at that point?

Strung out or just mentally strudeled his "writing" is unrelentingly the same and actually ultimately boring - he's playing an endless game of Bav-Libs but fills in all the blanks with the same few goddamned words over and over and over.

by Anonymousreply 179February 11, 2024 10:32 PM

Manifestin' and conflatin' and lyin' and posin' and griftin' and fakin' and stinkin' and barely scrapin' by!!

by Anonymousreply 180February 11, 2024 10:51 PM

R179 I don't know if he was sober. He talked about going to meetings constantly for a few years, then suddenly stopped mentioning them when he was in Hudson, I think.

by Anonymousreply 181February 11, 2024 10:51 PM

“3-6-9 the goose drank wine” magazine…..😂😂😂 “Bav-Libs”…..😂😂😂


ps: didn’t know that tidbit about Maynard and her flop adoption, but I do recall being horrified at the bav licking her cunt and fingering her shithole What a fucking kiss ass.

pps: the female bav is Joan Juliet Buck. A fucking windbag cunt with more problems than a math book

by Anonymousreply 182February 11, 2024 10:53 PM

R181. Yes, all around the time he was “blackmailed” after sucking some hustler off or some such bullshit. How tragic. 😂😂😂😂

by Anonymousreply 183February 11, 2024 10:54 PM

I love these threads and I love you all.

by Anonymousreply 184February 11, 2024 11:35 PM

So which Broadway Theater do you think they want so they can do that stupid film outside scene? probably the Hudson where he'll have to walk around the block to get to the front doors.

by Anonymousreply 185February 12, 2024 2:44 AM

It’s going to the St. James. Or the James as they call it in the biz.

by Anonymousreply 186February 12, 2024 2:50 AM

Maynard is a transactional type, and I find it odious. Remember her shameful exploits w Salinger.

Buck seems to have more problems than you can shake a stick at. Not a one of interest. It’s called living, duh.

by Anonymousreply 187February 12, 2024 3:07 AM

R187. She really is the female bav. Everything is a massive palaver, and her constant griping is boarderline insane. She also has no talent.

by Anonymousreply 188February 12, 2024 3:26 AM

Nicole turns 46 this year, close to the same age as LuPone, Close, Buckley and Paige were during the initial Sunset Boulevard runs.

by Anonymousreply 189February 12, 2024 3:44 AM

How nice, but you’re kind of in the wrong thread.

by Anonymousreply 190February 12, 2024 5:54 AM

Oh my lord he just posted a twitter meme about the super bowl that he couldn't possibly understand, in an attempt to remain relevant. Predictably, his 88 year old fraus are all like, "What?"

by Anonymousreply 191February 12, 2024 6:56 AM

Just writin’ and ploppin’ and limnin’. Hey, it’s a livin’.

by Anonymousreply 192February 12, 2024 12:27 PM

The Bav uses “limn” more than Michiko Kakutani.

by Anonymousreply 193February 12, 2024 1:24 PM

Oh my god….Sundays plop was a “hash” made of mushrooms, garlic, scallions, broccoli, spinach, asparagus, and lastly, POTATOES….(which he claims he could have done without). THE ONE THING THAT ACTUALLY MAKES SOMETHING A HASH, he decides it doesn’t belong. This is classic Bav logic. Backwards thinking coupled with sheer stupidity. Oh and there was a SLIVER of salmon “atop” this greasy mess. It looked FUCKING PUTRID. Next time he thinks this slop would go better over pasta or rice.😂😂 No wonder he races into every Starbucks bathroom to take a shit like his ass is on fire. It literally is! All that grease, PLUS a “hearty slice” of his famous “olive oil” cake, I’m surprised he doesn’t shit his pants on the regular. WAIT A SECOND….I bet he does!! Ali needs something to scrubbo now, don’t she???🤣🤣🤣🤪🤣🤪

by Anonymousreply 194February 12, 2024 2:03 PM

He also threw in a 'pentimento' recently, another overused Bav favorite.

by Anonymousreply 195February 12, 2024 2:42 PM

A carefully curated Cindy Sherman for his “before Google “ that he googled.

by Anonymousreply 196February 13, 2024 12:56 AM

R196. That had me howling and then shaking my head at how fucking pathetic he is.

by Anonymousreply 197February 13, 2024 1:57 AM

He paid forward for using their facilities for PLOPS by bestowing a sliver of stale olive oil coffee cake to the servers at Starbucks. Made them pose for the requisite pic too.

On ward to annoy others all day, every day.

by Anonymousreply 198February 13, 2024 12:57 PM

Did he write this? Did he read this?

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 199February 13, 2024 1:20 PM

R198. It’s the slimmest sliver I have ever seen. It looks like shit

by Anonymousreply 200February 13, 2024 3:11 PM

I don't think a facility that prepares food can accept other food.

Which is the legal reason they gave for immediately discarding the sliver of sorrow.

by Anonymousreply 201February 13, 2024 4:30 PM

Slivers of sorrow: a geezer's oil cake odyssey!

by Anonymousreply 202February 13, 2024 5:01 PM

“Slivers of Sorrow” would make a great thread title!

by Anonymousreply 203February 13, 2024 5:42 PM

Slivers of Sorrow: Confessions of a Messhy Baker/Grifter

by Anonymousreply 204February 13, 2024 8:36 PM

Sliver O'Sorrow.

That's my pole dancer name!

by Anonymousreply 205February 13, 2024 8:46 PM

Takes a picture of a barbershop and posts it on Facebook. Types "everything connects." Is bald as a cue ball. It does not fucking connect.

by Anonymousreply 206February 13, 2024 9:45 PM

OMG. I was just saying the other day that epic piece of shit Joan Juliet Buck is the female bav, and WHO DID HE HAVE DINNER WITH TONIGHT??? I’m afraid I may be a powerful clairvoyant who can predict the future with alarming accuracy! She’s resting her peanut pruneface head in the bav’s lap, and he’s grinning that creepy letch grin. I’m surprised the odour hasn’t knocked her out, but she lived in Paris so she’s no stranger to B.O. I need to be tested for ESP. I’m calling the amazing kreskin via seance and seeing what the future has in store for the Bav. This should be a dilly. Oh, and he also went to a lecture about puppetry with the a bit overrated Basil Twist and began to 🥲”tear up”. Why I can’t quite figure out. But if Basil Twist can get a MacArthur genius grant for putting Joey Arias on an TEETER inversion table covered in duct tape to sing “Kashmir”, I should DEF get one for my hysterical posts! 🤪

by Anonymousreply 207February 14, 2024 5:12 AM

Bav looks like he's grabbing onto JJB to prevent her from sliding onto the floor!

by Anonymousreply 208February 14, 2024 5:58 AM

[quote]It’s going to the St. James. Or the James as they call it in the biz.

In London Tom Francis walks and sings all the way around the corner and down the block. At The James he'll walk out the stage door and three feet into the front door. He'll barely get out Sunset Boulev..... How exciting!

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 209February 14, 2024 4:21 PM

She just posted a Valentine’s Day post and part of it is about…NED! I guess she waited as long as she could. There have been countless posts lately about Ned without mentioning his name.

He also posted a picture of Ned’s mom (remember, the one he told would not refuse a sexual advance from her son if one was offered?), a woman he claims to be a friend.

by Anonymousreply 210February 14, 2024 5:15 PM

Very interesting cautionary tale.

Shitting on people in your prime, living in the past and not keeping employment.

by Anonymousreply 211February 14, 2024 5:51 PM

Exactly, R211. I'm taking my first-ever trip to the UK in the Spring, so the dispatches from small-town London have been a good guide of what to do. Things like: reading a map to know where to go; then, if I buy a ticket (for more "quids" than the usual standing-room non-seat sissy springs for) to see ballet, opera, or otherwise I will get there in time; finally, not being flummoxed by meeting a Southerner or Black person in London. All thanks to our plopper.

by Anonymousreply 212February 14, 2024 6:22 PM

R209, what was a hugely popular success (and surprise) in London will bomb in New York. I'd bet money on it.

by Anonymousreply 213February 14, 2024 6:26 PM

He needs to leave these teenagers alone! They are just trying to work their barista jobs in peace and he KNOWS full well that they have to be nice to him in order to keep their jobs.

And I’m sorry, but he’s GASPING again.

“I adore these two baristas from St. George on St. Martin's Lane where I go to write in the afternoon at its back table. Meet Kelly and Oscar. I asked them what their dreams were today. Kelly wants to be a forensic psychologist. And Oscar, who was in the cast of Footloose on the West End, wants to continue as an actor with maybe balancing it out with a job in marketing at a music company such as Spotify or its ilk. I then asked them how old they are. The are both 18, I actually made them laugh when I actually gasped and had to catch my breath. Made me adore them even more. I love being the eccentric old guy who makes the kids laugh and talks to them about their dreams.“

by Anonymousreply 214February 14, 2024 6:50 PM

Has he ever posted a picture of Ned? I try to avoid his Instagram because he grosses me out but I need to see The Object of Bav’s Affection, to see just how young and out of his league Ned is.

And those poor baristas. “Eccentric old guy.” I’m sure the baristas have other names for him.

by Anonymousreply 215February 14, 2024 10:11 PM

I didn't remember Ned's origin story but after today's veiled Valentine to him, it all came back to me. With a shudder.

by Anonymousreply 216February 14, 2024 10:22 PM

He did post a pic of him today under that 6 picture post. A shadowy pic of ned, to fuel his evening masturbatory fantasies. The fact he told his mother he’d gladly fuck her son still horrifies me. The fact that this mother still speaks to him says a lot about her parenting skills. Sure, they are all adults, but his lack of boundaries are gonna get him thrown down a flight of stairs one day….oops! NEVER MIND!!🤪

by Anonymousreply 217February 14, 2024 11:43 PM

Ned's a cute kid and Bav is old enough to be his toothless, homeless grandpappy.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 218February 14, 2024 11:49 PM

R217 Right? And if I remember correctly Bav told Ned's mother that he wouldn't go after Ned, but if Ned "made a pass at him," he wouldn't turn him down. He is full on delulu.

by Anonymousreply 219February 14, 2024 11:51 PM

He posted this “saucy” pic of his mom in his “reels”. I think it’s WILDLY inappropriate but now we get a glimpse into WTF is going on. Sorry, it’s a bit too “Savage Grace” for my taste. No wonder the bav’s taint is all a-tingle….boundary issues arouse him!!

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 220February 15, 2024 12:53 AM

And he posted the pic of himself when he was young in this V-Day montage to try to gaslight Ned into thinking he still looks like that. Even back then there was something that just screamed creep about him.

by Anonymousreply 221February 15, 2024 12:57 AM

Now he’s trotting out pics of the old dead lady whose feet he used to scrubbo in San Francisco. He will exploit anyone and anything for likes on social media. Baristas, museum-goers, corpses — all fair game in Bav’s full-time pursuit of pleading for attention on the internet.

by Anonymousreply 222February 15, 2024 2:11 AM

R222. agree!! That Gerry post is typical bav pandering and it’s sick making. What a fucking piece of shit. he has ZERO shame and he’s getting worse.

by Anonymousreply 223February 15, 2024 2:47 AM

"My latest SES/SUMS IT UP column at Substack is quite different today. I decided to try writing a kind of Dickensian or Maupinian novel in chaptered installments. "

Hang on to your hats!

by Anonymousreply 224February 15, 2024 6:54 PM

Ye Old Lack of Curiosity Shop, featuring Little Smell.

by Anonymousreply 225February 15, 2024 7:22 PM

It was a dark and stormy night as Little Smell, cloaked in his woman's caftan, made his way down the quaint cobblestone streets of small-town London. Tucked into his wee basket were leftover slivers of sorrow from his last olive oil cake, gathered carefully up from where they had been hurled by thankless pedestrians. "Cunts," Little Smell thought but took comfort in imagining the soft diarrheic-like plopping of spinach that would soon be his to savor and flavor and maybe favor his sweet roommate Pan with, so named because of the cast iron skillet he had used to ward off Little Smell's advances in the not-at-all distant past. Yes, some people never learn, and dear reader, you are about to meet their mobled queen.

by Anonymousreply 226February 15, 2024 7:28 PM

That is amazing, R226. As Bav would say, “Brava!”

by Anonymousreply 227February 15, 2024 7:55 PM

It was the best of plops, it was the worst of plops.

by Anonymousreply 228February 15, 2024 8:23 PM

His story is so fucking stupid. It BELONGS behind a paywall. Only a foolish frau would bother. Watch him quickly abandon it when he realizes no one cares….He DESPERATELY wanted “The tacky know nothing fascist vulgarian” to become a “thing”, but no matter how many times he wrote it it simply didn’t stick. IT WAS A FLOP! Classic bav… forcing some shit down our throats until the wheels fall off. It was a rare occasion where I actually felt embarrassed for him. He should stick to having shit shoved down *HIS* throat. A position he’s much more comfortable with, allegedly.

by Anonymousreply 229February 15, 2024 9:26 PM

He now alleges he is writing "a novel in installments." What the hell has he been doing all this time in those many hours in coffee shops and corners of theaters prior to (grifted) performances?

Answer: not a goddamned THING.

by Anonymousreply 230February 15, 2024 9:31 PM

This is one sentence in the first chapter of Bav's new serialized masterpiece.

"Using the woman’s power of description that had been embedded in her as if it were what was left of her grandmother’s own reflection there in the window of herself through which her grandmother had been fated, forced really, to look out into the rest of the world, Dibs told her later-in-life friends down in the 1990s Manhattan of her 20s that her grandmother, garrulous with the gait of a longshoreman who had taken a ballet class or two, reminded her of Tilda Swinton, their new favorite actress, taking a swing at playing Geraldine Page because Dibs had fallen in with a tribe of East Village types who understood that description without even trying, the lot of them looking as if they awoke with a bemused knowingness left smeared on their faces from another night before."


by Anonymousreply 231February 15, 2024 9:43 PM


He's ON something....not sure what, but he is definitely LOSING the last few marbles that are rolling around inside his bald skull.

by Anonymousreply 232February 15, 2024 9:47 PM

R232 I thought the same thing. That was either written by someone high as fuck, or having a psychotic break. Or both.

by Anonymousreply 233February 15, 2024 9:56 PM

“Dibs”. I can’t. 😂

by Anonymousreply 234February 15, 2024 10:28 PM

Holy hell. I'm speechless. If only The Bav were.

by Anonymousreply 235February 15, 2024 10:31 PM

I've never been that high, but I've tried.

by Anonymousreply 236February 15, 2024 11:00 PM

"Using the woman’s power of description (A particular woman? Woman?) that had been embedded in her (rather an ugly implication) as if it were what was left of her grandmother’s own reflection (How? Why? This metaphor makes no sense) there in the window of herself (The grandmother? Who?) through which her grandmother had been fated (why fated?), forced really (why forced?), to look out into the rest of the world (is this a real window or a metaphoric one? If the former, where is the window? If the latter, what makes the 'window' fated or forced?), Dibs (really?) told her later-in-life friends (friends she has now?) down in the 1990s Manhattan of her 20s (I assume this means Dibs is in her 20s in the 1990s) that her grandmother, garrulous with the gait (Garrulousness pertains to speech patterns, not the gait, which is one's physical carriage) of a longshoreman who had taken a ballet class or two (no such animal), reminded her of Tilda Swinton, their new favorite actress (who are 'they'? The later-in-life friends?), taking a swing at playing Geraldine Page (Miss Swinton, one assumes and not the friends) because Dibs had fallen in with a tribe of East Village types who understood that description without even trying, the lot of them looking as if they awoke with a bemused knowingness left smeared on their faces from another night before. (I think I get it, but again, a supremely ugly, even vulgar description)"

Boiled down to its essence, a young woman tells a group of people that her grandmother reminded or continues to remind her of Tilda Swinton.

This is not an observation that requires any ability at description whatsoever, nor any alacrity on the part of the listeners past the assumption that they are familiar with Miss Swinton and have some general idea of her appearance. In which case either the grandmother actually does resemble Miss Swinton (which is simply a commonplace coincidence) or she does not, which renders the entire paragraph moot

Do I get a prize?

by Anonymousreply 237February 15, 2024 11:16 PM

Truly awful writing. She does love her alliteration. Can’t let that one go.

by Anonymousreply 238February 15, 2024 11:40 PM

You do R237 - for boldly going where no DL Bav-ologost has gone before.

Now I think, maybe, the grandma looked like Tilda playing Geraldine Page playing a somewhat fey (yet chatty) longshoreman — which those preternaturally culturally literate EV hipsters could easily envision (not that Miss P. is an obscure reference, especially in the 90s) -BUT these hipsters are problematic because they seem to be BOTH “late in life friends” YET part of Dib’s “90s 20s “ (ahhh Youth!) — so since they exist in two different spots of the space/time continuum simultaneously EITHER said hipsters cancel each other out OR the are the disruption that has torn the fabric of the Universe asunder and rendered us all (blessedly) dead.

Do I make myself clear?

by Anonymousreply 239February 16, 2024 12:19 AM

R237 I want to buy you a drink. 🥃

by Anonymousreply 240February 16, 2024 12:20 AM

I could USE a drink after reading that stomach turning DRIVEL.

by Anonymousreply 241February 16, 2024 12:26 AM

R239, the problem is that according to the text, the only thing Dibs actually says to her friends is that her grandmother reminds her of Tilda Swinton. The longshoreman and other aspects are not part of her comment.

by Anonymousreply 242February 16, 2024 1:08 AM

Ah, wait, R239 - I see that Dibs may be referring to Swinton taking a swing at playing Geraldine Page. This would be a bit more complex. Pity the addition of "their new favorite actress" muddies the waters.

by Anonymousreply 243February 16, 2024 1:12 AM

Bav's waters aren't so much muddy, R243, as they are the 70s TV version of quicksand.

by Anonymousreply 244February 16, 2024 1:17 AM

[QUOTE] a longshoreman who had taken a ballet class or two (no such animal), reminded her of Tilda Swinton

Is this some oblique reference to when Tilda played a ballet teacher in “Suspiria” (2018)?

by Anonymousreply 245February 16, 2024 2:50 AM

He should submit that sentence to this contest!

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 246February 16, 2024 3:42 AM

I’m aghast. The putrid purple prose, Bav libs of alliteration, run-on nonsensical sentences.

Who is going to tell him he’s simply NOT a novelist?

All those hours sitting and shitting in Starbucks and that’s it? Really?

by Anonymousreply 247February 16, 2024 4:16 PM


The title is awful too. This could be a spectacular shitshow to watch unfold, to be honest. Like watching a really bad TV series.

by Anonymousreply 248February 16, 2024 4:19 PM

But he worked on it for almost FOUR DAYS, r247!

by Anonymousreply 249February 16, 2024 4:20 PM


by Anonymousreply 250February 16, 2024 4:38 PM

I'm with you, R247. Jaw droppingly BAD. AWFUL. TERRIBLE.

Someone needs to tell him there is a little dot one can employ after a certain number of words to STOP THE HEMORRHAGING.

by Anonymousreply 251February 16, 2024 4:44 PM

Another embarrassingly STUPID review of FEUD, the black and white ball episode. The Bav critiques the historical inaccuracies but then sucks his “friends” cock by saying something about dramatic license. I think. My eyes were beginning to cross, so please correct me if I’m wrong. He then drones on and on about himself, living outside the frame of fame (AGAIN) and how he was a “second or third string” invitee to a BAFTA party but wasn’t certain if he was going… SURE, JAN. If he had any sense, he’d go, and immediately set up a rimming station in the deep bowels of the cloak room. On his knees where he belongs, You know that’s how he started, and why not go with what you know! RIMMING FOR HIS SUPPER! RIM RIM RIM!!! ALLEGEDLY.

by Anonymousreply 252February 16, 2024 8:33 PM

R252 LOL!

by Anonymousreply 253February 16, 2024 9:42 PM

HA HA HA. He lost his “black cashmere cap” last night when he was buying 1/2 price sushi, or doddering home from some play….either way, THE 150 DOLLARS that Amazon “owes him” came up again, and he’s now resigned himself to “take the gift card” and buy another black CASHMERE cap….if that’s not a massive DRY BEG, then I don’t know what is. He MUST keep that misshapen noggin warm to come up with the next daily doings of delightful Dibs! See? I used alliteration too, just to prove that ANYONE can do it!! As usual, the fraus have reminded him that credit cards usually cover this kind of thing, but sadly, the bav only has a debit card. You can tell that he is bone weary, repeating this embarrassing fact over and over and over. Oh well. As long as it’s not me, why should I care?

by Anonymousreply 254February 17, 2024 3:46 PM

He will go to the lost and found at ROH as he notes. Then, end up forcing the coat check girl into a photo and then they will rummage through the L&F box trying on and posing with all the lost items.

by Anonymousreply 255February 17, 2024 4:25 PM

R255 - The Bav will pester that poor girl to record all the fruitless searching on his phone — so he can later post a video of his “hat hijinks” with his newest, bestest friend - all jump cut to a snippet of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!”

by Anonymousreply 256February 17, 2024 5:22 PM

"Small town London. Meet Penelope, the minder of the Lost and Found at the ROH. I'm so glad I did as she was able to track down my beloved talisman, my cashmere cap from the bowels of the L&F boxes. I won't say she looks better in my cap than I do -- it must be how effortlessly chic and cool she is..."

by Anonymousreply 257February 17, 2024 6:53 PM

One of the fraus just commented and sent him a link to a black cashmere beanie and offered to buy it for him.

In other news, here's the run-on-sentence of the day:

"I was just talking to a friend when we were having a coffee before his matinee of An Enemy of the People and my heading over to the cafe at the ROH as I wait for another friend to grab a bite (where I will write a bit more) before his evening performance of Manon and my walking over to the National Theatre to see Dear Octopus before then heading off to a private club in Mayfair for a BAFTA party for the nominees and those of us who like to hang out with such folk to feel both better and worse about ourselves at the same time, a mirroring that is as reflexive as it is reflective."

by Anonymousreply 258February 17, 2024 7:44 PM

He will invariably call the hatcheck girl his new ‘buddy.’

by Anonymousreply 259February 17, 2024 10:19 PM

R251, why so nasty? Are you having your period?

by Anonymousreply 260February 17, 2024 10:33 PM

Won’t someone think of Matty & Finn & Archie & Teddy?

by Anonymousreply 261February 18, 2024 5:33 AM

if the funds don't pull together for cashmere...

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 262February 18, 2024 5:55 AM

R262 Well he mentioned he was wearing a used, moth-eaten, ladies knee-length cardigan to his little shindig tonight, so maybe one of these.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 263February 18, 2024 6:04 AM

Another day, another ‘pentimento’ thrown in where it doesn’t belong.

by Anonymousreply 264February 18, 2024 12:35 PM

He cornered another southern couple so he could again rehash his origin orphan story and remind us of the trauma he is “grimming to pill”.

by Anonymousreply 265February 18, 2024 3:06 PM

But the pilled (grim looking) black bonnet has been found! Balled up in a pile of unscrubboed drawers 🤣

Hopefully the dry beg has netted him some Amazon gift cards and cashmere chapeau!

by Anonymousreply 266February 18, 2024 6:01 PM

Kevin Sessums thread.

by Anonymousreply 267February 18, 2024 6:15 PM

Boy, R267 is incredibly stupid. Two hundred and sixty six previous posts to the thread and the stooopid fuck finally figured out what the thread’s about. Now we’ll wait for her to come crying about how she has so much better values than the rest of us. As if being a senile twat were something to boast about.

Since it’s been a complete asshole again and again, it’s incumbent on all Bavologists to follow all of her other posts so we can rate just how smart she is on every topic using DL’s “one way or the other” rating system. No 1 to 5 stars at DL - here you’re loved or flushed. Help flush this prick.

by Anonymousreply 268February 18, 2024 6:28 PM

I've run the gamut, A to Z

Three cheers and dammit, c'est la vie

by Anonymousreply 269February 18, 2024 8:55 PM

Ew! She just posted tonight’s plop. GROSS

by Anonymousreply 270February 19, 2024 12:47 AM

Crown with Serrano ham and dusted with fecal matter.

by Anonymousreply 271February 19, 2024 5:35 AM

"I presumed I lost this cashmere cap the other night in this addled old man phase it sometimes feels as if I’ve entered . But last night it dawned on me to check my dirty clothes bag in case I had balled it up with something else black lying around and low and behold I had. I actually gasped and then let out a Hallelujah. It still felt addled but at least it was in the confines of my bedroom. So I wore it today"

So he took it out of the unscrubbo bag where it was balled-up stinking to high-heaven, plopped it atop his Magoo noggin and tippy-toed off to stink up the Palladium with his filth. That's our Bav!

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 272February 19, 2024 5:51 AM

This thread is proof positive you can W&W your own posts repeatedly.

by Anonymousreply 273February 19, 2024 10:16 AM

M local PBS station ran LOVE STORY over the weekend, and I could NOT stop laughing over visualizing Ali doing the SCRUBBO!!!

by Anonymousreply 274February 19, 2024 4:01 PM

OMG! he wrote this long winded “love letter” to ballet, introducing us to some 90 year old coot who he ended up sitting next to after some last minute box office magooey grift landed him in the 2nd row. He drones on and on about what this old fool saw and how the bav loves the ballet e’er so. It’s really dreadful. Im certain that poor old man was filtering the air thru his sleeve the entire evening, due to the bav’s “personal odour”. Peee EWWWWW!!

by Anonymousreply 275February 19, 2024 7:22 PM

R274. “Love means never having to say “I scrubbo’d”!”

by Anonymousreply 276February 19, 2024 7:23 PM

Glove means never having to say “I scrubbo’d!”

by Anonymousreply 277February 19, 2024 9:34 PM

Cruising the 90 year olds at the Royal Opera House might not be such a bad career move for our pilgrim.

by Anonymousreply 278February 19, 2024 11:13 PM

R278. Yeah, but would it end with a vigorous fisting in the loo??

by Anonymousreply 279February 19, 2024 11:46 PM

He's back in the loo, his natural habitat:

"Went to pee tonight before the beginning of Pina Bausch’s Carnations @tanztheaterwuppertal @sadlers_wells when I looked to my left and at the next urinal was my old friend producer David Binder"

I can just see him there pulling out his old man dick, his Magoo head whipping around 360 degrees like a fucking owl to see if there's anyone peeing nearby who has a Wikipedia entry.

by Anonymousreply 280February 19, 2024 11:47 PM

The grifter begets a griftee…ole Bav is doing his best “Auntie Mame act” today touting dear N*d’s wishes to have free accommodation in NYC for three months and a job avoiding taxation.

It’s ok fraus, Bav vouches for him 🤣

by Anonymousreply 281February 19, 2024 11:52 PM

[QUOTE] I can just see him there pulling out his old man dick, his Magoo head whipping around 360 degrees like a fucking owl to see if there's anyone peeing nearby who has a Wikipedia entry.


by Anonymousreply 282February 20, 2024 12:20 AM

Here’s the entry for those who want a laff…

“I have a young friend - 28 years old who is an actor here but also works as a male nanny for a family for a while now - who is longing to come to NYC for three months tentatively April/May/June and looking for either a very cheap sublet or an apartment sit or pet sitting arrangement. He is also looking for any off-the books part-time job while there. Let me know if you know of anything like any of these. I told him I would ask around so thought I'd put it up here as well. I can vouch for him. Thanks.”

‘Tis a pity his “tribeca loft” was a lifetime ago…he coulda given N*d free digs whilst prepping/grooming him for long nights of rimming and fisting! This is so fucking creepy, you know he’s fielding perverted inquiries from his liver spotted “followers”. Notice I didn’t say “friends”, he has none.

by Anonymousreply 283February 20, 2024 12:41 AM

Speaking of his “auntie mame” act, what ever happened to the kid he was a “big brother” too?? Yeah, he’s all grown up now, but we haven’t heard a peep about him in YEARS. Hopefully he told the Bav to FUCK OFF.

by Anonymousreply 284February 20, 2024 12:43 AM

The kid he mentored is with us now.

by Anonymousreply 285February 20, 2024 4:57 AM

the idea of Bav mentoring a youth!

by Anonymousreply 286February 20, 2024 2:25 PM

R286. Oh, the kid was the source of many a Bavpost ….taking him here and there, summers in Provincetown, (when the Bav could actually rent a semi nice place, not the winter shack with no heat where he did meth, and the nude wharf incident happened). Then *POOF* nothing, no updates, no contact it seems…..how curious and queer….!!!

by Anonymousreply 287February 20, 2024 4:43 PM

Wake up everybody. It's Name-Drop Tuesday and Bav is here for it:

"I grew up as a young man making my way in the New York of the late 1970s and early 1980s alongside friends Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford and slightly later with Thom Browne and John Bartlett. Quite a likable quartet. Calvin Klein was part of a world in which I found myself that had nothing to do with fashion really but a shared clutch of confidants. Diane von Furstenberg has long been dear to me and she and Barry Diller even gave me a book party and dinner at Indochine when I published my first memoir, Mississippi Sissy. I have for decades now been friendly with Steven Kolb, CEO of the CFDA, and have written for its informative, visually stunning website. Style icon, the visually stunning writer Amy Fine Collins, who is also an arbiter of it in her role heading up the International Best Dressed List, is a dear friend and has mastered the ability to be fashionable without stinting on her deeper sense of style. I consider Jeffrey Banks a true gentleman. I did big profiles of thousands of words each on Michael Kors for both Vanity Fair and Travel+Leisure and have long enjoyed being in his presence and, more important to me, sharing an appreciation for theatre. I have written cover stories for several fashion magazines. The late Patrick Kelley, a fellow sissy from Mississippi, has always culturally fascinated me. Perry Ellis and I loved the same man."

I used to be somebody, damn it!

by Anonymousreply 288February 20, 2024 8:04 PM

Was the wharf incident from his book? My interest is piqued.

by Anonymousreply 289February 20, 2024 8:24 PM

And the point of all that "I used to know brush against famous people" embroidered memory lane shit at R288?

Was it the answer to the burning question, "What kind of jam do you want with your croissant?"

by Anonymousreply 290February 20, 2024 8:45 PM

R290 It's from today's Shitstack column and I think the point he's trying to make is that he knows people in the fashion world but he is far superior to them.

"Fashion has always been filled with glorious monsters who manage to exist by draping the dreariness of their monstrosities with a splendor that can camouflage them and, with the glare of the beauty they can create, then blind us to such ugliness threaded through the care and the construction."

One of his imbecilic male fraus posted that quote and said, "Fantastic writing!"


by Anonymousreply 291February 20, 2024 8:54 PM



by Anonymousreply 292February 20, 2024 8:55 PM

That makes no sense at r291. At least he didn’t limn into a pentimento.

by Anonymousreply 293February 20, 2024 9:52 PM

Yes…the fashion world is FULL of monsters. Bav. So by all means, keep rummaging thru the 2 quid box at the local church “jumble sale” and maybe some more moth eaten cashmere will jump out at you. Redolent with some old granny B.O, and a snotty tissue wadded up in the pocket.

by Anonymousreply 294February 20, 2024 9:55 PM

I need to get fucked. Right. Now!

by Anonymousreply 295February 20, 2024 10:16 PM

R293 a balletomane has too much innate and yet outsider grace for such a fitful faux pas!

by Anonymousreply 296February 21, 2024 12:39 AM

a Boris Badenov/like hat worn to the theatre this evening .......I'm at a loss for words.

A little help, please.

by Anonymousreply 297February 21, 2024 2:12 AM

R297 Live shot of Bav in his going-to-theater lid.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 298February 21, 2024 2:40 AM

How much did you pay for parking, OP?

by Anonymousreply 299February 21, 2024 2:42 AM

The bav had a difficult morning, everything that COULD go wrong did! He “had a do-over” tho, by heading home to retrieve his AirPods, only to decide to pick up a plastic Tesco bag and rid the street of litter on his way back to Starbucks. The employee who calls him “two honeys” greeted him with a smile…. and the bav was grateful. He tried to weave in the stupid lesson of how it’s important to give yourself the “agency” to restart your day. He then walked into the bathroom and took the most fetid, lengthy, shit known to man. on ward!!

by Anonymousreply 300February 21, 2024 4:29 PM

R299, I parked in front of Bav’s bedsit and then walked the four hours in the cold to the theater. Doesn’t everyone?

by Anonymousreply 301February 21, 2024 5:49 PM

So sick of those long screeds about who or what he STANDS WITH....! Nobody gives a fuck about who you "stand with:, you useless pauper!

by Anonymousreply 302February 21, 2024 6:05 PM

'In a bedsit...somewhere'

Another possible future thread title

by Anonymousreply 303February 21, 2024 6:05 PM

One of the FB fraus told him about a dental practice in LA - "they can advise you" if he ever decides to "do something about those teeth you don't like" -

SURE, JAN!!!!!!!!!

by Anonymousreply 304February 21, 2024 9:10 PM

"I then got half way to Starbucks for my coffee and porridge and realized I had left my iPods on the bed and I need them to listen to Bach while I write so I turned back and headed home to get them.

Could someone please tell this dopey-ass bitch that they're AirPods, not iPods?

by Anonymousreply 305February 21, 2024 9:19 PM

Who is Nicole S?

by Anonymousreply 306February 21, 2024 9:25 PM

Enough, R306.

by Anonymousreply 307February 21, 2024 9:37 PM

Nicole Brown Simpson, obvs.

by Anonymousreply 308February 21, 2024 9:43 PM

I’m surprised he didn’t entreat the Starbucks barista to join him in the bathroom for a zesty rim session while the Bav “logs out”….💩🚽🤪

You know, kill two birds with one stone….he HAPPENS TO BE VERY BUSY… the second installment of Dibs is DUE ANY MOMENT NOW!!

by Anonymousreply 309February 21, 2024 10:18 PM

A lot of publishers (and literary magazines) won’t consider material that has been “published” to someone’s blog or Facebook feed already. Is La Bav aware of that?

by Anonymousreply 310February 21, 2024 10:21 PM

R310. I doubt it.

He’s really stupid.

by Anonymousreply 311February 21, 2024 10:37 PM

R304. He simply has no interest in addressing his dental issues. I can’t believe his family members (two who are dentists) didn’t INSIST he do something. Oral health is paramount in someone who has a compromised immune system. It’s weird how no one seems to care.🤷🏻‍♂️ They MUST be so fucking tired of his shenanigans that they just don’t want to get involved. The odour from the rot and decay must be able to knock the flies off a shit wagon. I have my own problems. I can’t spend too much time thinking about this moron. IM OUT OF WHEAT THINS!!

by Anonymousreply 312February 22, 2024 12:19 AM

He's babbling incoherently, "engaging" with the moon on his way home from seeing an Ibsen play. Not making one fucking OUNCE of sense!

by Anonymousreply 313February 22, 2024 2:24 AM

I think he’s having stroke:

“More about manipulation than politics. (It never meta argument it didn’t like.) It was like the moon seen over a church next door to the theatre where it is being brilliantly even maddeningly staged or the moon seen from my garden gate later or now from my bedroom window as I type this sentence in the dark as it dares me to engage with it - both the moon and the sentence since the meta moon (sense it) has ended up being here too - because it is different yet all-the-same, this ibid. moon which now illuminates the ibid. Ibsen.”

by Anonymousreply 314February 22, 2024 3:53 AM

It’s all coming into focus…..all coming home to roost. He’s a mental defective!

by Anonymousreply 315February 22, 2024 4:08 AM

The Bev in the Moon is…a Lady.

by Anonymousreply 316February 22, 2024 4:24 AM

Bav need his own product line, like Goop.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 317February 22, 2024 4:35 AM

^^ and I need Vanna White to sell me an “s”

by Anonymousreply 318February 22, 2024 4:36 AM

This is known as "sundowning" in elder care....when it gets dark at night, patients get more and more confused....

by Anonymousreply 319February 22, 2024 7:14 PM

Now he’s grousing about the “iffy” WI-FI where he lives. 🙄


So, he’s planning on using (stealing) the Wi-Fi at the same theater where he MET IMELDA STAUNTON!!!!🙄🙄

But, because he’s the Bav, and he’s stupid, he spells her name “EMELDA”!

Soooo, everything DOESN’T connect. Stupid fucking moron.

by Anonymousreply 320February 22, 2024 7:28 PM

The E. Bav wrote a tome of a comment on his fashion post flogging his submissive stack rubrics.

by Anonymousreply 321February 23, 2024 8:41 PM

R321 - if you could copy and paste her comment that would be an absolute blue-light special!

I mean "Connection"!!

by Anonymousreply 322February 23, 2024 11:00 PM

R18 Oprah’s a bitch shoplifter. That Hermes saleslady in Switzerland was right!

by Anonymousreply 323February 23, 2024 11:44 PM

For r322

All I know about the latest fashion in the world and I think I am able to have an honest opinion somewhat, after being a seamstress for 60 years having even taken professional tailoring and clothing manufacturing for two years in college and sewing clothes for others as gifts only ( never worked making clothes professionally mind you ) or designing and sewing a wedding dress for one of my best GF's for her to feel comfortable and not look " home made" in is the fact that when I JUST viewed the Facebook site called FASHION FEED, just the other day. I was absolutely shocked if not mortified at what the February 3rd site alone was showing a video of with Marc Jacobs designs looking like he had been tripping badly on psilocybin mushrooms, got caught up in an Alice in Wonderland night-mare and put out his Spring-Summer 2024 Haute Couture display line of designs for all the world to see. if you check out the hairdo's too on his models, you may also understand or see what I maybe be thinking and expressing by saying that the fashion world has gone to the dumps. Even my once highly loved and revered Chanel fashions for this 2024 spring- summer season showed, could not have disappointed me more, with what the designers are not only creating for all ages too I assume ? but at the exorbitant costs I know they expect to derive from these hideous clothes as well as knowing how disappointed women like Coco Chanel would be to see her name being attached to such garbage.

There were very few if any too in that entire FASHION FEED group of videos ( I viewed at least 10 or 12 and that is all I could stand to see) where I saw any of the clothes that were actually constructed of what used to be REALLY NICE 100% cotton, silk, linen, cashmere or gabardine for the cooler months clothing too, since the fabrics are almost all composed of cheap 3rd world imported synthetic fibered fabrics and not even one piece, that I saw was made of pure REAL fabric like they used to use for decades. Sad state of affairs for me BIG time.

Kevin, I am sorry if I may have missed YOUR entire point to this article that you have written but wanted ( can not access the format it is in with my older device here ) to comment on what I think of the current fashions as well. If Anna Wintour thinks these styles are acceptable, not mention their cheap fabric compositions, many hideous colors and prints and how many of the "sheik couture" dresses have long trains of fabric dragging along behind them on the floors are great, then I truly do give up on the industry since I figured there might be just ONE line of clothing by even once lauded ICONS such as Michael Kors, Fendi, or Givenchy that could appeal to me and even the avant garde world of fashion for the elite or even Hollywood ( I could not even see where Madonna or Lady Gaga would like many of the designs) but there were not any as far as what all I have seen. So disappointed in what they are trying to market just for the fashion buyers to have to purchase to line their clothes racks with in their high fashion stores ...Not good and again made me sad. I know why I have heard that even the young people now are flocking to the used clothing and thrift stores like Goodwill and hospital auxiliary stores to buy their clothes, since they can still find real 100% fabrics and nice designs made from years ago. Ad Infinitum from me!

by Anonymousreply 324February 24, 2024 1:52 AM

I love E. Bav. I hope she makes him tear the hair out of his ears! 😂😂😂

by Anonymousreply 325February 24, 2024 2:27 AM

Good for her!!

Of course, he will not deign to acknowledge her in any way, the asshole.

by Anonymousreply 326February 24, 2024 2:49 AM

Thanks R322!

I think she should advise the House of Chanel about the restorative powers of Carnation Instant Breakfast made with rich whole milk!

by Anonymousreply 327February 24, 2024 3:10 AM

R327 😂😂😂

by Anonymousreply 328February 24, 2024 4:30 AM

Messhy: My Grim Pillage

by Anonymousreply 329February 24, 2024 4:48 PM

"Small-town London. Ran into the divine @hamishbowles last night @almeida_theatre and its brilliant production of King Lear directed by @farberyael and starring @danny.sapani as Lear who leads a stunningly talented cast. Hamish, Vogue’s Global Editor at Large and the Editor in Chief of World of Interiors, is deeply talented himself. Deeply stylish. Deeply knowledgeable. And deeply kind. "

That's four "deeplys" folks! What a masterful scribe our Bav is.

by Anonymousreply 330February 24, 2024 11:46 PM

Small-town Sessh.

by Anonymousreply 331February 25, 2024 3:51 PM

It's GAFFES, not "gaffs," dumbo....

by Anonymousreply 332February 25, 2024 4:49 PM

He posted a pic of Yul Brynner talking to Liza at Studio 54, surrounded by Halston and Martha Graham and is pretending that he is Yul.

by Anonymousreply 333February 25, 2024 5:42 PM

His condescension to commenters who didn't get his unfunny "Is it Yul? Is it me?" joke is dripping from his responses. These people are his bread and butter and yet he treats them like they are a nuisance. He is a horrible man.

by Anonymousreply 334February 25, 2024 7:02 PM

A horrible man with a messhy pusshy.

by Anonymousreply 335February 25, 2024 7:21 PM

He’s a fucking snob, horrified that he has to explain himself to these peons. He only wishes he was sitting on a blanket eating fried chicken next to Jeff Bezos and Oprah at an “Oscars Picnic” Or maybe he wishes he was rimming the clags and winnets out of Geldzahler’s shitter….. ALLEGEDLY

by Anonymousreply 336February 25, 2024 9:31 PM

Oh my god. His disgusting “Sexy Senior” landlady used to fantasize about spreading her legs on the filthy mattresses at “Plato’s Retreat”! I’m sure the bav can help her “play act” that scene when she returns. Perhaps Pan can make it a 3-way? A ménage a MESS….two hags and poor Pan. SUCKED INTO THEIR PSYCHOTIC SEXUAL STEW!! 🤮🤮🤮

by Anonymousreply 337February 26, 2024 12:16 AM


by Anonymousreply 338February 26, 2024 3:16 AM

Bav is positively creaming himself as he shares his evening at The Ivy with the stars! He’s invited, he’s had a free meal, he’s in the frame again…albeit fleeting.

by Anonymousreply 339February 26, 2024 4:33 AM

The man has never picked up a check in his entire life.

by Anonymousreply 340February 26, 2024 6:10 AM

[quote] The man has never picked up a check in his entire life.

At least not without humble-bragging that he is paying forward some obscure kindness. And then it's only a Joe Allen meal or a cuppa with a scone.

by Anonymousreply 341February 26, 2024 2:27 PM

Great. Ali McGraw showed up “unrelated” on his feed and he can’t wait to spend time with her in July!! (Read: I’m gonna *REALLY* give her something to scrubbo THIS TIME!!). Gross out fetish in full effect! sick, Sick, SICK!!

by Anonymousreply 342February 26, 2024 3:21 PM

Did Ali actually take in Bav’s dirty washing, including her shit-stained underwear? I can’t remember if that was a DL joke or was actually based on a real event.

Not that I don’t 100% believe that it happened, mind you.

by Anonymousreply 343February 26, 2024 3:44 PM

It was a real event - apparently Ali offered to let him do laundry, but some guy came to the rescue and did it instead.

Thus rescuing Ali from a hideous and painful DEATH.

by Anonymousreply 344February 26, 2024 3:48 PM

He went to the restaurant where he was meeting Ali for lunch with a bag of his filth-encrusted drawers for her to take home and wash. Cameron Manheim's baby daddy (I can't remember his name) intercepted it and offered to wash them himself, and Bav wrote about it all in great detail on all his social media platforms. As one does.

by Anonymousreply 345February 26, 2024 7:41 PM

To clue everyone in here:

Bav is Kevin Sessums. This coven (and likely a sock puppet or few) copy/pastes his Facebook posts and substack content obsessively, often minutes after Sessums posts. This lynchmob also intermittently pokes fun at his past, current, and wishes for potential future health problems.

Sessums is certainly no angel, but this shit is next level.

by Anonymousreply 346February 26, 2024 7:46 PM

There is no light 🙄

by Anonymousreply 347February 26, 2024 11:23 PM

Sunlight? Don’t you mean “Blue Light”?

by Anonymousreply 348February 26, 2024 11:29 PM

Don't be too hard on R346 -- he needs to get fucked -- RIGHT NOW!!!

by Anonymousreply 349February 26, 2024 11:33 PM

"Small-town London. My local Triad charity thrift has been having one of its massive sales. Got this cashmere blend scarf and sweater for 5 quid each. The Joseph Aboud cashmere/silk blend blazer for 15 quid. And the Saint James Atelier blue jacket for 10 quid. Both have zippers that give them an asymmetrical line. I didn’t need them and it felt like “using” so I promised myself to go back into thrift store recovery."

More boxes of clothes for Doctor Brother's garden shed.

First comment: "Is a quid the same as a pound? Thought quid went out of favor a while ago so this is an honest question."

He's likely winding up a big old "Bless your heart" now.

by Anonymousreply 350February 27, 2024 12:30 AM

R346. We’re all embarrassed for you. Maybe YOU want to rim the bav? You seem obsessed with defending him, when he’d look at *you* like you were a steaming pile of cow shit. We are just commenting on someone who thinks they need to “live life out loud”! So, that being said, go fuck yourself. DO IT NOW, CUNT.

by Anonymousreply 351February 27, 2024 12:42 AM

I’ve had r346 blocked for a long time

by Anonymousreply 352February 27, 2024 2:27 AM

R346 is stalking the stalkers…

by Anonymousreply 353February 27, 2024 2:34 AM

How many articles of (woman's) clothing does a grim pillager actually need?

The guy is basically a HSN addicted frau.

by Anonymousreply 354February 27, 2024 3:48 AM

R324, my word, you do go on! Bless your heart for all you do.

by Anonymousreply 355February 27, 2024 4:44 AM

And if you’re gonna be out and proud homeless AND toothless, you should only buy enough stanky, unwashed clothes that can fit in your hobo bindle sack.

by Anonymousreply 356February 27, 2024 4:47 AM

R351 I'd like to give a shout out to All Caps Guy, AKA, our fearless leader. He is always defending us against the simpering bitch who shows up to whine in these threads. And the simpering bitch apparently thinks we can't see what else he posts. He calls Bret Easton Ellis a cunt (which, fine) but is losing his demented mind over us calling an actual cunt a cunt. FF this bitch is my advice.

by Anonymousreply 357February 27, 2024 6:22 AM

R357. Why thank you….(😊

by Anonymousreply 358February 27, 2024 9:31 AM

Brace yourselves, bavologists!

Chapter 2 of the grim American novel is up and it is a Shitstack scatfest 💩

Some lowlights from the first couple paragraphs: …wipe the batter of feces from the child’s bottom…”

“…that deeply human smell…”

“…the child’s shit caked”

“…that continued need to defecate defines us”

“…the opposite of dying is: shitting”

“…the need to clean it from a helpless child’s ass”

by Anonymousreply 359February 27, 2024 6:08 PM

R359 OMG!

by Anonymousreply 360February 27, 2024 6:39 PM

R355 that was a copy/paste of a comment by the original E. Bav. that I posted by request. I can sew things but I’m not a seamstress. Bless your heart my dear.

by Anonymousreply 361February 27, 2024 6:49 PM

I thought the result of dying was shitting.

Color me confused.

by Anonymousreply 362February 27, 2024 7:47 PM

R359. THANK YOU…!! And people would chastise me for “embroidering” the bav and his never ending “turdcapades”. WELL BITCH, IT’S HERE IN BLACK AND WHITE. Don’t ever fucking question me again. How dare you. Eat shit! Why not? It seems to all the rage!!😂😂😂😂

by Anonymousreply 363February 27, 2024 7:48 PM

R362. Turn that brown upside down!! 💩🙃💩

by Anonymousreply 364February 27, 2024 7:49 PM

Seeeeee the turds....

Tuppence a gag!

by Anonymousreply 365February 27, 2024 7:52 PM

The shit smeared kid's parents are killed in a car crash, and she goes to live with grandma. SOUND FAMILIAR?

I have seldom (outside of obvious/intentional parody) come across such BAD WRITING in my life! What a STINK BOMB!!

Oh, and there are POEMS! BAD ones!

by Anonymousreply 366February 27, 2024 7:57 PM

I’m not subscribed to her Shitstack. If anyone is, I’d love to read this latest turd.

by Anonymousreply 367February 27, 2024 10:30 PM

He's seeing Plaza Suite tonight so I think we can look forward to backstage pics with the stars. He's claimed a number of times to be good friends with SJP.

by Anonymousreply 368February 27, 2024 11:13 PM

All that shit is…bullshit.

by Anonymousreply 369February 28, 2024 12:02 AM

"Small-town London. Visited a bit with my friend Sarah and Matthew after their performance tonight of Plaza Suite at the Savoy which they have mined for even more laughs since their Broadway run, especially in the final two pieces. A different sort of mining was needed in the first and longest piece which I hadn’t liked when I saw it early in its NY run. They have dug deeper and settled in to its ineffable sadness tethered to the cruelty that love can sometimes become when it curdles. It moved me.

I brought them a couple of my favorite apple tarts from St George on St. Martin’s Lane. And Danny - who I have noticed working the stage doors of theatres when stars ate in the production - took our photo as I was walking them to their car. I told SJP and Matthew that I forget what huge stars they are but fuck that because Danny is the one I wanted to fawn over - and did.

I love this little town."

by Anonymousreply 370February 28, 2024 12:26 AM

^I'm so relieved he didn't bring them one of his oil cake plops.

by Anonymousreply 371February 28, 2024 12:27 AM

Many creative minds on this thread...

Please speculate what Mr and Ms. Broderick might have said to each other after our pilgrim took the last selfie and made his way into the night .

by Anonymousreply 372February 28, 2024 1:55 AM

"Here, Danny - would you get rid of this, please?" (hands paper bag off)

by Anonymousreply 373February 28, 2024 1:58 AM


by Anonymousreply 374February 28, 2024 4:45 AM

I would love to hear the policeman’s perspective of how the wharf incident really went down.

by Anonymousreply 375February 28, 2024 4:58 AM

"It was lovely to visit with Sarah Jessica and Matthew after their performance of Plaza Suite tonight at the Savoy Theatre. But I was truly excited finally to meet Danny, the stage doorman whom I've noticed around town. He took my photo with SJP and Matthew but I then I asked him if he'd pose for one with me since to me he was the real star of the evening. I told SJP and Matthew that I tend to forget what big stars they are, so fuck it, I was going to fawn over this guy. And did. I'm glad he was so nice about it."

Okay, blah blah blah. You forget what big stars SJP and Matt are, yet just a few weeks ago you were whining about how you could never get tickets to this because they were so popular. Then a random frau said she knew someone who knew someone at the theater, and here we are with you pooping your pants (your kink!) and shoving apple crullers in their faces. But look at Danny. He looks like he's about to toss someone down the stairs of the Paris Metro. I would give my right arm to see the behind the scenes play-by-play of Bav finagling these pictures. The gum-smacking desperation, the flattery, the sniveling, the begging. Oof!

by Anonymousreply 376February 28, 2024 7:47 AM

The Parker-Brodericks are maybe not known for their natural warmth and ease, but holy fuck, look at that fuck. Parker looking as stiff and uncomfortable as I've ever seen her and Broderick with a drunken slash of a leering mouth.

Body language suggests that this was not the highpoint of the evening for the Parker-Bordericks.

by Anonymousreply 377February 28, 2024 10:45 AM

*look at that foto.

by Anonymousreply 378February 28, 2024 10:45 AM

“Walking them to their car” was probably more like following them to their car.

by Anonymousreply 379February 28, 2024 11:29 AM

Why didn't his "good friends" offer him a ride home? That seems tacky of them. They could have gone somewhere and had a nice drink before they dropped him off.

by Anonymousreply 380February 28, 2024 4:13 PM

I don't believe Prét A Mangér is good value or affordable. A grab and go salad is priced at 20 dollars,the same cost as an entree in a sit down restaurant.

by Anonymousreply 381February 28, 2024 5:48 PM

[QUOTE] Why didn't his "good friends" offer him a ride home? That seems tacky of them. They could have gone somewhere and had a nice drink before they dropped him off.

I think it’s inadvisable to accept anything he says in these posts as any sort of fact. For example, I highly doubt La Bav walked SJP and Matthew Broderick to their car. They probably have a driver who picks them up and takes them home after the show.

I’m good friends with Brad Oscar and his husband who are actual REAL friends of SJP and Matthew and I’m tempted to just have them ask what the actual story is here. Bav fabricates A LOT.

by Anonymousreply 382February 28, 2024 6:52 PM

R381. That would involve a tip tho….😂. Ask the bartenders at Shmoe Allen how much they love the “sometimes” 3 dollars on 30. R376 don’t forget the gollum-like throaty wheezing, and the weird exclamatory low grunting. Like a dying howler monkey.

by Anonymousreply 383February 28, 2024 7:57 PM

R382. Please do it!!!

by Anonymousreply 384February 28, 2024 11:09 PM

[quote] Prét A Mangér

Oh, dear.

[quote] A grab and go salad is priced at 20 dollars

How much is that in quid?

by Anonymousreply 385February 29, 2024 2:31 AM

Did they all go down to the Sunset Grill to watch the working girls go by?

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 386February 29, 2024 2:35 AM

The manic posting in the last 24 hour is really something. How are you going to two performances in one evening and evaluating and commenting on political articles across all your social media platforms whilst meanwhile bragging about your deep friendship with SJP and what's-his-name? And all the while he's holding his crooked Magoo mug tightly closed so as not to show off his meth mouth. Brava, Bav. Brava.

by Anonymousreply 387February 29, 2024 5:38 AM


by Anonymousreply 388February 29, 2024 5:40 AM

She has replaced her heavy meth usage with a rampant social media addiction. She can post in the double-digits on Facebook in just one day (not even a 24-hour period, but a 12-hour period). She’s done it before.

by Anonymousreply 389February 29, 2024 3:30 PM

R389. I think there is some form of drug use going on also. Unless he’s been brain damaged from IV meth use. His loose grasp on the English language and the “liberties” he takes really confounds me. THIS PERSON IS A FUCKING WRITER??? I mean, I can go stand in my garage, that doesn’t make me a car.

by Anonymousreply 390February 29, 2024 6:29 PM

Nicole Paige Brooks?

by Anonymousreply 391February 29, 2024 6:32 PM

She relies on social media to remind herself that she is still ALIVE. She is intensely lonely and aware that this so called, ill advised "pilgrimage" is hanging by a very thin thread an cannot be sustained forever. Social media allows her to ignore many of the unsolved problems in her sad life: the financial issues, the IRS debt, the dental issues, the thrift store rags, the lost and misplaced items, the lack of any REAL friendships, (much less a PARTNER), the heavy weight of guilt and regret, rocky relationships with family, and the constant struggle it must take just to accomplish daily tasks of living - laundry, transportation, access to medical care, a secure and stable place to call home. All that walking, especially after dark, must be exhausting, not to mention risky. Yes, he has been able to glom dozens of grifted "press tickets" all these weeks while in London, gorging himself on ballet and theater, but with no one, other than random strangers (and of course, FB) to share it with. And now we have the pretense that he is writing a "novel", posting excerpts that are jaw droppingly AWFUL. But he hopes this will somehow boost his Substack followers (it won't). He has zero self awareness, and social media allows him to construct all these phony images of himself as a "writer"/theater critic/"balletomane"/arts lover, when in reality he is just an older, single gay man with a checkered history, who is played out, lonely, impoverished, and whose best days are far behind him.

It is a sad and pathetic way to live one's life as an older gay man. It's going to end in a great fall, and not just down a set of steps in Paris. He would do well to take stock of his situation, put an end to this ridiculous notion of being a "pilgrim", and find a safe and stable place to live as he continues to age. If he wants to continue to "write", fine, but at least find a safe place to land, and (hopefully) establish a few REAL friendships and a support system.

The odds of this happening - alas - are not great.

by Anonymousreply 392February 29, 2024 6:40 PM

Perfection R392. I love you

by Anonymousreply 393March 1, 2024 12:10 AM

If she was really ‘nourished by the arts,’ she wouldn’t post incessantly and push her way backstage to interface with the artists. That’s creepy fanboy behavior. You’re not an actor, knowing people in the creative arts doesn’t make you a creative—and most importantly, it is entirely transactional. These actors, or baristas or shop clerks, are not your buddies. They are extras who you have shoehorned into your “narrative.” Grim pillage indeed.

by Anonymousreply 394March 1, 2024 12:36 AM

Ew! The Bav CLAIMED he took an old friend to Balthazar for din din, then to some faggotized show he didn’t pay for. I’m betting an invitation to an aggressive rim session will follow. It’s called “Granny Porn” people, look it up. It’s a “thing”. He also treated the old man to a meet and greet with some young guy in the cast of whatever shitass stupid fucking show they saw. The fawning and bowing and scraping is NAUSEATING. Just go home and see if Pan left any turdfumes for you, you hideous hag.

by Anonymousreply 395March 1, 2024 12:38 AM

Close R391! Paige starts with a P though, not an S.

by Anonymousreply 396March 1, 2024 12:55 AM

When you’re a raging cunt, you write shit like this…

Small-town London. Well, this was an interesting evening but not as interesting as it could have been. I have never seen Funny Girl and I still have never seen it. I was looking forward to it and to my discussion with Sarah Bailey afterward. But when the film started I sensed something was off because it was just a fuzzy screen with a soaring overture of the Jule Styne score. And then when it started there were no credits and Nicky was on a boat and Fanny arrived all windblown and smudged. It was the middle of the movie and the music had been the scoring under the interval. Huh?

Sarah got up - I followed her out - to see what was going on. The harried staff - there was another event going on there as well - seemed ironically also calmly incompetent. And the only thing I hate worse than incompetence is someone who just breezily doesn't seem to mind their own or what it is doing to someone else's plans. Sarah is the ultimate pro and stickler for details and even sent me two drafts of a script with questions and we had also met to go over what I might say. We had done our parts - especially Sarah - for her Fashion Film Club at the Garden Cinema. But someone there who had to push a fucking button pushed the wrong one and we were told after phone calls were made - it was unclear if the "projectionist" was even there - that it would take 45 minutes to an hour for this 2 1/2 hour film to be rebooted. They offered those in attendance - the place was sold-out - a free drink ticket at the bar. Sarah said they'd try to reschedule the film. I don't drink. I am only here until March 31. So if it's rescheduled after that, then I will no longer be a part of it.

I admit i had to hold my tongue because in one moment i got short with someone who was supposedly in charge of the technical aspect. It wasn't my event. I was the guest. But I had spent all day transcribing and editing my latest SES/SUMS IT UP column to get it done by a deadline of 5 p.m. which I made so I could then reconnoiter the cinema's location, grab a sandwich at Pret, and do two hours of extra research and found some interesting British connections for our discussion. I did my job. And it always pisses me the fuck off when people can't do theirs. I will never understand it.

Someone asked me what Barbra would have done about it since she holds herself to such high standards and thus everyone else. "She would buy this place," I said. "Then fire everybody."

I walked over to Joe Allen and had a ginger beer by myself.


by Anonymousreply 397March 2, 2024 12:21 AM

What I learned from the above post:

He can't AFFORD a Joe Allen burger!!!

by Anonymousreply 398March 2, 2024 12:25 AM

HE hates incompetence?????? He can’t cross a street without getting lost.

by Anonymousreply 399March 2, 2024 12:27 AM

He loses his fucking mind whenever anything goes awry. How did he get to his ripe old age without learning to roll with the punches? And speaking of punches, great job of punching down by bitching and moaning about staff, and fantasizing about buying the fucking theater and firing them all. Such a hot-headed asshole.

by Anonymousreply 400March 2, 2024 12:49 AM

If he were prepared for the event he would've bothered to watch the movie before the screening so he could take notes and whatnot. It's streaming on Amazon... oh wait, he canceled his Amazon membership. Never mind!

by Anonymousreply 401March 2, 2024 12:57 AM

I’m sure Tina Brown, the Curran, Grazia, 429 etc might disagree with the “I did my job” statement.

by Anonymousreply 402March 2, 2024 1:44 AM

It actually warms my heart when his TRUE CUNT NATURE comes out. His phoney baloney “grace, gratitude, pay it forward” bullshit makes my skin crawl. YOU’RE A SHRILL, QUEENY, CUNT, …..OWN IT! I wonder if this was a paid gig, or did I miss something? The mere fact that he’s a gay WHO HAS NOT SEEN “FUNNY GIRL” is downright appalling. Geldzahler should have AT LEAST thrown the vhs on the booby screen whilst the bav was a-rimmin’! ALLEGEDLY. The pictures he OBVIOUSLY made the bartender take at schmoe allen are so slimy and heinous, his lopsided smirk is looking more and more like Bell’s Palsy every day. But I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. I wish the bav would get the rarer, but equally disfiguring “Bells are Ringing” Palsy. That’s where one side of your face is normal, and the other side looks like Judy Holliday.

by Anonymousreply 403March 2, 2024 4:47 AM

This person is now taking credit for Sally Field having gone to see the downtown hit "Oh, Mary!"

I can promise you that the person responsible for getting Sally to see "Oh, Mary!" is her gay son.

by Anonymousreply 404March 2, 2024 3:48 PM

So it seems Bav showed his true cunty self at the non-event, no doubt embarrassing his friend (for how much longer?) Sarah. Marching off in a snit to leer at Cho Allen bar keeps while sipping a ginger beer - pathetic.

by Anonymousreply 405March 2, 2024 6:46 PM

R405. It’s really pathetic when he also “found the rainbow” in half priced sushi on his way home. How grim. The ginger beer was 6 or 7 bux TOPS, but you know she left a dollar. Or a quid. ps: his “evenings with” series in ptown (Sally Field, Courtney Love) was a massive BUST. Sally even said out loud “What am I doing here?” I’m sure Courtney was doing a favor for the bav. They “connected” on some level. GEE, WONDER WHAT THAT WAS? The Bav readily admitted he needed the money, and moped that it didn’t become “a thing”. Sorry, Grandma, no one is going to pay 70 dollars to hear Sally talk about “The Flying Nun” at town hall when Jinx Monsoon is down the street knocking them dead with her wild, fast moving stage show! It’s not 1974.

by Anonymousreply 406March 2, 2024 6:57 PM

R397, wow, the mask drops. People who get stressed annd nasty with staff about technical mishaps are tragic.

by Anonymousreply 407March 2, 2024 7:00 PM

[quote]He loses his fucking mind whenever anything goes awry. How did he get to his ripe old age without learning to roll with the punches?

Yes, all the cheap talk about grace and paying it forward and living a modest life fall away when he suffers the least convenience or thinks staff are insufficiently servile. Once a nasty little weasel bitch...

The man who tells us he has no time for the past or for nostalgia also likes to recall his days "in residence" at the Chateau Marmont where I imagine the staff feigned sufficient attentive (and probably risked being called out to management if they did not.) Still, for all his modesty found on this new path in life, he bristles when barristas, shop clerks, metro systems, and theatre managers don't recognize and swoon over this carbuncular character dressed in women's tattered smocks, drizzled with a gash of grimace.

by Anonymousreply 408March 2, 2024 7:29 PM

I have to say…I sure hope someone is archiving these oft-thwarted threads….they should be read onstage, with a rotating cast (a’la the vagina monologues or love loss and what I wore). I def contribute and sometimes come up with a few zingers, but boy you guys make me howl!!😂😂😂😂😂.

Much love, peace, and half priced sushi for all!! On. Ward

by Anonymousreply 409March 2, 2024 8:55 PM

Psycho Bitch: "My SATURDAY RUBRICS are up."

The Rest of Us: "We don't fucking care you insane, slobbering bitch."

by Anonymousreply 410March 3, 2024 6:47 AM


Small-town London. You coulda knocked me over with a little black cashmere cap. On my way to have brunch with my friend Margaret Nagle today, I stopped at Hampstead Theatre and sat on a bench outside to connect to its wifi and check something on my computer. When I was later almost at the restaurant on Haverstock Hill, I realized I didn’t have my black cashmere cap I cherish but not enough to keep misplacing it and finding it. I assumed I had left it on the bench but thought I might have dropped it. Wasn’t sure. What I was sure of was how much I hated being an addled old man in such moments. I was beside myself for about 15 minutes then just had to let it go as another lesson in stuff finally doesn’t matter. But as I was explaining to Margaret that after getting rid of almost everything I owned that when I do lose a bit of what I have left - even a little cashmere cap - it can upset me more than it should until the lesson is relearned, she said that she bet the cap would still be on the bench if I had left it there. I told her no way would it be . Someone would find it and give if another life and I had already on my way to brunch hoped the new person needed it more than I. I told Margaret, a screenwriter, that it would make a great narrative trope: the cap that kept being lost and then found and each person who finds it becomes the next story to be told. Three hours later we walked back by the bench and it was still there. I was shocked that it was. It made me love London even more. And made me realize this: Margaret’s always right.

Onward …

by Anonymousreply 411March 3, 2024 6:37 PM

A picture says a thousand words. (The duck lips mask the fetid sewer that lies within)

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 412March 3, 2024 6:41 PM


No one wants it dear. Put your waxy, liverspotted, dwarfy baby hand away.

by Anonymousreply 413March 3, 2024 6:45 PM

That fool has a penchant for losing things -- that cashmere cap, his eyeglasses, his way, his common sense, his compassion, his dignity.

by Anonymousreply 414March 3, 2024 7:36 PM

...his train of thought

by Anonymousreply 415March 3, 2024 7:39 PM

His ability to construct a proper sentence.

by Anonymousreply 416March 3, 2024 9:08 PM

Shouldn't this be, "I saw Nicole... so you didn't have to"? From the clips I was disappointed. Isn't she operatically trained? She seems like she's just trying to keep up, without any kind of gravitas or charisma.

Next up: Brandy in Phantom Of The Opera.

by Anonymousreply 417March 3, 2024 9:23 PM

"Small-town London. My evening. Seeing Dune. Saw the first one here at this Odeon Leicester Square cinema and it made the difference. I very seldom see films of this genre but I do make exceptions from time to time."

Get her. Such a highbrow.

by Anonymousreply 418March 3, 2024 9:28 PM

I’m wondering if she splurged on the now famous DUNE POPCORN BUCKET….So he can use it like the kids are on Tik Tok …..maybe give PN a show???

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 419March 3, 2024 10:35 PM


by Anonymousreply 420March 3, 2024 10:49 PM
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