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Aaron Rodgers carted off the field!!!!

Kevin Lanflisi is probably chuckling right now

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by Anonymousreply 58September 16, 2023 1:03 AM

any ass pics OP?

by Anonymousreply 1September 12, 2023 1:19 AM

[quote] any ass pics OP?

There isn't an ass on him to photograph.

by Anonymousreply 2September 12, 2023 1:20 AM

Jeezus. That didn't take long. He's old. Give it up.

by Anonymousreply 3September 12, 2023 1:21 AM

"Due to this tragic accident Aaron will require emergency ass surgery."

by Anonymousreply 4September 12, 2023 1:22 AM

He has to have his dick surgically removed from a twink's ass

by Anonymousreply 5September 12, 2023 1:26 AM

R2 I'd like to see for myself

by Anonymousreply 6September 12, 2023 1:35 AM

Will his anti-vaxxer friends say the libs were plotting against him?

by Anonymousreply 7September 12, 2023 2:30 AM

It couldn’t have happened to a bigger asshole.

by Anonymousreply 8September 12, 2023 2:32 AM

Bye, Felicia

by Anonymousreply 9September 12, 2023 2:39 AM

Karma is a bitch.

by Anonymousreply 10September 12, 2023 2:41 AM

"Doctor, will I still be able to ... present hole?"

by Anonymousreply 11September 12, 2023 2:43 AM

Stupid question: Do teams insure aging players in case of a catastrophic injury? At least to cover the salary they're not earning. Five plays.😆

by Anonymousreply 12September 12, 2023 2:43 AM

Is he back up yet?

by Anonymousreply 13September 12, 2023 2:49 AM

Meanwhile, Jordan Love led the Packers to a 38-20 victory over the Bears yesterday. In Chicago.

by Anonymousreply 14September 12, 2023 3:03 AM

Well, whaddaya know. Maybe Mr. Rodgers can do some [air quotes] research [close quote] on how to recover.

by Anonymousreply 15September 12, 2023 3:05 AM

He should have gotten the jab.

by Anonymousreply 16September 12, 2023 3:05 AM

Aaron Rodgers who?

by Anonymousreply 17September 12, 2023 3:20 AM

New York hasn't rolled out the red carpet for a celebrity this much since King Kong, and we all know what happened to him. He arrived in 1933 and was made into a female-empowerment musical 85 yrs later.

by Anonymousreply 18September 12, 2023 3:27 AM

R14 it’s really not that impressive because the Bears suck!

by Anonymousreply 19September 12, 2023 4:03 AM

Tell it to the "experts", R19:

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by Anonymousreply 20September 12, 2023 4:12 AM

Is his fartbox okay???

by Anonymousreply 21September 12, 2023 4:17 AM

R20 depends where you look. Other “experts” predicted a Packer win.

by Anonymousreply 22September 12, 2023 4:31 AM

I don’t care about Aaron’s personal life. I like him as a player. Unfortunately when watching the slow motion footage of his leg it appears to snap in the back below the calf muscle. Probably a torn Achilles. I hope not because those are really hard to heal and come back from. I wish him a speedy recovery!

by Anonymousreply 23September 12, 2023 4:35 AM

I meant to say a ruptured Achilles.

by Anonymousreply 24September 12, 2023 4:57 AM

Lots of people on twitter are roasting him:

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by Anonymousreply 25September 12, 2023 6:41 AM

[quote]New York hasn't rolled out the red carpet for a celebrity this much since King Kong

I love you bitches!

(I still think Aaron's hot, even though he's a nutjob.)

by Anonymousreply 26September 12, 2023 10:48 AM

[quote]He should have gotten the jab.

Trust me, he's been jabbed before.

by Anonymousreply 27September 12, 2023 11:03 AM

[quote]any ass pics OP?

Given he's an ass, every pic of him is an ass shot.

by Anonymousreply 28September 12, 2023 11:05 AM

oh Aaron Rodgers we love you get up

by Anonymousreply 29September 12, 2023 11:05 AM

Will he allow medical intervention and utilize science to help heal his injury or will he employ a rotation of shamans to urinate in his ankle while he drinks ivermectin smoothies?

by Anonymousreply 30September 12, 2023 11:09 AM

Well, this is spooky.

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by Anonymousreply 31September 12, 2023 11:11 AM

An MRI is needed to determine if the injury is season-ending for Rodgers.

[quote] Aaron Rodgers injury update: Jets fear torn Achilles for star QB with MRI looming

[quote] After the quarterback was injured on his fourth play of the year, head coach Robert Saleh told reporters following the Jets' 22-16 overtime victory over the Buffalo Bills that they fear the four-time NFL MVP tore his Achilles. There's an MRI scheduled for Tuesday to confirm.

[quote "It's not good," Saleh said, per CBS Sports Lead NFL Insider Jonathan Jones. The injury, if confirmed, would be season-ending.

Another Yahoo story describes it this way:

[quote] Aaron Rodgers carted off less than 5 minutes into Jets debut, team fears Achilles injury

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by Anonymousreply 32September 12, 2023 11:38 AM

Did the other team purposely injure him?

by Anonymousreply 33September 12, 2023 11:40 AM

Do we really have NO naked pics?

by Anonymousreply 34September 12, 2023 11:43 AM
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by Anonymousreply 35September 12, 2023 11:52 AM

Hot r35

by Anonymousreply 36September 12, 2023 11:56 AM

Yikes R31, that is.

by Anonymousreply 37September 12, 2023 12:13 PM

[quote]Is his fartbox okay???

His intestinal tract is probably fine...?

by Anonymousreply 38September 12, 2023 12:41 PM

Well, five snaps if you count his Achilles.

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by Anonymousreply 39September 12, 2023 3:24 PM

Look at the bright side Aaron. Now you'll have plenty of time to go to Broadway shows and Taylor Swift concerts!

by Anonymousreply 40September 12, 2023 3:28 PM

That Twitter account with the Rodgers prediction has been suspended. I wonder if it also predicted Baby Musk will go broke?

by Anonymousreply 41September 12, 2023 3:32 PM

This is karma. For Aaron and the Jets, who were more than willing to throw tons of money at a nearly 40 year old anti-vax idiot to win some football games. It’s completely shameful that they had Rodgers carry out the flag because that loon has been peddling 9/11 conspiracies for years.

by Anonymousreply 42September 12, 2023 3:37 PM

The Artificial Turf Did It!

[quote] David Bakhtiari: "Congrats @nfl. How many more players have to get hurt on ARTIFICIAL TURF??! You care more about soccer players than us. You plan to remove all artificial turf for the World Cup coming up. So clearly it’s feasible. I’m sick of this. Do better!"

From the article:

[quote] The turf issue at MetLife Stadium specifically has been a nightmare over the past few years. Multiple teams have complained about the turf, including the 49ers, who watched five different players get injured during a 2020 game against the Jets.

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by Anonymousreply 43September 12, 2023 3:40 PM

I just read on the website we must not name but just open your mailbox that he is out for the year. They better not pay him one more dime!!

by Anonymousreply 44September 12, 2023 3:53 PM

To be clear, here's the text from the r39 tweet:

[quote] QB Aaron Rodgers does, in fact, have a torn Achilles, the MRI has confirmed. He’s out for the season after just four snaps.

by Anonymousreply 45September 12, 2023 3:59 PM

Oh, he's a 9/11 conspiracy theorist, too R42? Damn. Just when I thought he couldn't be a bigger shit-for-brains.

by Anonymousreply 46September 12, 2023 4:02 PM

[R46] Per one of his old teammates, Aaron asked him if he believed reporting about 9/11 and then said “you should do you own research” on it. I assume Rodgers’ “research” was like his Covid research.

by Anonymousreply 47September 12, 2023 4:08 PM

Has the MC position at "Jeopardy" been filled yet?

What about Vanna White's job?

by Anonymousreply 48September 12, 2023 4:29 PM

It's not a completely settled question, but here's an explanation on why artificial turf can cause more foot/leg injuries.

[quote] In 2020, NFLPA president JC Tretter posted a letter on the NFLPA website calling for all grass fields, writing, “A bit of physics: Professional football players put extremely high levels of force and rotation onto the playing surface. Grass will eventually give, which often releases the cleat prior to reaching an injurious load. On synthetic surfaces, there is less give, meaning our feet, ankles and knees absorb the force, which makes injury more likely to follow.”

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by Anonymousreply 49September 12, 2023 5:27 PM


Artificial turf is a big reason why players like Earl Campbell have to use wheelchairs in their 40s and 50s.

by Anonymousreply 50September 13, 2023 1:13 AM

You may be a gay from a deplorable family, but that doesn’t mean the deplorable doesn’t stay inside the gay.

by Anonymousreply 51September 13, 2023 1:19 AM

Maybe he should call up Joe Rogan again for some medical advice.

by Anonymousreply 52September 13, 2023 10:55 AM

Now he'll have more free time to cruise

by Anonymousreply 53September 13, 2023 5:44 PM

R53, does he prefers rivers or oceans?

by Anonymousreply 54September 13, 2023 6:14 PM

[quote] I don’t care about Aaron’s personal life. I like him as a player. Unfortunately when watching the slow motion footage of his leg it appears to snap in the back below the calf muscle. Probably a torn Achilles. I hope not because those are really hard to heal and come back from. I wish him a speedy recovery!

It was bound to happen. He was too OLD for "Yentl"...I mean, football!

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by Anonymousreply 55September 13, 2023 6:22 PM

I bet he's in pain. It sounds fucking painful. I guess 75 million dollars would help make it better though.

by Anonymousreply 56September 13, 2023 7:34 PM

or a good pounding R56

by Anonymousreply 57September 15, 2023 5:43 AM

Honestly, I don't see what kind of mentally challenged person could believe a shit these kind of articles.

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by Anonymousreply 58September 16, 2023 1:03 AM
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