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Omid Scobie ready to wage war with the British Royal Family

The last three years have been a bitter battle between Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and the rest of the royal family, but there might be a new feud on the horizon. Omid Scobie, author of the Sussex-friendly book, Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of a Modern Royal Family, is targeting the royal family next. His upcoming book, Endgame: Inside the Royal Family and the Monarchy’s Fight for Survival, due out Nov. 21, should have the palace sweating a bit.

In an iNews opinion piece discussing the upcoming publication, Scobie described the book as “an unfiltered investigation into the current state of the Royal Family.” The palace is keeping up with their nothing-to-see-here attitude that they portrayed after Harry’s memoir, Spare, hit the headlines, but as The Daily Beast noted, “Scobie is a different class of threat to anonymous tittle-tattle in the newspapers.”

That makes some royal watchers believe that “the palace is unlikely, privately, to be particularly happy that he has a fresh book coming out” because it will “make another season of headlines.” The royal family really can’t get a break from controversy these days — from anti-monarchists to Prince Andrew — there’s a storm at every corner. Scobie even revealed that Prince William has done his best to get him “barred from his engagements,” so the palace is well aware of the author’s existence.

Scobie’s upcoming book will have everyone buzzing about who his sources are again even though he’s disputed the notion that he’s friends with Harry and Meghan. “I don’t have his phone number; I have never socialized with him. I’m literally a member of the press who has tried to do my job for years,” he said under oath at the Duke of Sussex’s phone-hacking trial against Mirror Group Newspapers. The public will have to wait five months to see what the ruckus is all about, but the palace is probably keeping Scobie at a safe distance until then.

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by Anonymousreply 575December 25, 2023 4:19 PM

No one cares about Omid Scobie, and he has fucked his future up.

by Anonymousreply 1July 1, 2023 8:55 AM

Scobie just wants more money to finance his cosmetic surgery.

by Anonymousreply 2July 1, 2023 8:58 AM

Having read some of his florid prose posted here I don't think anyone can take him at all seriously as an investigative journalist

by Anonymousreply 3July 1, 2023 9:02 AM

Has he gone under rejuvenating procedures recently? Payments to be probed...

by Anonymousreply 4July 1, 2023 9:11 AM

He's a one trick pony, putting all his efforts into one story. I understand there's public interest in it, but is the interest enough to sustain his entire career? Doubt it.

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by Anonymousreply 5July 1, 2023 9:11 AM

[QUOTE]Scobie just wants more money to finance his cosmetic surgery.

He and Christine Costner? Or whatever her name it is... the handbag designer.

by Anonymousreply 6July 1, 2023 10:08 AM

As evidenced here, Scobie's touching a few nerves already.

by Anonymousreply 7July 1, 2023 10:25 AM

The sad thing is that this twat continues to get some coverage because his "Royals are racist!" narrative suits some people's agendas.

by Anonymousreply 8July 1, 2023 10:29 AM

[quote]As evidenced here, Scobie’s touching a few nerves already

What thread are you referring to R7, because the responses in this thread are civil?

Stay pressed, indeed. You’re the one with the cunty reply.

by Anonymousreply 9July 1, 2023 11:35 AM

R7 I don't think it's a Royal thing, though. The comments would be the same if Scobie's crusade was about something as equally unimportant.

by Anonymousreply 10July 1, 2023 12:18 PM

The BRF will be fine. They have had countless books written about them forever. I just think Omid Scobie is very entertaining as an entity. What a bizarre little man he is. I suspect he will crash and burn hard one day as he's hitched his wagon to the losing team, but he's an unsavoury curiosity in the meantime.

by Anonymousreply 11July 1, 2023 12:56 PM

An author 99.9% of people have never heard of publishing a book on the royal families popularity isn't exactly going to be a best seller in the way Diana's son publishing a salacious tell all about his family drama (and penis) was.

by Anonymousreply 12July 1, 2023 1:05 PM

I would refuse to be friends with anyone named "Omid Scobie" just on principle.

by Anonymousreply 13July 1, 2023 1:38 PM

What could Scobie possibly say that we don't already know? That the BRF is a bunch of blood sucking dirtball scumbag perverts and miscreants? Who doesn't already know that?

by Anonymousreply 14July 1, 2023 1:43 PM

What a waste of a life writing sycophantically about Meghan and trashing anyone who doesn't lick her kiester

by Anonymousreply 15July 1, 2023 2:28 PM

“Omid Scobie” sounds like some kind of medical condition or a gastrointestinal bug you might get drinking water in a developing country.

by Anonymousreply 16July 1, 2023 3:12 PM

He’s a parasite for sure, R16.

by Anonymousreply 17July 1, 2023 3:19 PM

Omid Scobie is Kevin Sessums in training.

by Anonymousreply 18July 1, 2023 4:01 PM

They'll be one less family member if I have my way.

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by Anonymousreply 19July 1, 2023 4:06 PM

Last we heard, he was sliding into bankruptcy. Haven't seen any follow-ups. See next post for links.

by Anonymousreply 20July 1, 2023 8:29 PM

[post redacted because linking to dailymail.co.uk clearly indicates that the poster is either a troll or an idiot (probably both, honestly.) Our advice is that you just ignore this poster but whatever you do, don't click on any link to this putrid rag.]

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by Anonymousreply 21July 1, 2023 8:34 PM

Only 17K?

by Anonymousreply 22July 2, 2023 11:47 PM

American, r14?

by Anonymousreply 23July 3, 2023 9:22 AM

R16, his mother is Iranian and his father is Scottish, hence the name. His middle name is William. He went to posh private schools in Oxford, his home city, after having been born in Wales. He really should know a lot better than to wage a hate campaign against the royal family, but, as said above, he hitched himself to the wrong wagon and now the wheels have come off. He's really very naive. The transitory social media clout associated from siding with Harry and Meghan has already faded away and he has now destroyed any chances he has of being a royal reporter ever again. Charles will be king, then William will be king and one day George will be king, and Harry will be forgotten.

The question is why Omid has embroiled himself in this way. There is some online chatter that he's the ex-boyfriend of Marcus Anderson, but this sounds more like homophobia (they are both gay so they must have fucked!) and I don't even know if Marcus is gay. Even if this were true, both Marcus and Omid should know better than to attack the royal family in this way. Whatever the reason, he seems to have a personal connection of some kind to Meghan and/or her circle.

by Anonymousreply 24July 3, 2023 9:34 AM

Omid's Find Freedom co-author, Carolyn Durand, quickly saw the error of her ways and is now posting cutesy tweets about Kate and George and even tweeting critical coverage of Harry. I wonder if she saw things while writing the book that opened her eyes to Harry and Meghan's true nature.

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by Anonymousreply 25July 3, 2023 9:41 AM

Durand also retweeted this.

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by Anonymousreply 26July 3, 2023 9:42 AM

[QUOTE]He went to posh private schools in Oxford, his home city,

I want to snicker about this fucker, and then I think of the Darfur Orphan who really deserves to kick Scobie in the cunt.

by Anonymousreply 27July 3, 2023 9:54 AM

LOL at r14. My sentiments exactly! It was one thing to defend the Royal family when Queen Elizabeth was alive and doing her best to appear gracious and of a queenly temperament. At least she followed the script and gave the country a figurehead they could rally around. Now defending the Royal Family is like defending Trump against the charge of being a grifter. A losing battle, because the people in the public eye are not able to pull it off. Granted, I'm an American - we are inherently anti-royalist and have been for 250 years so we just don't get the idea of putting very flawed people on a pedestal with a sign of "do not criticize" attached.

by Anonymousreply 28July 3, 2023 10:02 AM

Your problem, r28, is that you don't get anything and are unwilling to learn because you think you know it all despite knowing fuck all. The monarch and the royal family are criticised, sniped at, whined at, etc. all the time in the UK and they are not on any pedestal at all. If they behave like little shits who don't understand their place then they get exactly what they deserve - Harry is a good example of that.

If you think the monarch or the royal family are worshipped whatever they do in the UK, as opposed to having their every move, every gesture, every vocal intonation, every item of clothing commented on, gossiped about, criticised, sneered at, etc., etc. then you are truly unaware of what's really going on.

What the fuck does Trump have to do with it? Aside from you thinking that the US is the reference point for everything that happens in the world.

by Anonymousreply 29July 3, 2023 10:52 AM

R29 is one of the Men in Gray.

She seems to be taking this whole thing very personally.

I hope you have other plans for a job, you cunt. Because I predict you will be out of work within five years.

by Anonymousreply 30July 3, 2023 11:00 AM

"Gray", R30?

by Anonymousreply 31July 3, 2023 11:02 AM

R29 is absolutely correct. While the RF do get some amount of respect as figureheads they are more curiosities at this point.

by Anonymousreply 32July 3, 2023 11:06 AM

He looks like a villain from some movie. It feels a bit mean to mock his face, but it's self-inflicted. I never understand people who spend loads of money to make themselves look worse.

by Anonymousreply 33July 3, 2023 11:42 AM

Lol r30, don't give yourself away too easily.

by Anonymousreply 34July 3, 2023 1:35 PM

R9 I think that hat ‘touched a few nerves here’ was critical of that. Twat, Scobie. Least I hope so.

by Anonymousreply 35July 3, 2023 1:42 PM

Is Scobie trans?


He looked better before.

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by Anonymousreply 36July 4, 2023 12:48 PM

POS article, R36 - AI generated and from Ghana, the source of all the best in Omid Scobie reporting

by Anonymousreply 37July 4, 2023 1:04 PM

R37 I hate those articles. Google is littered with them and they don't do a good job of sounding like a human's written them. AI might take over the world eventually, but not yet.

by Anonymousreply 38July 4, 2023 1:30 PM

Scobie Dobie Dough!

by Anonymousreply 39July 4, 2023 1:32 PM

The guy who wrote the Harkles "biography" has now written another book to trash the royal family.

I'm shocked, I tell you. SHOCKED.

by Anonymousreply 40July 4, 2023 1:45 PM

The article was terribly written, by AI, but the pictures...

by Anonymousreply 41July 6, 2023 11:43 AM

His book is out Tuesday. Lots of gossip and chatter in all the English papers based on extracts. It's a whopper but I don't know how much I believe. Some very petty digs at various players, except of course the usual suspects, who are said to have found the South Park parody hilarious. Is there a thread?

by Anonymousreply 42November 26, 2023 3:53 PM

He looks like an alien from outer space wearing a human disguise.

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by Anonymousreply 43November 26, 2023 5:20 PM

He wasn't a bad looking guy before he turned himself into a Thunderbirds puppet.

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by Anonymousreply 44November 26, 2023 5:22 PM

I wonder what he expects to gain by this book? Does he think sales will be great? He'll never be on the Royal Rota, is he hoping to be an entertainment reporter at tmz? Right now he is doing the will of Harry and especally Meghan, but she drops people once they're of no use to her.

by Anonymousreply 45November 26, 2023 9:30 PM

I thought I'd finally cleared my DL of royal shit.

by Anonymousreply 46November 26, 2023 10:16 PM

Thank you for bumping, r46. I hadn't seen this thread until now.

Who are Omid Scobie's sources now that the Sussexes have left the Palace? After Finding Freedom and his Sussex sycophancy who is willing to reveal anything worthwhile? It's not like anti-monarchists are a font of private information about the Royals.

by Anonymousreply 47November 26, 2023 10:23 PM

Yeah, R46, thanks so much for alerting us!

by Anonymousreply 48November 26, 2023 11:01 PM

[quote]Who are Omid Scobie's sources now that the Sussexes have left the Palace?

I've read many articles... I think it's easy to guess her sources or who's been briefed in order to serve as sources. Deniability always helps. Some of its just unkind utter bullshit. Some of it is either completely made up or had to come from people extraordinarily close to the situation. The assertion that Princess Anne urged the king to sever the Frogmore lease sounds credible only because it sounds like the kind of thing that you would urge if you were a person of Princess Anne's common sense/no nonsense temperament.

Who would know what is said to or by or written to or by the new king?

Would anyone of high value with high insight, near the king, act as a source for Omid Scobie of all people?

Common sense tells us he's not regarded as valuable or trustworthy within the ranks of the monarchy.

by Anonymousreply 49November 26, 2023 11:11 PM

Guess where Scobie wound up living? The Hollywood Hills, of course. He denies any cosmetic procedures (except Botox "a long time ago.")😂 It's so clear this book has been orchestrated from Montecito. And why the RF didn't want Meghan around during their private moments at Balmoral or in the Megxit negotiations. She shared private correspondence with Scobie.

[QUOTE]Endgame includes details of letters said to have been exchanged between Charles and Meghan in the wake of the infamous 2021 interview with Oprah Winfrey, in which the duchess said that there were “concerns and conversations” among the royals about the colour of her unborn son’s skin. In the private letters the identities of two people involved were revealed, Scobie writes, but legally he cannot name them.

Highly entertaining interview with him with more than a lie or two interspersed. Non-paywall version.👇

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by Anonymousreply 50November 26, 2023 11:55 PM

Does anyone take this hack seriously?

by Anonymousreply 51November 27, 2023 12:08 AM

Why do people feel sorry for these entitled welfare recipients?

by Anonymousreply 52November 27, 2023 12:15 AM

He's being skewered on X, including by Harry and Meghan's stans who think he is using them. Lie with the dogs and all that...

by Anonymousreply 53November 27, 2023 12:31 AM

Your British Royal Family are corrupt obsolete uninspiring expensive filthy rich old nonces. Meghan and Harry's critics accuse them of being money hungry careerists that is hilarious coming from sycophant apologists for accident of birth tax sucking scroungers propped up by your toxic British media.Interesting that most of the Markle bashing comes from bots on Twitter and Muricans on DL. Royalists are like Trumptards. Racist Cultists to the core. As long as they can use their obsession with the self supporting Sussexes to divert attention from their tax supported Crime Family you will be blissfully content to support these ludicrous mediocrities as they rob you blind. Dolts indeed.

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by Anonymousreply 54November 27, 2023 12:54 AM

Oh, shut up, you tiresome bore at, r54.

by Anonymousreply 55November 27, 2023 12:56 AM

If R54 is Canadian I think Romana Didulo is on DL!

by Anonymousreply 56November 27, 2023 12:58 AM

BRF's #1 enemy is the 21st century. They are totally irrelevant. The monarchy died with Elizabeth.

by Anonymousreply 57November 27, 2023 1:03 AM

It's not going anywhere.

by Anonymousreply 58November 27, 2023 1:05 AM

This is a "Royal Grifter," not Meghan, not Harry, their deals or Invictus, but King Charles The Hereditary Grifter. The story is blowing up here in the States. Charles has been confiscating intestate deceased people's estates in the Duchy of Lancaster using the monies to upkeep his private properties. Disgusting vampires sucking for generations.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 59November 27, 2023 2:17 AM

R59. It’s hardly blowing up. How could Charles have been profiting from the Duchy of Lancaster, as the NY Post article claims, when he inherited the duchy only a little over a year ago?

by Anonymousreply 60November 27, 2023 2:27 AM

^ profiting for the past ten years

by Anonymousreply 61November 27, 2023 2:28 AM

Scandal will irritate the Royal Family, but only indifference would be the bigger threat to it, and all evidence shows that the Royal Family remains at the heart of national life.

by Anonymousreply 62November 27, 2023 2:33 AM

You can question whether the royal family will continue to inspire the same level of interest, affection, and respect as in the past, but there’s not much sign that the country wants to switch to an elected head of state.

by Anonymousreply 63November 27, 2023 3:11 AM

I think the interest will be the same since the Wales children will be growing up and that always attracts attention as personalities develop and they enter adulthood. People like to compare to past generations and the Diana factor will always be there. Respect, above a certain point, and affection need to be earned. Charles and William will need to be mindful. A lot of the affection and respect for Elizabeth came from her years of steadiness. And affection is just a baseline for many little old ladies.

by Anonymousreply 64November 27, 2023 3:22 AM

Kate Middleton has never had any class. She's a aging ,grifting, lazy, gin-soaked party girl who trapped William with sex but she couldn't hold onto him. He's been cheating with her ex-best friend, Rose Hanbury, and she's desperate for attention. Princess of Bulimia indeed.

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by Anonymousreply 65November 27, 2023 4:01 AM

R62 Sure Jan😂

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by Anonymousreply 66November 27, 2023 4:06 AM

She's a slag dear.

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by Anonymousreply 67November 27, 2023 4:10 AM

It is like too like obvious that the PAID MEGSTAN is like trolling this thread!!!! Like .Muriel STOP HER NOW !!!!!

by Anonymousreply 68November 27, 2023 4:15 AM

R60 What part of "sucking for generations" did you not get?

by Anonymousreply 69November 27, 2023 4:54 AM

Bona Vacantia which means vacant goods and is the name given to ownerless property, which by Medieval Law passes to the Crown. Elizabeth and her son Charles have collected over £75 million over the last 10 years which they have used to maintain and renovate their private properties which they in turn rent for profit.

by Anonymousreply 70November 27, 2023 5:12 AM

^ If the British allow this in the 21st century they truly are the servile spineless lickspittles the world believes they are.

by Anonymousreply 71November 27, 2023 5:13 AM

The Independents review of the book criticises it for portraying Harry and Meghan in a relentless saintly light .

by Anonymousreply 72November 27, 2023 1:31 PM

R65 finally someone says it!! I've been trying to understand why, given the experience of Diana, nobody sees Middleton is anorexic or something is going on.

by Anonymousreply 73November 27, 2023 1:41 PM

R72 Cue the tiresome sycophant scouser.

by Anonymousreply 74November 27, 2023 1:57 PM

He looks like a they/them.

by Anonymousreply 75November 27, 2023 2:01 PM

R72 Charles III by the Grace of GOD King of England. Toading UK media babbling about treating the Sussexes in a 'saintly light" Royalass are too bloody clueless. My sides.

by Anonymousreply 76November 27, 2023 2:03 PM

[quote] No one cares about Omid Scobie, and he has fucked his future up.

For daring to write about this inbred family?

by Anonymousreply 77November 27, 2023 2:03 PM

Kitty Middleton is miserably with her cheating rage filled violent hubby. Compare her wasting away 41 yo has had three kids but has her current anorexic emaciated figure with normal weight in R67. Binge and purge right down to her bandaged fingers over and over Russell's Sigh on the same hand.. Be careful what you scheme for Princess of Bulimia. Couldn't happen to a "nicer" bird.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 78November 27, 2023 2:14 PM

^ Nasty Cunt deserves what she got.

by Anonymousreply 79November 27, 2023 2:15 PM

All of that cock-blocking she did while pursuing William worked, didn’t it?

Yea, but at what price? She defined her own worth based on her ability to land a man.

by Anonymousreply 80November 27, 2023 2:23 PM

STOP IT NOW!!! You Megstans are SCUM !! You know perfectly well HRH The Princess of Wales is NOT BULIMIC!!. NO WAY! The Palace has already explained that the bandaged hands are not due to her sticking her fingers down her royal throat to vomit. Catherine repeatedly injures her fingers in CHRONIC TRAMPOLINE ACCIDENTS!!! STOP LYINNG!!! about the future QUEEN OF ENGLAND!!!

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 81November 27, 2023 2:27 PM

The book doesn’t seem to be attracting all that much attention. Everyone is truly bored of Harry and Meghan and their gripes about royal life.

by Anonymousreply 82November 27, 2023 3:11 PM

Frankly I think Wills and Kate are the boring ones. Not to mention useless.

As for Meghan and Harry, they are kinda annoying. But not as bad as the Waleses. The BRF continues to be entertaining to watch, but basically useless, like other royals.

by Anonymousreply 83November 27, 2023 3:21 PM

R83. Of course they are boring. That is what they are supposed to be. The presidents of Germany, Ireland etc don’t try to be exciting either and are no more or less useless than the royal family.

by Anonymousreply 84November 27, 2023 4:30 PM

Crazy kids madly in love.

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by Anonymousreply 85November 27, 2023 4:33 PM

Boring, uninspiring and corrupt. Isn't that what we happily pay them to be?

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 86November 27, 2023 4:35 PM

They have to pay Andrew's legal fees and fines. r86.

by Anonymousreply 87November 27, 2023 4:37 PM

R85 They look like they're ready to bite out each others jugular.

by Anonymousreply 88November 27, 2023 4:49 PM

I saw a discussion about the book on one of the daytime shows today. Everyone thinks it's trash. it's a smear attempt, little sympathy for Harry & Meghan etc

by Anonymousreply 89November 27, 2023 4:56 PM

NYT: 'Whether or not Scobie actively collaborated with Meghan and Harry for this book, he does them no favours. Their chapter reads like a press release cooked up by ChatGPT, and does little to shed light on them as humans. He says the couple — who used to focus on coverage of themselves — now remain blissfully unconcerned. Harry’s next chapter will focus, among other things, on philanthropic efforts in the “military space,” while Meghan (and here Scobie quotes an unnamed source) is “building ‘something more accessible … something rooted in her love of details, curating, hosting, life’s simple pleasures, and family.’”

by Anonymousreply 90November 27, 2023 5:02 PM

R89 Klan Gran GB News 24/7

by Anonymousreply 91November 27, 2023 5:03 PM

I feel sorry for anyone who's gotten as much work done as Scobie obviously has. That takes a lot of self-loathing.

by Anonymousreply 92November 27, 2023 5:18 PM

Hosting? Who does she "host"? She has no relationship with her family or her in-laws. No friends either except those whom Sunshine Sachs recruited from their client list in the past to give the illusion of friends. Now WME is desperately trying and failing to make her appear to be socializing with celebrities. WME has to strong arm celebrities into inviting her to their events. No celebrity wants to associate with her, they know she is just looking to collect info about them and then embellish and share the info in some book, interview or "documentary" for her own financial gain.

by Anonymousreply 93November 27, 2023 5:19 PM

[quote]” building ‘something more accessible … something rooted in her love of details, curating, hosting, life’s simple pleasures, and family.’”


by Anonymousreply 94November 27, 2023 5:29 PM

r76 The Independent is not a royalist paper and never has been so you are talking crap. The reviewers criticism is valid.

by Anonymousreply 95November 27, 2023 5:38 PM

It's telling that Carolyn Durand, who co-wrote Farting Freedom with Scobie, is now pretending she never wrote it and has resorted to posting bubbly tweets about the royals.

by Anonymousreply 96November 27, 2023 5:50 PM

r80 Strange that's your claim because that definitely 100% applies to Meghan.

by Anonymousreply 97November 27, 2023 6:14 PM

r82 Well they did say at the end of the Oprah interview that they would say no more and would be moving on.. What happened to that lol😆 . They also indicated in that interview if they were offered more money and security they'd consider going back. That combined with them asking for a half in half out arrangement makes a mockery and nonsense of Omids claim they wanted to give up royal life because it was so awful.

by Anonymousreply 98November 27, 2023 6:21 PM

As other commenters have aptly noted, Harkle Hill was a strange pick for a hill to die on. Maybe he really thought Megs would be another Di 2.0 & he thought he'd ride the train to being "the" expert who spoke about her. But once it was clear that they were leaving town, why double down & become so outright nasty & negative? If anything, he makes the BRF seem more sympathetic with his weird, personal attacks. Very strange man

by Anonymousreply 99November 27, 2023 6:56 PM

I look at him and the rest and I just shake my head. I'm old enough to remember the cottage industry that sprung up with the Kennedys. I bet there a re literally hundreds of "tell all " books about the kennedys. Everyone who ever knew them or relatives no matter how distant, wrote books about them.JFK, RFK, Teddy, their wives, their kids, biographies and histories of the entire family going back to Rose and Joes grandparents! Ridiculous. Step brothers, half cousins, maids and nannies, etc.etc.etc. Endless stream of shit. And now it seems the Royals have supplanted the Kennedys. Scobie is definitely a one trick pony. He calls himself a journalist and that's laughable. He does have a shelf life though. This is his third tome. I don't see how he can continue to attract interest. The fact is there is really nothing new to say. ...unless he goes after William who definitely does have some laundry that needs cleaning.

by Anonymousreply 100November 27, 2023 7:11 PM

I would love to see someone really go after Andrew. I'm talking about all the dirt not just what we already know. Andrew is a dirty pig for years and Fergie was scamming right along with him.

by Anonymousreply 101November 27, 2023 7:12 PM

I started with an open mind about Markle.

But she revealed herself to be the mean, insecure, phoney she is when, out of desperation, and in a way only another woman can stick the knife into another woman, dredged up the sobriquet “ Waity Katie” during the Oprah interview.

That small moment instantly revealed to me the type woman Markle is.

I’ll, however, for the the sake of the soap opera, put up with a spiteful mean girl, but I won’t endure a coward.

When she refused to, out of sheer lack of guts and toughness, attend the Coronation, she revealed herself to be the chicken-shit she is.

If anything, she should have endured being there for her children, you know, those two that the Sussexes complained were not granted royal styles/titles.

Her Stans don’t have the depth or intelligence to comprehend that the Sussexes created the grounds for disliking them.

by Anonymousreply 102November 27, 2023 7:23 PM

R100. What laundry needs cleaning and how are you privy to it?

by Anonymousreply 103November 27, 2023 7:25 PM

R90. No one else would give Scobie the time of day except Harry and Meghan. It was this or nothing. Just as people who were willing to debase themselves in the Trump administration usually had no other path to power or fame.

by Anonymousreply 104November 27, 2023 7:35 PM

[quote]he hitched himself to the wrong wagon and now the wheels have come off.

That is a great mixed metaphor.

by Anonymousreply 105November 27, 2023 8:23 PM

Based on the disclosures I've read in Scobie's interview and the book reviews, the information could easily have come through Montecito from Harry who hadn't left the palace yet when these things transpired. Remember when Spare came out, Harry said that he and J.R. Moehringer had twice as much material and had to pare down. Despite the financial success of Spare, I have a hard time thinking Harry would put Spare II out after his moaning backfired and brought tons of bad publicity. Cue the plastic spokesbot.

The only new bit is Anne's Christmas advice to Charles to break the Frogmore lease. Of course, it would be no-nonsense Anne who'd say something like this. Maybe when Charles called to inform Harry, he let slip "I was taking to Anne, and it's probably a good idea to..."

Scobie is such a ding dong that he's presenting information about Charles as though he's unearthed previously undiscovered nuggets. The ironed shoelaces, the one inch of toothpaste squeezed out by the butler, and the traveling 1000 thread count sheets have all been reported by Charles biographers years. I'm surprised he didn't breathlessly tell us about the traveling toilet seat and art collection he drags around on visits.

I'm curious what Scobie thinks is in store for him in LA. He's the kind of guy who would be transparent to a lot of people eve while he thinks he's charming the pants off of them.

by Anonymousreply 106November 27, 2023 8:35 PM

That's exactly it, R106, no one would give him the time of day. I guess he got some cheese out of it all, even if it meant permanently tarnishing his reputation.

by Anonymousreply 107November 27, 2023 8:46 PM

R65 There are 107 replies on this thread, and you have posted a third of them, mouthing off the same old hate and crap that you always do. You have posted over 500 times on Royal Family threads, and yet next to nothing on any other thread.

Get help, get a job, get medication and get the fuck away from here you deranged lunatic. You will not be missed.

by Anonymousreply 108November 27, 2023 8:54 PM

Yeah, r108, I put the meme troll on these threads on ignore the moment I recognize it. I notice it posted like 7 or 8 times consecutively looking for attention last night.

by Anonymousreply 109November 27, 2023 9:13 PM

R95/R97 Never fail to live down to your delusions dearie😂

by Anonymousreply 110November 27, 2023 9:22 PM

I have R65 blocked too. They're obsessed.

by Anonymousreply 111November 27, 2023 9:23 PM

Here's my theory. Don't believe the bullshit in the DM or the tabloids. I think Harry would walk on broken glass and carry toilet paper around to wipe William's ass if it would get him back in the good graces of the RF. By now both he and his wife have to see how poor;y played their "strategy" (or it's lack) played out. William is now one of the wealthiest men in the UK, as is King Charles. Harry and Meghan scrambling from deal to deal can't even compare to what HArry walked away from. Now he, as a child of privilege might have felt all noble and righteous for leaving the RF "to protect his wife" but he has paid a very high price...literally and I think he has become aware of it. I mean I read somewhere that Charles is in control of all the late Queen's bequests. So if she left anything to Harry, and she may have, Charles is the gatekeeper to distributing her personal wealth to his siblings his sons, his nieces and nephews, and grandchildren. Harry and Meghan played it all wrong. So I'm betting he wants to make peace. And if she is sensible so will she.

by Anonymousreply 112November 27, 2023 9:27 PM

R108 Seeth away Hon .

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by Anonymousreply 113November 27, 2023 9:28 PM

Harry and Meghan played it ALL WRONG !! Your perceptions are SPOT ON !!! Harold & Maggot are living in HELL. HELL I TELL YOU!. Can't fool R112 .😂

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by Anonymousreply 114November 27, 2023 9:37 PM

Always a pleasure to troll you fat chicks. Thanks for the entertainment. Now you gals get back to second dinner. See ya soon.

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by Anonymousreply 115November 27, 2023 9:42 PM

Me too re R65. It's sad to be that stupid and sadder still to be talking to yourself.

by Anonymousreply 116November 27, 2023 10:07 PM

Hey, R46, is this thread going the way you'd hoped? Have a nice day!

by Anonymousreply 117November 27, 2023 10:07 PM

Willy authentic as usual. Freak show indeed.

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by Anonymousreply 118November 27, 2023 11:23 PM

Royals appear pathologically incapable of behaving like natural normal human beings.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 119November 27, 2023 11:46 PM

Reptilians have a hard time faking human emotions.

by Anonymousreply 120November 27, 2023 11:50 PM

The vast majority of the supposed criticisms of the royal family in the book make them seem absolutely normal—-Charles telling the family to be guarded around Harry, William wanting little to do with Harry after his betrayals, Charles calling Harry a fool, Anne advising Charles to evict them, Catherine having no ambitions for personal prominence. I guess you have to live in the Sussex’s narcissistic world to find any of this remotely objectionable

by Anonymousreply 121November 28, 2023 12:09 AM

Negative review in The Times:

As you’d expect, the Poor Harry and Meghan stuff is there from the get-go in all its vaguely defamatory glory. The “institutional cruelty” they experienced at the hands of the Palace, the misogyny and racism wilfully ignored or hushed up, but no mention of the report into Meghan’s alleged bullying commissioned by the Palace and also hushed up.

It never cuts both ways; there are no shades of grey, only good guys and bad guys. And so to Queen Elizabeth’s last days at Balmoral. The castle is, we learn, “in any season a beautiful place”, boasting a “stunning view” of some “sublime peaks”. “Nobody,” he writes, “knew in advance that it would be the final weekend of her life,” showing an admirable grasp of how death works.

This is basically Finding Freedom: the Sequel. It’s not so much an incisive look at why he thinks the monarchy is doomed, more a mishmash of ancient history, ageing stories and a bit of new stuff, some of it interesting. The monarchy might face questions about its future, but Scobie doesn’t have many answers. Mostly, he offers random thoughts, wild generalisations and score-settling. It’s a shame, because the royal family obviously isn’t perfect. Its members are, I expect, as fallible, ruthless and occasionally unkind as anyone else. Harry and Meghan, for example.

He gets variously het-up about canals because they transported goods cultivated by enslaved people, and the Koh-i-Noor. “Looted wealth is visible everywhere,” he writes glibly, although the Koh-i-Noor has been looted more times from more places than I’ve had hot dinners. “Charles and Camilla ventured to Wrexham to celebrate the village achieving city status,” is, thrillingly, both boring and wrong. Wrexham was a town.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 122November 28, 2023 12:42 AM

[QUOTE]He gets variously het-up about canals because they transported goods cultivated by enslaved people, and the Koh-i-Noor.


by Anonymousreply 123November 28, 2023 12:55 AM

R118 Based on Keith Richard's expression where is William's hand?

by Anonymousreply 124November 28, 2023 2:57 AM

What an embarrassing homosexual this little Omid fellow is. I say we vote him off the island.

by Anonymousreply 125November 28, 2023 3:09 AM

That's not Keith Richards, it's Ron Wood.

by Anonymousreply 126November 28, 2023 3:10 AM

So that book *is* the sequel to Spare. It's just under Scobie's name. Does Henry think we can't see that? We know how stupid he is but did no one say to him "it's as obvious as the nose on your face that this is your book, Harry. And the RF will see it as such." He doesn't have anyone who will talk straight with him, does he? That's a shame because he really needs someone like that in his corner. Then again, it's too late to save him.

by Anonymousreply 127November 28, 2023 5:28 AM

R100, I suspect that - as with the rest of the royal family - we already know pretty much all there is to know about Andrew.

by Anonymousreply 128November 28, 2023 7:35 AM

R99, I'm wondering if, when Scobie and Carolyn Durand started planning Farting Freedom, they weren't at all aware that Harry and Meghan would leave the UK. He probably thought that they were going to stay in the country and he would be right at the heart of reporting on the royal family and all its imagined "scandals", with inside access to everything that's going on and endless commissions from newspapers for stories and invites to TV shows. He probably did believe he could market Markle as a kind of Diana 2.0 and Harry as the son who was honouring her true legacy, with the added zest of race. Now that the Harkles are permanently outside of the UK and outside of the royal family - who have now adopted the tactic of not telling Harry anything - he's left with nothing to sell but faux outrage.

by Anonymousreply 129November 28, 2023 7:45 AM

Charles must be happy. Better the subjects are mad at the young gay brown author, or the pretty black woman, than notice he and his beady eyed, grasping mother robbed them blind and now they must pre-pay for heat in winter. But by all means, blame the ginger, who left that corrupt shit behind, or whomever you can deflect to.

by Anonymousreply 130November 28, 2023 12:10 PM

You’re running out of material and it shows, r130.

by Anonymousreply 131November 28, 2023 12:15 PM

R130, none of that is true and you know it.

by Anonymousreply 132November 28, 2023 12:52 PM

Well its release day and the books #76 on the Amazon best seller list. Currently one behind "HR Approved Ways to Tell Employees They're Stupid" at #75 . So I guess Charles and everyone can breath a sigh of relief. He should have just left it a year then slapped Harry's name on it again like last time.

by Anonymousreply 133November 28, 2023 1:19 PM

The Torygraph: "Hell hath no fury like a royal reporter scorned. Omid Scobie’s Endgame is billed as the real story of what has been going on inside the Palace walls. But what runs through its 400-odd pages is Scobie’s sense of burning indignation that he was shut out.

The way he tells it, he was “a trusted confidante for many in and around the younger family – a true insider” until he decided to throw in his lot with Team Sussex. Perhaps understandably, Palace aides went a bit cool on him after that. With nothing left to lose, and a great deal of money to gain – Finding Freedom was a bestseller – he went off to write Endgame, a hit job that reads like a Mumsnet post about the world’s worst in-laws.

The King (we read) has spent his life as “an outspoken environmental activist, an occasional meddler in politics, a successful businessman, a flawed father and a philandering husband who destroyed the life of Princess Diana… Everyone already knows that King Charles might have preferred a life as Queen Camilla’s tampon.” We’re only on page six.

As for the Queen, is that a tone of misogyny I detect in Scobie’s prose? “Camilla,” he writes, “might not have stood on the barricades in the ’60s, but she did enjoy the sexual freedoms ushered in by that radical generation.” “Some who knew Camilla” have described her as “the sort to throw her knickers on the table”; he quotes, from one of the tabloids he despises, a housekeeper saying that she knew when Camilla had been to stay with Charles because there would be knickers all over the place. “Camilla’s undergarments making yet another appearance,” Scobie adds.

He is obsessed with the Palace’s relationship with the media, and clearly still annoyed that, as a writer for US magazines, he was not part of the official Royal Rota, which is limited to British national newspaper titles.

The hero of the tale isn’t Meghan, as it was in Finding Freedom, but Scobie himself. He zips around like a character from The Morning Show, informing us of his outfit choices (preparations for Queen Elizabeth II’s death demanded “a simple black sweater” from M&S) and his work for ABC News. He considers himself a wise counsel to Palace staffers, and can’t believe they ignore his advice. "

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 134November 28, 2023 1:30 PM

A column in the Torygraph: The book is full of damning accusations. But as anyone who read the fact-checking and fall-out from Finding Freedom, Scobie’s first book, will wonder: is any of it accurate?

It opens with a peculiar juxtaposition. On the one hand, Scobie delivers a strident, doom-laden overview of royal fortunes with ample quotes from unnamed sources and the occasional printing of verbatim messages. On the other, he laments how he has been all-but cut off by those close to the royals and Prince William in particular. How, then, would he know?

The book, as such, is fascinating mostly for how it channels the thoughts and theories of Camp Sussex. Though he is adamant neither Harry nor Meghan have helped with the book, much of his thesis chimes convincingly with what we know they think, handily laid out in their interviews and Harry’s own memoir.

Attention to detail lets it down

Some attention to detail lets it down. The world was not told about the late Queen Elizabeth II’s death at 6.10pm but 6.30pm. The funeral on Sept 19 2022 was that of the Queen not Prince Philip. Palace aides were racking their brains to remember the “five” private secretaries who have come and gone from the Duchess of Cambridge’s office (there have been three). And contrary to the claim “you’d be unlikely to read about it in any British newspaper”, The Telegraph reported on exactly that staffing issue last week.

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by Anonymousreply 135November 28, 2023 1:34 PM

R130 = Hiroo Onoda.

by Anonymousreply 136November 28, 2023 1:42 PM

[quote] Camilla,” he writes, “might not have stood on the barricades in the ’60s, but she did enjoy the sexual freedoms ushered in by that radical generation.

r134 That's one of the more unusual claims I've heard directed at Camilla. Does Scobi think royal mistresses didn't exist before the 1960s?

by Anonymousreply 137November 28, 2023 1:46 PM

[quote]The “institutional cruelty” they experienced at the hands of the Palace

With all the shit going on in the world right now, I can't imagine the Sussexes getting much sympathy for this.

by Anonymousreply 138November 28, 2023 1:57 PM

It's not? I do? Even I know the rules of chivalry are protect women and love your brother. William is therefore a big disappointment. Shame on his house. Your aristocrats owe you, British people. They owe you truth, they owe you apologies, and they owe you money. Myself I'd be most concerned with the money. R130

by Anonymousreply 139November 28, 2023 2:04 PM

The Telegraph's story about how Scobie portrays Kate. I'm sure all this came straight from Meghan.

[quote]The biographer, whose book Endgame is published on Tuesday, takes aim at the Princess, painting her as a “shiny thing” who can be cold and is prone to copying her sister-in-law’s style with none of her “outgoing nature and leadership potential”.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 140November 28, 2023 2:19 PM

R138 Even the NYT which has generally been pro-Meghan and Harry trashed the book in its review saying it sounded like a PR press release drafted on ChatGPT.

R140 Given that Meghan had to admit in court several months back that she did brief Scobie (through an aide) for Finding Freedom, of course she and Harry were involved in this book. Clearly Kate lives rent free in Meghan's head.

by Anonymousreply 141November 28, 2023 2:24 PM

Fugs in a row. The BRF and British aristocracy is an unprepossessing looking little group aren't they? A few exceptions but rare. All horse teeth.

by Anonymousreply 142November 28, 2023 2:27 PM

[quote]Clearly Kate lives rent free in Meghan's head.

I'd say clearly Meghan lives rent free in a lot of complete strangers heads.

by Anonymousreply 143November 28, 2023 2:29 PM

[quote]Camilla is also described by a former aide as rolling her eyes at “lefty nonsense” such as gender identity, unconscious bias and veganism.

Who among us doesn't roll their eyes at vegans?

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 144November 28, 2023 2:53 PM

Omid Scobie? Isn't that what you use to brew kombucha tea?

by Anonymousreply 145November 28, 2023 3:21 PM

Haha. Who ever considered Meghan to have leadership potential? And why is it desirable in an institution whose function is to follow the dictates of the elected government?

by Anonymousreply 146November 28, 2023 3:30 PM

I guess Kate shudders and the rest of them roll eyes because they've written off the marriage, which when you consider is between two self-obsessed children of divorce is probably a reasonable bet. I suppose they figure they'll figure it out once the divorce is done.

by Anonymousreply 147November 28, 2023 3:55 PM

Malignant narcissists never give up and they never give in.

Meghan's smear campaign against the RF for not treating her like she was the second coming of Christ will rage on forever. Forty years from now she will be on her deathbed pulling off her oxygen mask and still raging about Kate and lipgloss. She will also spend the rest of her life filled with venom because her doe eyed looks at William were ignored and he "scarfed" her.

Just like malignant orange narcissist tRump will still be raging about how fat and ugly Rosie O'Donnell is until he takes his last breath.

by Anonymousreply 148November 28, 2023 4:13 PM

[quote] I'd say clearly Meghan lives rent free in a lot of complete strangers heads.

She’s too much of a self-entitled cunt to pay.

by Anonymousreply 149November 28, 2023 4:15 PM

R144 Camilla becomes more and more relatable the more we find out about her. Allegedly she also leaves her underwear on the floor...I relate that that one...underwear and socks.

by Anonymousreply 150November 28, 2023 4:21 PM

A final threat or a just in case there's a divorce reminder?

"Scobie also warns that there remains much of Meghan’s “full story” about her “grim experiences behind palace walls” to reveal if she chooses.

While the couple’s documentaries and books have already revealed a “shocking amount”, he writes: “There are still things the couple has not shared.”

Of course, how would he [italic]ever[/italic] know that?

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 151November 28, 2023 4:47 PM

His ego must be smarting after those reviews. His next advance will be much reduced. If there ever is one.

by Anonymousreply 152November 28, 2023 4:48 PM

My question is who is buying any of these books? Who gives a shit about the BRF anymore? Pro or con? The only time I hear of these creatures is here on DL. I've never heard of this scobie person and never hear of Harry and Meghan or the others except here.

I picture a bunch of old lower middle class English biddies with QEII tea towels aspiring to be "to the manor born". That old cunt, surviving angel, is the epitome of this type and apparently still slogging this shit here.

by Anonymousreply 153November 28, 2023 5:01 PM

Did Harry have a 3 book deal? Maybe that's why he had the Lurch (Omid) publish the book under his name; to allow for Harry to publish 2 more ... since it seems appears that Meghan and Harry had input on this book.

by Anonymousreply 154November 28, 2023 5:01 PM

Oh boy, the advance (?) copy of the Dutch edition states that it was Prince Charles (and Princess Michael, no surprise) who were the “royal racists”. Despite Scobie coyly declining to name names now. Over on Reddit someone has posted tweets by the reporter who broke the story (Google translated) and also a photo of the book page in Dutch.

by Anonymousreply 155November 28, 2023 5:11 PM

[QUOTE]Currently one behind "HR Approved Ways to Tell Employees They're Stupid" at #75 .

"Believe me, if I could find someone else who could do this job, I would."

- Meghan, Duchess of Sussex to an assistant at a KP staff meeting

by Anonymousreply 156November 28, 2023 5:21 PM

^ That must be those leadership qualities Scobie wrote of.

by Anonymousreply 157November 28, 2023 5:24 PM

When reports of Meghan bullying the palace staff emerged, she said "It's not my job to CODDLE the staff".

Someone should have told Meghan "Likewise Meghan, it's not the Queen's, Charles, William, Catherine, the media or the British people's job to CODDLE you".

by Anonymousreply 158November 28, 2023 5:31 PM

It is being reporter that the Dutch copies have mistakenly reveled the identity of those who said Archie would be too dark for the royal family.

Do we have anyone in Dutchland here? Can anyone verify who the racist was?

by Anonymousreply 159November 28, 2023 5:32 PM

R154, see r106.

It was more than input. Scobie was given access to the contents of private correspondence between the Head of State of the United Kingdom and a C minus list actress with a spotty work history until she was cast in Suits.

by Anonymousreply 160November 28, 2023 5:33 PM

Anybody really think it was an accident?

by Anonymousreply 161November 28, 2023 5:36 PM

Yes r158, Megs was "staff, albeit royal, back then too, no?

by Anonymousreply 162November 28, 2023 5:39 PM

The Twitter machine says the book is being pulled from shelves in the Netherland.

by Anonymousreply 163November 28, 2023 5:39 PM

Harry said on Oprah: 'That conversation, I am never going to share. At the time it was awkward, I was a bit shocked.'

So watch out, because the next wrinkle is, who's the rat?

by Anonymousreply 164November 28, 2023 5:42 PM

It's Ron's Wood.

by Anonymousreply 165November 28, 2023 5:48 PM

R121 The British Royals make this family seem " absolutely normal".

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 166November 28, 2023 5:52 PM

Absolutely normal!

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 167November 28, 2023 5:55 PM

I'm reading on Twitter apparently it was Charles. I was hoping it would be Harry or Kate

by Anonymousreply 168November 28, 2023 5:57 PM

[QUOTE]Megs was "staff, albeit royal, back then too, no?

If we're looking at this from a corporate structure perspective...

No. She and the spare were middle management slightly above Edward and Sophie on the org chart. Meghan was the eager climber who sought to ingratiate herself to upper management through the special projects she conjured up and sent her staff scurrying to execute. Basically climbing up on the backs of the little people at the bottom of the organization.

Upper management, of course Charles and William with spousal input. William, the pragmatist, saw through the machinations and was alerted about staff mistreatment and moved to sever his office from the Sussexes' in order to protect his staff. Charles seemed more head-in-the-sand. Who hasn't worked at a company where some EVPs seem clueless?

And, of course, sole owner and CEO Queen Elizabeth.

by Anonymousreply 169November 28, 2023 6:00 PM

No worries .With these clowns there is a endless supply of material😂

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by Anonymousreply 170November 28, 2023 6:01 PM

Amazing what Royalass will grovel too. Do you dolts have no taste as well as no brains?

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 171November 28, 2023 6:06 PM

So folks like the circus dear.

by Anonymousreply 172November 28, 2023 6:07 PM

Google: Absolutely Normal

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by Anonymousreply 173November 28, 2023 6:11 PM

Ari Emmanuel must be clutching his head this morning. You have to wonder if he was aware of the book before it was announced back in July. Or how much the Sussexes were collaborating.

by Anonymousreply 174November 28, 2023 6:13 PM

MURIEL WE WARN YOU !!! This out of control WOG troll must be STOPPED! She is a pschyo who gets off on ridiculing the very HEART AND SOUL of our identity or BELOVED ROYAL FAMILY! MY GOD BLESS THEM. GOOD SAVE GOOD WHITE KING CHARLES! HIP HIP HOORAH!

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 175November 28, 2023 6:19 PM

^ Agree. Time to call in the Royal Marines!

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 176November 28, 2023 6:23 PM

If it was Charles, will he have to resign and reparate Meghan Queen?

by Anonymousreply 177November 28, 2023 6:29 PM

[quote]while Meghan (and here Scobie quotes an unnamed source) is “building ‘something more accessible … something rooted in her love of details, curating, hosting, life’s simple pleasures, and family.’”

while Meghan (and here Scobie quotes an unnamed source) is “building ‘something more accessible … something rooted in her love of backstabbing & bullying, curating celebrity pals, hosting the Soho set, life’s expensive pleasures, and ghosting family.’”

There fixed it for you!

by Anonymousreply 178November 28, 2023 6:33 PM

You forgot the jets.

by Anonymousreply 179November 28, 2023 6:38 PM

I have to admit, in a sad & scary world, the Harkles are very entertaining in an Absolutely Fabulous/car crash kind of way. The idea of Kate copying Megs minus her "leadership potential" is an absolute hoot! That said, I could see Kate (& Wills) being rather cold, even if you were a generally nice, agreeable person so I don't think her complaints are entirely without merit - they're just so laughably overblown, they appear ridiculous. And yes, it is very Trump-like to make everything about you & relentlessly whine about some perceived slight. Rage on Harkles, it's been boring on DL without you!

by Anonymousreply 180November 28, 2023 6:40 PM

It's clear that Harry has mental illness and has been completely - and some of it unintentionally - brainwashed by Megan and her new agey talky-talk and such. She's a product of LA and believes what she preaches, and Harry's gullible and naive enough to buy it also. I don't think Megan ever set out to destroy or hurt the royal family, but she's certainly done it.

by Anonymousreply 181November 28, 2023 6:48 PM

Oh, Joy!! Rapture! Another thread on the Mountbatten-Windsors of Montecito, CA, USA!

How much traction can you get out of your introduction to your future brother-in-law and his wife?

How much traction can you get out of the usual tiffs in the wind-up to a wedding?

How much traction can you get out of a tasteless joke about the skin pigmentation of the issue of this couple?

How much traction can you get out of the perceived slights you received after your marriage in the few months you actually performed the duties that came with your new role?

Scobie the scrivener is rehashing the whiny details rehashed already numerous time by the Cos-Play Royals of Montecito, CA, USA.

by Anonymousreply 182November 28, 2023 6:53 PM

I don't think she did, either, R181. If she'd gotten her own way, in every way, she'd probably still be there. The thing seems to be there's nothing she won't do to get her own way.

by Anonymousreply 183November 28, 2023 6:57 PM

I hope it's Kate middleton and William

by Anonymousreply 184November 28, 2023 6:58 PM

The surprising conclusion from the Meghan years is what a fundamentally decent and normal family the royal family is. It’s not what you would necessarily have expected. With the worst will in the world and decades of intimate observation, all Harry and Meghan can come up with are examples of the family’s restrained attempts to grapple with two deeply unpleasant narcissists. I’m most families Harry and Meghan would be publicly denounced and treated as if they no longer exist. William could be forgiven for spitting repeatedly in Harry’s face, but he hasn’t.

by Anonymousreply 185November 28, 2023 7:01 PM

Scobie is now blabbing about the Queen’s final days after blabbing previously how awful it was that they tried to keep Harry away. I can’t imagine why they didn’t want him there.

by Anonymousreply 186November 28, 2023 7:10 PM

[quote] I'd say clearly Meghan lives rent free in a lot of complete strangers heads.

That’s not living. - It’s more of an infestation.

by Anonymousreply 187November 28, 2023 7:48 PM


by Anonymousreply 188November 28, 2023 7:49 PM

"What a fundamentally indecent and abnormal crime family the royal family is. "

fixed for simpleton that is R185

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by Anonymousreply 189November 28, 2023 8:02 PM

R182 Cos-Play Royals 😂

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by Anonymousreply 190November 28, 2023 8:04 PM

R182 Cos-Play Royals😂😂

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by Anonymousreply 191November 28, 2023 8:07 PM

R182 Cos-Play Royals 😂😂😂

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by Anonymousreply 192November 28, 2023 8:08 PM

R182 Cos-Play Royals😂😂😂😂

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 193November 28, 2023 8:10 PM

Stop me when you've had enough Dearie😂😂😂😂😂

by Anonymousreply 194November 28, 2023 8:11 PM

Stop what?

by Anonymousreply 195November 28, 2023 8:12 PM

This was covered on the news today - the Dutch edition naming the person - but they shared the video of Harry saying in the interview to promote his book that no one had been racist.

When the "accusation" came out there were plenty of people in mixed race marriages who dismissed it.

One of my colleagues is a 60 year old white woman who married a black man - her mixed race daughter married a mixed race man and had a pale baby. She said it's perfectly normal to wonder what features of each parent the baby will have, especially in Harry & Meghan's case where Harry is a pale ginger.

by Anonymousreply 196November 28, 2023 8:13 PM

Before tons of plastic surgery, 🤣.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 197November 28, 2023 8:15 PM

R195 Your inane cultish comment is a perfect example of why Not So Great Britain is an irrelevant Disneyland of a country.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 198November 28, 2023 8:28 PM

Why do Dutch give a shit?

by Anonymousreply 199November 28, 2023 8:50 PM

The Maul: A panicked Omid Scobie has insisted he did not name a senior figure of The Firm as the 'royal racist', after his controversial new book was dramatically pulled from the shelves today in the Netherlands.

The author has blamed a 'translation error' for a passage in the Dutch language version of the book which appeared to name the person who allegedly questioned what colour Harry and Meghan's unborn son Archie would be.

by Anonymousreply 200November 28, 2023 10:21 PM

[quote] The author has blamed a 'translation error' for a passage in the Dutch language version of the book which appeared to name the person who allegedly questioned what colour Harry and Meghan's unborn son Archie would be.

“Camilla” is translated into something else in Dutch?

by Anonymousreply 201November 28, 2023 10:26 PM

Pre-planned PR stunt.

Embalmed face Scobie will pretend to be outraged.

The duplicitous duo will pretend to denounce embalmed face Scobie while having clandestine meetings with him to celebrate at one of Tyler Perry's many secluded and heavily guarded homes. No one will find them at any of Tyler's homes as Medusa Meg won't be calling the paps this time like she did when they previously stayed at Tyler's home and she wanted the paps to find them.

by Anonymousreply 202November 28, 2023 10:27 PM

R201. Yes. A passage referring to a royal horse that took a dislike to Meghan was misinterpreted by the Dutch translator as referring to Camilla.

by Anonymousreply 203November 28, 2023 10:29 PM

It was Princess Michael who made the how dark is Archie going to be comment twitter has been shaking its head over for going on 3 years? That's hilarious. Its Princess Michael she could have said much worse.

by Anonymousreply 204November 28, 2023 10:56 PM

I blew it ! Anne makes a better Napoleon than Joaquin Phoenix .

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 205November 28, 2023 11:00 PM

R199 No one gives a shit except racist pensioners and tourists.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 206November 28, 2023 11:07 PM

Sigh. " duplicitous duo" was the nickname my ex -hubby gave my testicles.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 207November 28, 2023 11:15 PM

Trollie FAIL! You are not AT ALL FUNNY. We are serious subjects of our GOD ANNOINTED KING! We take HIM very seriously!!! WE ARE SERIOUS PEOPLE! Not like you!!! WE ARE NOT CRAZY AND OBCESSED CULT MEMBERS like you MEGSTAN FREAKS!!

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 208November 28, 2023 11:31 PM

Megstan, why don’t you take the opportunity to explain why Meghan being a lying, insufferable, gold-digging cunt is actually a good thing?

by Anonymousreply 209November 28, 2023 11:42 PM

Omid Scobie needs to pop off and buy a double ended dildo to have a bit of fun with that scummy Dan Wootton.

by Anonymousreply 210November 29, 2023 12:07 AM

I think Charles is more sophisticated and more progressive than a lot of the Royals. Now I could see Zara Tindall's husband the rugby player with the smashed up face joking about the color issue, or Camilla for that matter. But one thing I did pick up on is the fact that HArry seemed to believe his uncle Andrew was in his corner. So how ironic would it be if that duplicitous pig was joking and commenting about the kids?

by Anonymousreply 211November 29, 2023 12:45 AM

[quote]Scobie is now blabbing about the Queen’s final days after blabbing previously how awful it was that they tried to keep Harry away. I can’t imagine why they didn’t want him there.

Well no shit. And they weren't trying to keep him away - it wasn't his business to be there. NONE of her other grandchildren were there when she died, and only William (the heir) came up later, just before Harry. None of the others arrived until the next day or day after - why the hell couldn't Harry come up with the rest of them?

And from what I could see, at least the videos of the public walkabouts at Balmoral - none of the other grandkids brought their spouses up either. It was purely an immediate family event, the death of their mother/grandmother.

by Anonymousreply 212November 29, 2023 1:11 AM

From the Telegraph article about the Dutch translation containing the names of the "racist royals."

[QUOTE]“I wrote and edited the English version. There’s never been no version that I’ve produced that has names in it.”

First of all, the publisher didn't give him a professional editor to work with? Explains the florid prose. Or even a fact checker who could have corrected glaring errors like the Queen's funeral day? 😕

Second, he used the double negative. Is he admitting it or just being a shitty grammarian under pressure?

by Anonymousreply 213November 29, 2023 1:12 AM

R210 Sorry Tiny double headed dildos are Willy's area of expertise

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by Anonymousreply 214November 29, 2023 1:26 AM

It's interesting how quickly he tried to distance himself. A second rate publisher?

by Anonymousreply 215November 29, 2023 1:33 AM

Harper Collins isn't second rate.

by Anonymousreply 216November 29, 2023 2:26 AM

I love the fact Scobie Doo Doo is trying to make a big deal out of Kate being "cold." First off, most of the British upper class are a bit frosty to begin with. Second off, I would guess marrying into the most famous family on Earth probably makes you somewhat guarded to new people, even to your bother-in-law's actress girlfriend of several weeks.

by Anonymousreply 217November 29, 2023 3:46 AM

Katy a Cold Stepford Wife and Mother . What rot!!

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by Anonymousreply 218November 29, 2023 4:58 AM

Piers Morgan ( the UK's Tucker Carlson) is now calling for Prince Harry to be killed. All because someone wrote a book. Really. Snowflake? Sure the Royalass apoligists will claim it's all a "joke" .Like when he hoped for Meghan to get into a "car accident" and posted a picture of chimp when their child was born. Royalass are the UK version of Trumptards. Not just ignorant racists bigots but are now openly homicidal psychos. Different lipstick on the same fascist pigs.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 219November 29, 2023 5:00 AM

^ Can't wait for Prince Harry to win in court and take this fat fuck down. Only a matter of months.

by Anonymousreply 220November 29, 2023 5:01 AM

He's not winning anything if he keeps thinking his personal opinions and daydreams are actual evidence. He had to admit that he had no proof at all the last time he went to court. Harry is an idiot.

by Anonymousreply 221November 29, 2023 5:06 AM

Scoobie seems like a prize asshole. Anyone stupid enough to associate with him ought to be mortified. He is a complete fifth rate jackass.

by Anonymousreply 222November 29, 2023 5:57 AM

What a sad, faggy excuse for a 'man'.

by Anonymousreply 223November 29, 2023 6:39 AM

Are you talking about yourself, r223?

by Anonymousreply 224November 29, 2023 7:00 AM

R219, Piers Morgan doesn't say any such thing, neither at the link you posted (where the article doesn't back up the claim) nor at the link that article contains to Morgan's column in the Sun. Piers Morgan is also nothing like Tucker Carlson.

If you and the trash you read are going to make incendiary allegations, then at least back them up with some facts. Although, I guess it's too much to expect facts from someone who defends Omid Scobie.

by Anonymousreply 225November 29, 2023 7:08 AM

For anyone enjoying this thread and fed up with the childish troll, blocking R219 will take away over 60 posts.

The retarded idiot has posted about 600 replies on Royal Family threads over the past months, and less than 10 posts anywhere else. He is either mentally ill or on meth, probably both. Block him.

by Anonymousreply 226November 29, 2023 7:31 AM

So Charles was the “racist” according to Scobie’s Dutch version of the book

by Anonymousreply 227November 29, 2023 1:11 PM

Sorry, r227, did we wake you?

by Anonymousreply 228November 29, 2023 1:15 PM

Second fabricated "racist" as per Dutch edition ghost written by Meghan: Catherine.

by Anonymousreply 229November 29, 2023 1:19 PM

lol, r228.

by Anonymousreply 230November 29, 2023 1:54 PM

R230. Lol

by Anonymousreply 231November 29, 2023 2:01 PM

Have Omid Scobie and Miss Nicolas Fairford ever been seen in the same room?

Just saying.

by Anonymousreply 232November 29, 2023 2:19 PM

Repeating for the 20th time for those who are apparently unable to understand television when they watch it:


Meghan said Harry was the one who had the conversation, and when Harry joined her (this was the Oprah interview), he said no, it wasn't about Archie. The conversation occurred before they were even engaged, and was a general question about the colour of any progeny. In that context we have absolutely no idea how the subject came up. It might have been, for example, about Harry's ability to deal with the media in the event that a child was very dark-skinned and the media chose to dwell on that in the way he said they were dealing with Meghan.

by Anonymousreply 233November 29, 2023 3:24 PM


No matter the subject, that's a given.

by Anonymousreply 234November 29, 2023 4:40 PM

I'm not sure but my feeling is somehow this has and will backfire on Scobie and the Sussexes.

by Anonymousreply 235November 29, 2023 4:42 PM

This disclosure puts a bomb off under Harry’s attempt at rapprochement with the King, doesn’t it? And it makes any escape route from his marriage all the more difficult for him, so Meghan keeps control of him, gets media attention and does her best to destroy a family who refused to understand just how marvellous, special, positively saintly she is.

I wonder who on earth could be responsible? Who stands to benefit?

by Anonymousreply 236November 29, 2023 4:55 PM

[quote] What a waste of a life writing sycophantically about Meghan and trashing anyone who doesn't lick her kiester

Well, to be fair, who had ever heard of Omid Scobie until he attached himself to her?

by Anonymousreply 237November 29, 2023 5:12 PM

You wouldn't wipe you dick on Scabie's curtain after fucking him. In fact, you wouldn't even fuck him.

by Anonymousreply 238November 29, 2023 5:22 PM

Yahoo fired embalmed face Omid last year. LOL, he couldn't even hold a job at yahoo so he has to be Cruella de Markle's full time flunkey.

by Anonymousreply 239November 29, 2023 5:28 PM

The Sussexes cannot stay out of the news. You know they collaberated with Scobie on this week even if they use a middle man. I guess they get off on the drama.

by Anonymousreply 240November 29, 2023 9:56 PM

R240 here, week shouldn't be there.

by Anonymousreply 241November 29, 2023 10:46 PM

Of course they collaborated, without question.

by Anonymousreply 242November 29, 2023 11:13 PM

[quote]Have Omid Scobie and Miss Nicolas Fairford

Miss Nicolas Fairford is actually quite attractive as long as she keeps her mouth shut. Omid Scobie looks like an extraterrestrial attempting a human disguise.

by Anonymousreply 243November 30, 2023 1:17 AM

Lady Fairford has too much good taste to be a racist unlike the party planners daughter.

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by Anonymousreply 244November 30, 2023 5:32 AM

I always thought a keister was a belly. But then r237's post doesn't really makes sense.

by Anonymousreply 245November 30, 2023 6:16 AM

R235 is correct. The Sussexes are actually self destructing. Scobie will be working at Starbucks next.

by Anonymousreply 246November 30, 2023 6:19 AM

R265 you were incorrect. It means ass.

by Anonymousreply 247November 30, 2023 9:01 AM

So who was it? Katie? Our very own Princess of Wales?

by Anonymousreply 248November 30, 2023 3:29 PM

William's smile in this morning's photo of him, Katherine and visiting royalty made me want to cringe. That smile of his. Jeez.

by Anonymousreply 249November 30, 2023 3:30 PM

I think this fades quickly and somehow the Sussexes wear it. People are so tired of this. Does any fair-minded person truly believe Kate Middleton or Charles asked anything about race with a negative connotation intended? To be quite honest, I'm struggling to believe Kate went anywhere near the matter by the time Meagain was pregnant. That relationship, by that point, was... defined. One of the Dutch reports on the reference to Kate said what she was alleged to have asked wasn't as definitive as what Charles is accused of saying.

by Anonymousreply 250November 30, 2023 3:33 PM

Was it Kate or Princess Michael or Camilla who was the Princess of Wales when the conversation(s) took place?

by Anonymousreply 251November 30, 2023 4:29 PM

It’s kind of amazing how much the Sussexes and Scobie have been able to squeeze out of this non-story. Who gives a fuck about who in the Royal family said something that could be construed as insensitive? They’re not American. They haven’t been taught the intricacies of race relations of the kind that exists in America.

by Anonymousreply 252November 30, 2023 4:37 PM

DL fav Russell Myers is reporting that the Palace is eyeing legal action against Harper Collins (the publisher of Endgame) and Talk TV (where Piers Morgan's show is aired) over the naming of the King and Catherine. I hope the due because it would require Scobie to reveal his sources and we know who that will prove to be.....

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by Anonymousreply 253November 30, 2023 4:40 PM

I'll tell you one thing, he won't go to prison to protect his sources.

by Anonymousreply 254November 30, 2023 4:44 PM

Does anybody truly think that in a black family, there would be no speculation about what the kids would look like (skin, hair, features, everything) when a member of the black family marries somebody white? Because there absolutely would.

by Anonymousreply 255November 30, 2023 4:50 PM

Scobie Doo Doo was on ITV's This Morning today and it was a car crash of an interview. The hosts, Allison Hammond and Craig Doyle, really went to town on him. Doyle basically accused Scobie of this being a stunt to increase sales, and Hammond didn't seem to believe him when he said Meghan had nothing to do with the book. He also said he felt he was being unfairly treated by the media LOL

by Anonymousreply 256November 30, 2023 4:56 PM

Piers Morgan challenged him to appear on his show. An appearance will drive up sales, but is Scobie brave enough? That money vs. humiliation dilemma must be playing out in his little brain as he ponders his future from his Hollywood Hills rental.

by Anonymousreply 257November 30, 2023 5:03 PM

He's well named.

In Irish vernacular a scobie means a despicable person.

by Anonymousreply 258November 30, 2023 5:05 PM

In our Black family among my granny and great aunties, they talked about everything:Complexion, hair (will it be nappy or "good") and noses. They worried about noses that spread all over your face. Oh, and big lips. They would never discuss such things in front of the pregnant girl, but amongst themselves they would, definitely.

by Anonymousreply 259November 30, 2023 10:28 PM

Good review by The Telegraph! To sum it up they say that basically by naming the so-called "racist" royals, Scoobie Doo has, with purpose or by accident, detonated the last bomb the Sussexes had to throw at the royals. Even if Meghan or Harry come out in the future saying that actually it wasn't Charles and Kate it was "x,y,z," people will be inclined to call hogwash on it. Additionally, the book has come across as such petty, angry, biased trash, that it tarnishes H&M to the point that the King could likely strip them of their titles and it would cause far less backlash than it would have even when Spare came out. In the end, this book has likely advanced H&M's ride into irrelevance and shift public opinion to the point that the public would fully support the King closing the door on H&M for good and moving on like in a "we don't know her" manner. Should the Sussex marriage breakdown, perhaps Harry might eventually be given a very tense welcome back to the private fold of the family, but Meghan's reputation won't ever be restored with the UK public perhaps even the American public too.

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by Anonymousreply 260November 30, 2023 10:31 PM

It's normal to wonder what the baby will look like. Ginger and black? He's a good looking kid.

by Anonymousreply 261November 30, 2023 10:32 PM

The Sun saying what we all know...Meghan leaked the names to Omid.

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by Anonymousreply 262November 30, 2023 10:32 PM

I knew that was coming. Has that chick ever had a plan that didn't boomerang? Fucking idiot.


by Anonymousreply 263November 30, 2023 10:43 PM

It’s mildly interesting that Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh, currently on a visit to Colombia, appeared today in exactly the same shade of teal as Kate was wearing in London tonight.

It’s reminiscent of the aftermath of the Netflix interview, when the Waleses’, Middletons and Tindalls all turned up at a carol service in burgundy.

I think Sophie is very clear in showing where her loyalties lie.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 264December 1, 2023 12:42 AM

r262 Sophie is a lovely woman.

I think the Sussexes have used up their last significant weapon and it hasnt worked.They are now in a very weak position.The power was always in the fear or concern of them maybe saying or naming the alleged royal racists but once youve revealed it youve lost your power.A paradox I dont think Harry and Meghan are intelligent enough to grasp.

by Anonymousreply 265December 1, 2023 1:17 AM

And that's assuming they are not dragged into how all this information got in Scobie's hands.

by Anonymousreply 266December 1, 2023 1:21 AM

Oh Sophie, belt loops are your friend

by Anonymousreply 267December 1, 2023 4:10 AM

R249 It's the sincerity and warmth that just oozes out of William. It's all in his caring eyes. Something fake Harry could never manage in a million years.

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by Anonymousreply 268December 1, 2023 4:20 AM

BREAKING: Operation My New Black Friend has been launched😂

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by Anonymousreply 269December 1, 2023 4:22 AM

R265 "Sophie is a lovely BEARD " Notice the lovely wife hasn't been seen with her wasting away homosexual hubby Princess a in months. Did we mention the missing wedding ring and separate homes. Guess we should be greatful lovely Sophie hasn't runover and killed any grandma's lately. . Sure Sophie will make a "lovely widow." Royalass are the loveliest dolts on the planet.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 270December 1, 2023 4:33 AM

r270 Sophie hasnt driven and killed anyone.You are just illustrating how low and nasty you will go.Quite apt though because distortion and lies is the stock in trade of the Harkles and those who support them.

by Anonymousreply 271December 1, 2023 4:55 AM

R271 Cultists are so predictably lovely😂

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by Anonymousreply 272December 1, 2023 5:13 AM

R271 "You are just illustrating how low and nasty you will go."

If the hat fits Royalass Scouser.

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by Anonymousreply 273December 1, 2023 5:22 AM

Her Royal Highness The Princess of Wales looks so lovely in white.

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by Anonymousreply 274December 1, 2023 5:42 AM

This all reeks of bullshit. Someone set it up to come out.

by Anonymousreply 275December 1, 2023 6:31 AM

I bet Charles wishes he could go back 500 years and have Scobie hanged, drawn and quartered.

by Anonymousreply 276December 1, 2023 7:04 AM

r272 Nowhere does it say Sophie was driving the car and killed the elderly lady.Are you really that malicious??

by Anonymousreply 277December 1, 2023 7:12 AM

Unless Charles or whomever said something like "Gracious! I hope the baby isn't as dark as Meghan's mother," there's no there there. Anyway, it's clear that Meghan was lying and making shit up when she tied the supposed racism remark to Archie not receiving a title. She, and especially Harry, would have known how the title issued worked at the time.

by Anonymousreply 278December 1, 2023 1:34 PM

R274 the more you throw that shit around the more meaningless it gets.

by Anonymousreply 279December 1, 2023 4:34 PM

R274, you are truly fucking mental. Wow, if we were in the room, I'd be frightened. Not all that easy just sharing the planet, to be honest.

Seriously, though, you need some help. I mean, I don't care, but we're all gonna have to put up with you once you're totally homeless and ranting in rags on the streetcorner. Just please find an alley to take the dump?

by Anonymousreply 280December 1, 2023 4:38 PM

Forget about the Royals, Scobie pissed off the Swifties

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by Anonymousreply 281December 1, 2023 4:42 PM

Sometimes I question how bright Gonad is.

by Anonymousreply 282December 1, 2023 4:43 PM

Our Princess Catherine looked STUNNING last night!!! Let's see Megs top this!!!

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by Anonymousreply 283December 1, 2023 5:32 PM

Stunned her husband is actually touching her.

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by Anonymousreply 284December 1, 2023 5:44 PM

What a miserable, irrelevant pair Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mountbatten-Windsor of Montecito, CA, USA have turned out to be.

His family should cease any contact they might have with them. And the titles need to be taken away from them.

by Anonymousreply 285December 1, 2023 5:50 PM

It's now front-page news that Charles and Kate were named. Surely the royals have to say something now? "Never complain, never explain" won't cut it in this context. If it's true, they need to apologise publicly and profusely. If it's untrue, they need to deny it emphatically.

by Anonymousreply 286December 1, 2023 6:15 PM

I disagree. Nobody seems to give a fuck. The story is shifting to how it happened and who wrote it.

by Anonymousreply 287December 1, 2023 6:20 PM

The racist accusations are not true, Harry and Meghan are entirely irrelevant to the Monarchy.

Never complain, never explain is absolutely the correct path.

by Anonymousreply 288December 1, 2023 6:20 PM

Everyone was crying out for action after the Oprah interview, and the Palace issued the blandest of statements and waited for everyone to move on, and for the inconsistencies in Meghan’s stories to be revealed. And that was at the time when Harry and Meghan were most credible and most sympathetic.

Meghan said to Oprah, the “concerns” about skin colour were expressed during her pregnancy. She also said Kate was a good person. Harry then undermined the skin colour slur immediately by saying the conversation was just “weird” and happened before they were even married. Then, in the Tom Bradby interview, he flatly denied that he or Meghan thought any member of the RF was racist, and (typically) he blamed the press.

Not enough people believe that any malicious intent was behind the conversation (if it even happened), and so many people (in cluding the former head of the Commission for Racial Equality) are expressing incredulity that Meghan thinks that speculating about the appearance of a speculative mixed-race baby is at all offensive.

At most, expect a short statement that the King is “distressed” at the allegations, and sad and disappointed that dear Meghan misconstrued his words. However, I doubt even that will occur. The Kingof the United Kingdom does not have family arguments with his daughter-in-law in public.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 289December 1, 2023 6:39 PM

Plus, waiting last time gave her enough rope to hang herself so presumably whoever needs rope this go round will enjoy all the time they need to get that rope again.

by Anonymousreply 290December 1, 2023 7:29 PM

Sooooo this came up on TalkTv last night. Emily Andrews who has good contacts within the Palace has stated that one of the reasons the royals are livid about names being named is that apparently behinds the scenes in one of these letters between Meghan/Charles it was agreed that Harry & Meghan would no longer air the topic of conversations about Archie's skin in public again. This is why there was nothing really on it in Spare. Andrews claims this was part of the deal struck to allow Archie and Lilibet to use the Prince/Princess titles. So the names likely came from Meghan, blowing this agreement up.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 291December 1, 2023 8:25 PM

I don't believe anybody would put anything like that in writing. I mean that's been a trope in fiction for a hundred years now, you can imagine Buckingham Palace would have figured it out - just as you can imagine a letter from the King to Meghan Markle would have been vetted by the trustworthy.

Why would Kate, of all people, be speculating in anyway about Harry's child? It doesn't make any sense.

by Anonymousreply 292December 1, 2023 9:04 PM

The Mail: "Many within the industry believe the only reasonable explanation is that the Dutch publishing house was given an early manuscript before it had been seen been lawyers and signed off. Newsnight interviewer Victoria Derbyshire told Scobie: 'In some version you must have written the names in and the wrong version has potentially gone to the people in charge of the rights around the world, I suppose.' Scobie did not reply to this point."

The Mail also says C is seriously thinking about legal action. That's gonna put the squeeze on Scobie and... whoever his source was. But I am sure as a journalist he will not betray a source.

by Anonymousreply 293December 1, 2023 9:57 PM

I do not believe for a moment that HArry or Meghan leaked the names to the Dutch publisher. I was listening to a discussion on NPR's BBC morning news, and it's verified that it appeared only in the Dutch. At first the Dutch claimed it was a "translation error" but they backed away from that and are now pissing themselves, because if Scobie proves it was not in the original English manuscript, as he claims, then some mischief was a foot because they could not have "translated it" it if wasn't there. The tabloids are getting a lot of mileage out of this and Scobie is looking very bad. IMO, I believe it was malicious mischief aimed at Scobie by someone who wanted to derail him, screw up his cred permanently. So IMO, the leak came from someone connected to the media.

by Anonymousreply 294December 1, 2023 9:59 PM

I find it hard to believe that Charles was stupid enough to engage in any letter writing with Cruella de Markle given his knowledge of what happened with her letter to her poor, discarded, heart attack and stroke victim father.

by Anonymousreply 295December 1, 2023 10:01 PM

If they broke a previous agreement re the kids' titles, then Charles should simply walk it back. They don't need titles growing up in America, anyway. He can use that as an excuse.

by Anonymousreply 296December 1, 2023 10:53 PM

The children have the title by right, since he is the son of a reigning monarch.

Scobie is selling a book which is a rehashing of events covered already in the memoir, in interviews, and in the Netflix docuseries. There needs to be a reason people will buy another book about the same old crap. This brouhaha over a Dutch translation is the hook to reel in buyers.

Scobie is a little liar, a slim and better looking version of George Santos.

by Anonymousreply 297December 1, 2023 11:04 PM

The Telegraph is openly mocking all three in that marriage.

We do not yet know how many more books Omid Scobie, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s official-unofficial chargé d’affaires in the real world, has left in him. Scobie is 42 years old but seems to be ageing both in reverse and at a canter, as if eventually he might look so young that the Sussexes see fit to adopt him. If that happens, his capacity could be limitless.

Fingers crossed he’s not laying down his hatchet just yet, though, because like all great art, his latest effort, Endgame: Inside the Royal Family and the Monarchy’s Fight for Survival, provokes as many questions as it answers.

Why, for instance, is he so obsessed with the Queen’s sex life? Has it occurred to him that he may be suffering from acute main character syndrome when he recounts that Prince William gave him “an unimpressed stare” through the windscreen of a Range Rover once? And who, but who, are the royal racists who enquired about the baby’s skin tone? It’s all Dutch to me. Or all in one of the Dutch versions, anyway.

In many ways Endgame is very much Omid’s Metamorphoses, and an example of a now familiar, most modern fairy tale: that of the famous people who lose power and then, unsure what else they should do to maintain their renown, decide they have no option but to become podcasters.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 298December 1, 2023 11:35 PM

2/ It’s within these chapters where we find the standout teaser. Scobie, in a distressing passage about how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were left in penury when “the royal institution cut them off from all funding and security”, explains how they were forced into “sign[ing] some lucrative deals they might have thought twice about had they not been under so much financial pressure”.

We’ve all been there: coerced into putting pen to paper on multi-multimillion-dollar deals with streaming giants to develop audio content, despite having no great desire to make a podcast. Or to do anything, really, besides go to Beyoncé gigs and stuff. Relatable.

“When the couple signed a contract worth up to $20 million (£16m) with Spotify […] neither of the two expected executives to turn down so many of their ideas,” the Endgame passage continues. “The streamer, said a company source, was only interested in paying out for juicy goods that could generate major headlines and bring in subscriptions.”

Scobie, the old tease. “Neither of the two expected executives to turn down so many of their ideas.” He just skips right past that line, without adding any further context, or even any wild and completely unsourced speculation – which is thoroughly out of character.

Harry and Meghan had ideas so weak or demented that even Spotify, a company that said yes to Archetypes – the 12-episode podcast, which ran for a year, in which Meghan mostly just chatted to mates – said, “Respectfully, that sounds dreadful.”

Yet we don’t get to hear what those rejected concepts were. What is the point of having a hotline straight to the Montecito nerve centre of the Sussex operation if you aren’t going to ask? We needed this. We deserved this. So now I have no choice but to imagine them. Thanks, Omid.

by Anonymousreply 299December 1, 2023 11:36 PM


The Rest Is Silence Harry and Meghan’s pitch: “A question for you, folks: What is so fragile that saying its name breaks it? …No? No one? It’s ‘silence’. The answer is silence. In the modern world, we’re surrounded by noise – it’s deafening, right? Even in Montecito we’re like, ‘Aargh! Will someone turn those cicadas down! We don’t pay the gardeners for nothing!’ Ha-ha, no, we love those guys. But we’re serious. Do you know what the most precious commodity is? It’s not money, or security – though those things are really good. No, it’s time. Wait no, sorry. Silence. It’s silence.

“Nobody has enough of it, so here’s our idea: for 45 minutes a week, every episode of The Rest Is Silence will provide that quiet. No words. No music. No unnecessary jingles. Just… Nothing. Maybe the occasional advert for BetterUp or Archewell, but other than that, silence. What do you think? We can see you’re embracing silence right now, which is a good first step!”

The response from Spotify: “Popular as we would be in certain circles if we were the company that finally managed to render the two of you silent (or is it silenced?), on balance we would rather you did some work in exchange for our money. But thank you all the same.”

by Anonymousreply 300December 1, 2023 11:36 PM


Scobie Dobie Doo, Where Are You? We Got Some Work To Do Now The pitch: “You can hear the theme tune already, are we right? So it’s Omid Scobie in the role of, yes, the great Scooby-Doo, and every week we give him a new mystery to solve. But first, we have to find him! Usually he is by our bins, for some reason, so that part is quick. Anyway, an example of a mystery we might have him explore is, like, ‘Omid, come quick! Someone in the Royal family is a total bitch, but don’t tell anyone we told you that. Can you find out who it is?’ And he goes off and considers the options. Or another episode could be, like, ‘Omid, come quick! It has been several months since the media obsessed over us. Can you solve this quandary?’ Or…”

The response: “Hmmm. This feels more like a book. Or two books.”

by Anonymousreply 301December 1, 2023 11:36 PM

Meg’s Benedict The pitch: “We’re blue-skying here, this one is embryonic. But every week, Meghan and Benedict Cumberbatch could meet and chat. Just, like, about what they’ve been up to, or about acting, or about being parents or whatever. We thought of it at breakfast the other day. We think it could be good?”

The response: “Yeah, this is a hard no. And Harry, we did get your email, but it does not make it better if you change it to Benedict Allen, the explorer. That is, in fact, an even worse idea.”

Prince William’s So Annoying, Ugh!

The pitch: “Two words: ‘Prince Harry: Unleashed.’ I can just riff on Wills for a few hours every month. Man, that guy is such a loser! And he is not stronger than me. Never has been. I always out-wrestled that goof. I could even do my impression of him. Listen, I’ll do it now: ‘Oooo, I’m Willy, I’m going to be King, I’m bald, blah blah blah’. What do you think?”

The response: “We think maybe this is better for your therapist, Harry. But if they pass, we will reconsider.”

by Anonymousreply 302December 1, 2023 11:37 PM


Desert Island Discs The pitch: “OK, last chance. Here goes. Each week, a guest, called a ‘castaway’ during the programme, is asked to choose eight audio recordings (usually, but not always, music), a book and a luxury item that they would take if they were to be cast away on a desert island, while discussing their life and the reasons for their choices.”

The response: “Are you serious? This is literally the third sentence on the Wikipedia page for the beloved and long-running BBC Radio 4 series Desert Island Discs, and you know it. You’re reading it from your phone right now, Harry! We can see the page open! Get out of here, both of you.”

by Anonymousreply 303December 1, 2023 11:37 PM

LOL: Anyway, an example of a mystery we might have him explore is, like, ‘Omid, come quick! Someone in the Royal family is a total bitch, but don’t tell anyone we told you that. Can you find out who it is?’ And he goes off and considers the options.

by Anonymousreply 304December 1, 2023 11:41 PM

A 1200 year old institution is shitting its trousers over a BOOK. Tell us again how " irrelevant" the Sussexes are. You Royalass are bloody mental. But you already knew that.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 305December 2, 2023 12:06 AM

Dead Racist Clowns walking..😂

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 306December 2, 2023 1:21 AM

I don't get these two. Harry is nothing without his royal titles. Meghan is nothing without Harry's titles. Bringing down the monarchy (not that they could) is the worst thing they can do for themselves.

by Anonymousreply 307December 2, 2023 1:58 AM

[quote] I don't get these two.

For her, I think it's all about attention. If so, that seems to gel with the claim that she is a narcissist.

Very early on, even before the marriage, what struck me was that she seemed to seek out any camera within range and look directly at it. It was noticeable because it seemed to me that members of the RF didn't seem to do this.

Case in point recently was the show runner at that event who literally had to push Mrs Harry out of the way to make room for the next celeb due to be photographed. Mrs Harry didn't seem at all embarrassed at this.

by Anonymousreply 308December 2, 2023 2:13 AM


Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 309December 2, 2023 5:04 AM

Re translation error [sic], are there any other differences between the Dutch edition and the English one? Because if it was an “earlier draft”, I imagine there would be quite a few, even innocuous ones.

by Anonymousreply 310December 2, 2023 6:35 AM

R310 Apparently the only difference between the Dutch edition and English one is in the Dutch version there is a whole paragraph (where Charles and the Princess of Wales are named) that isn't in the English version.

by Anonymousreply 311December 2, 2023 6:50 AM

Bunch of bullshit

by Anonymousreply 312December 2, 2023 11:12 AM

THANK YOU, R309!!! That is hilarious.

Whoever did that editing job - wow!

Of course, I recognized the overall scene right away, but did a double take, then a triple take to catch the switch.

Bravo to whoever came up with this.

And of course, apologies to Gloria Swanson.

by Anonymousreply 313December 2, 2023 1:33 PM

From the Telegraph today (Camilla Tominey.... the Sussexstans really fucked up when they attacked her and threatened her family... because they've just got Twitter and she's got a column and a brain):

"Conversely, it is precisely because Kate is not a brash blabbermouth that she remains so endearingly popular. Like the late Queen, she is a reluctant royal. She’s an introvert. She’s a conflict avoider. She keeps calm and carries on. She’s very English – which perhaps goes a long way to explaining why she didn’t get on with an uninhibited, over-confident American.

Scobie suggests that “on more recent occasions, Kate has jokingly shivered when Meghan’s name has come up around her.”

Who can blame her? She has repeatedly been thrown under a bus by her sister-in-law, seemingly for committing the crime of seeing straight through her meaningless word salad and tiresome pursuit of victimhood. And this is precisely why Endgame won’t damage the Princess of Wales in the slightest.

The mystique that surrounds Kate, unlike Meghan, means no attack will stick, because all anyone sees of the Princess is her public service. She’s full of grace, whereas Team Sussex seem to be full of hate. It’s a classic case of class versus brass.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 314December 2, 2023 2:13 PM

How would Scabbie-DooDoo know what Kate does if Megzilla's name is mentioned around her? Does he hang out with them?

by Anonymousreply 315December 2, 2023 3:23 PM

R16, it sounds more like something you start making kombuncha with.

by Anonymousreply 316December 3, 2023 1:23 AM

So this guy, if I understand it, had been a reporter who covered the Royals ? So no doubt he had access to people who knew people who knew people. I'm talking about the staff mostly. People who handle the PR and the media and the spin...and strategic leaks. Now, he may have also been friendly or cordial, towards some third rate minor cousins of the RF. Very minor players. They all trade in gossip and have an unhealthy need to feel like they're a part of something glamorous and "news worthy." He is a shameless self promoter who is not even close to being the "insider" he poses as. But he is so effective in promoting himself he has got people believing him. He is the personification of bullshit. He isn't even as good as that fucking butler of Diana's.

by Anonymousreply 317December 3, 2023 2:56 AM

From the link at r306:

[quote]The survey, commissioned by Republic UK, shows a dip in support for the monarchy, following YouGov's recent poll.

That's right, a poll conducted by a British republican group showed support for a republic. SMH. Do people think we're all stupid here?

by Anonymousreply 318December 3, 2023 3:11 AM

[quote]The children have the title by right, since he is the son of a reigning monarch.

Um, no, they don't. They have the titles because the current monarch, their grandfather, Charles, ALLOWS them to have them. He controls the use of all royal titles and honorifics, with the potential exception of ducal titles once given out. This includes use of the "Prince/Princess" designation.

by Anonymousreply 319December 3, 2023 3:14 AM

R318, that moron makes it clear he is not British and has fuck all understanding of Britain and the royal family each time he posts.

by Anonymousreply 320December 3, 2023 8:59 AM

Exactly, r319, and there was obviously some discussion about it as Archie and Lily weren't officially given the titles prince/princess for about six months.

by Anonymousreply 321December 3, 2023 9:03 AM

R317, Scobie sounds like he has a grudge against the royals. I wouldn't be surprised if he felt "the palace" had stymied his career as a royal reporter some way in the distant past and with Harry and Meghan he found a way to get his revenge. Except it's all backfired and now he has nothing. The Harry/Meghan story has a limited shelf life and they are a laughing stock for most people, so there is not much more mileage to be had from them anymore. This latest book is just a rehash of the previous one with some extra nonsense gossip thrown in. If anything, he only "exposes" the royal family as being regular people like every other family.

What will he write about next? Has he moved to the US to become a Hollywood reporter? I doubt anyone will go anywhere near him, except someone who wants to shit on others.

by Anonymousreply 322December 3, 2023 9:17 AM

[quote]Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland flew to London for her daughter’s baptism and other wedding preparations but, curiously, she was never introduced to William and Kate – despite the Prince and Princess repeatedly asking to meet her.


Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 323December 3, 2023 1:36 PM

[QUOTE]he may have also been friendly or cordial, towards some third rate minor cousins of the RF. Very minor players. They all trade in gossip and have an unhealthy need to feel like they're a part of something glamorous and "news worthy."

I'm guessing the tidbit about Catherine jokingly shivering at the mention of Meghan came from Eugenie.

by Anonymousreply 324December 3, 2023 1:59 PM

[quote]Meghan would “bristle” when praise was lavished on Kate for her mothering skills, wardrobe and general kindness.

I bet she did.

by Anonymousreply 325December 3, 2023 2:13 PM

[QUOTE] At the time the Beast from the East was sweeping through the UK, leading to freezing temperatures, heavy snow and heavy winds. Royal aides were therefore surprised to find Meghan had dressed in a summer dress for the summit

So, so predictable. 🤣

by Anonymousreply 326December 3, 2023 2:24 PM

R324, I don't think it was Eugenie. The impression I get...and it is only an impression, is that the sisters, both Beatrice and Eugenie, want to get along with and be friends with everyone, trying not to take sides. After living through all the shenanigans their own parents engaged in over the years, they don't go round looking to generate more turbulence. I also get an impression, that while Kate and William have been pretty successful at discharging their duties as they move up the food chain, they don't seem to encourage warm fuzzy relationships with their cousins.

William seems way too affected by his new status. He seems to have transitioned to being even more stiff and stuffy and status conscious that ever. According to journalists and tabloid reports he embraced the role of trusted advisor, and enjoyed being consulted by Charles and the queen for the past three years. Now, there are claims he is his father's rival. I think that's a mischaracterization. I think he gets irritated and impatient with the way his father does things but they're not rivals. Honestly I like Charles as king from what I've seen. William should be in learning mode, hopefully.

Catherine, IMO is the anchor. She seems sensible, and has become more relaxed (opposite of William) as she has moved up the food chain. She will be protective of her family and William especially, but she will not take and shit from him either. I think she is the rock of the family. There are reports she has become close to Sophie. That makes sense.. I don't believe either of them are close to Camilla, but they are not unkind. An If Catherine shivered at the mention of Meghan's name, (and I believe it may have happened) it would have been because that name signalled "mess." Catherine tries to avoid "Mess." she has an aversion to controversy. She wants the ship to sail in calm waters. Maybe it's Pavlovian. Meghans name is triggering! LOL!

by Anonymousreply 327December 3, 2023 2:29 PM

I suspect Euge and Bea have chips on their shoulders like their father and intermittently and covertly undermine Charles & William/Kate out of spite and jealously. They are a close-knit bunch the Yorks. Bea is less obvious and intense about it. Euge is probably a mean girl and that's why she and Medusa hit it off so well at the beginning.

Didn't Andrew conspire with Diana to take Charles out of the line of succession in favor of William and appoint himself William's Regent? Comical and fueled by jealousy.

by Anonymousreply 328December 3, 2023 3:33 PM

If the story is true about halfwit Harry coming back from the Australian tour and demanding the Queen make changes so he and William would be "Co-Kings" and share equally in the Duchy, then that's hilarious! Malignant Meg treated everyone on the tour abhorrently, even the Governor General's wife. I wonder if the Queen spit out her tea, lol. Delusional Meg put him up to that for sure.

by Anonymousreply 329December 3, 2023 3:40 PM

Can someone post the Telegraph article in R323 for us non-subsribers? Thanks.

by Anonymousreply 330December 3, 2023 4:02 PM

SCobie was never a legitimate journalist. He was a fringe player chasing scandals.

by Anonymousreply 331December 3, 2023 4:12 PM

For R330.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 332December 3, 2023 4:15 PM

That Telegraph article is interesting but unsurprising. What a piece of work.

by Anonymousreply 333December 3, 2023 6:23 PM


As Tina Brown later pointed out in her 2022 book The Palace Papers, Meghan “fluently” took up the majority of the airtime. “With blithe proprietorship, she deployed an issue that was not even on the foundation’s docket – women’s empowerment, then at its fervid height with the acceleration of the #MeToo movement,” she wrote.

by Anonymousreply 334December 3, 2023 6:24 PM

The Fab Four was a dumb idea, even if they'd all been able to work co-operatively. Poor deployment of resources at best, but too many cooks in one kitchen.

by Anonymousreply 335December 3, 2023 6:26 PM

What I most remember of that foursome event was Markle blatantly interrupting Kate as Kate began to talk.

Watching that, my thought about Mrs Harry was "BITCH".

by Anonymousreply 336December 3, 2023 7:12 PM

I think there are 2 points about the Catherine / Meghan interaction that sometimes get overlooked.

1. When Catherine, as a girl, went first to boarding school, she was bullied. Her parents removed her from that school and sent her to a different school where she thrived. To me, this has always made it apparent that Catherine has had experience with and knows all about "Mean Girls". She most likely encountered them at that first school. So, given Mrs. Harry's subsequent behavior Catherine would have recognized early on the type of person that Harry had fallen for.

2. Very early on in the M & H saga, M was living with H at Nottingham Cottage in Kensington Palace. This was before the engagement when M was just H's latest girlfriend. So, one day, Kate goes to use her car to do some shopping only to be approached by M . The result? A nasty blind item (was it from the gossip site run by one of M's pals?) which was all about how Catherine did not offer a ride to M. Given that only 2 people were there when this happened, the nasty item almost certainly came from M. I remember being very surprised when this gossip item came out because it was the first time I remembered seeing something like that. Curiosity had me pull up one of those maps of Kensington Palace which showed the locations of Nottingham Cottage, the Cambridge's apartment, the Cambridge's parking area, etc. Could it be that M had been staking out the Cambridge's parking and deliberately set out to put herself in Catherine's path? Only to have her plan derailed when Catherine didn't fall for it. Did Catherine recognize "Mean Girl" tactics? She certainly would have, after that blind item. Hmmmm.

The blind item was the first outright attack against Kate by Meghan.

It was M's behavior which would have screamed "MEAN GIRL" loud and clear.

by Anonymousreply 337December 3, 2023 7:40 PM

Duchess of Bulimia looks stunning in white.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 338December 3, 2023 8:51 PM

R329 Your meds are in the fridge.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 339December 3, 2023 8:54 PM

People are really naive if they think Eugenie or Beatrice are going to take a stand against the King or the Prince and Princess of Wales or their family in general and feed Scobie some bs tidbits.

by Anonymousreply 340December 3, 2023 9:48 PM

I don't think Euge and Bea feed Scobie. I think Euge feeds the duplicitous duo whatever limited info she is privy to and commiserates with them.

by Anonymousreply 341December 3, 2023 10:03 PM

Of course, they're not giving Scobie the information. It's more like what r341 says. Then the Sussexes use an intermediary to funnel the information to Scobie as they did for Finding Freedom.

by Anonymousreply 342December 3, 2023 10:34 PM

Mr Seely, a member of the Commons’ Foreign Affairs Committee, wants to adapt laws originally passed in the First World War to strip enemy German nobles of their British titles.

Mr Seely has applied for his Titles Deprivation 1917 Amendment Bill to be listed on the Commons’ Order Paper next week. The move would resurrect the wartime powers by removing references to “enemies” or “present war”.

He added: “My aim is simple: if someone doesn’t want to be royal, that is a decision we respect – but they should not keep the titles and privileges if they trash an institution that plays an important part in our nation’s life.

“I feel genuine pity for Harry and the life choices he has made. It can’t have been easy for him. But the couple and their supporters have a track record of attacking the Royal family with unproven and incendiary allegations, which they then appear to deny or refuse to back up, which is indefensible.”

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 343December 3, 2023 10:54 PM

R337 - I read about the bullying Kate was subject to at the first posh secondary school she attended. It was in a Vanity Fair feature published around the time of her engagement. And I am betting Meghan did too Her training from her L.A. girls' high school and membership in a sorority honed her mean girl skills, only she's too transparent to be successful and picked the wrong target. It sounds like she developed some good gray rocking skills over the years.

Envy is never an attractive quality, but it is a hallmark diagnostic criterion for Narcissistic Personality Disorder. She barged into the situation like a bull in a china shop and made a mess of it for herself. She wanted admiration and unfettered, unearned adulation from others, but is getting the exact opposite. I wonder if she truly understands that the people she wanted to impress are now gossiping and talking about her in the exact opposite terms that she craved? And it's not only the VIPs; lowly people who worked with her in a limited capacity at Netflix animation posted derision for her on Reddit.

This is a broke Ari Emmanuel can't fix.

by Anonymousreply 344December 4, 2023 12:18 AM

Sack this Crime Family.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 345December 4, 2023 12:26 AM

It's a wonder WME took her on at all. She has no credibility, and she isn't really good at anything other than generating negative headlines.

by Anonymousreply 346December 4, 2023 1:15 AM


by Anonymousreply 347December 4, 2023 1:38 AM
Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 348December 4, 2023 2:35 AM

Duchess Delusional

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 349December 4, 2023 2:45 AM

They fumbled the only real working royals they had out of envy & spite, typical BRF. The only thing Harry & Meghan did was work hard & brought more eyeballs & relevancy to that no talent family. With or without the titles the Sussexes will always be a global sensation. Get over it you crazy old klan grannies.

by Anonymousreply 350December 4, 2023 3:57 AM

Toxic UK BRF shills Daily Fail they are as ludicrous as their readers.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 351December 4, 2023 3:59 AM

Meghan Markle was acting. What's HRH Princess Yacht Girls excuse?

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 352December 4, 2023 4:02 AM

Scobie looked like he was about to cry in the last interview I saw him perform his act. It was on a UK morning show with a skinny white guy and and a black female with nice curves as presenters. I muted the clip, but he looked ANGUISHED, bordering on weepy eyes. So sadly cloying and pathetic.

by Anonymousreply 353December 4, 2023 6:29 AM

R352, what is it about Omid Scobie that you admire so much?

by Anonymousreply 354December 4, 2023 12:45 PM

You know, too often we go after the obvious here. It's the palace staff, those invisible courtiers, the fetch and carry crew who do the majority of the leaking. Charles, for example, has dozens of staff working out of his office. They often leak things. Some of them have ongoing relationships with the press. And then there are the minor Royals. They all have friends, and friends gossip and may trade info for money now and then. It's impossible to keep a lid on things. Sometimes an over eager staffer will leak something on Charles' behalf, to be "helpful" and completely misread a situation. I agree neither Eugenie or Bea leak stuff to the media. I know their Mummy used to. And Andrew used to have his staff leak out stuff to enhance his image over Charles back in the day, when they were all much younger.

by Anonymousreply 355December 4, 2023 1:32 PM

Oh, wow, what amazing stuff is being leaked, such as Kate allegedly mock shivers when Meghan is mentioned. What terrible scandals!

by Anonymousreply 356December 4, 2023 2:21 PM

R352, Kate was on holiday, believing she was in private, misogynist.

by Anonymousreply 357December 4, 2023 2:51 PM

With all this furor over Scobie's book.....has anyone called Meghan and asked if she's OKAY?????

by Anonymousreply 358December 4, 2023 4:01 PM

Prince Harry must be devastated!

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 359December 4, 2023 4:04 PM

So, r359, just what is it you admire so much in Omid Scobie?

by Anonymousreply 360December 4, 2023 6:27 PM

Oops, she did it again!

Apparently showing up uninvited at the premiere screening of Cowchilla, with her security detail, stealing the spotlight from the victims, and posing for PR pictures? Apparently told to leave and did so in a huff!

by Anonymousreply 361December 4, 2023 6:31 PM

The agency of the author Omid Scobie sent his book’s Dutch publisher a final version weeks before publication which did not name the two royals at the centre of a race row.

However, United Talent Agency (UTA) had earlier sent a draft version to the Dutch publisher Xander Uitgevers which did contain the names, a source told The Times.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 362December 4, 2023 7:23 PM

Link about incident mentioned at R361.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 363December 4, 2023 7:56 PM

PRINCE DIMWIT is paying the price for his DIABOLICAL TREACHERY!!!!

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 364December 4, 2023 8:25 PM

[QUOTE]Apparently showing up uninvited at the premiere screening of Cowchilla, with her security detail, stealing the spotlight from the victims, and posing for PR pictures?

WTF is this "Cowchilla" business? Is it supposed to be some laff-fest about her mother-in-law that the asshole troll refers to as "Cowmilla?"

If you mean "Chowchilla," WTF is she trying to fuck with a Central California horror that scarred the shit out of kids and families just by watching the news? I was in high school further north, but it was really altering for so many people, not just those directly involved.

Of course, Meghan Markle wished to seek adulation and attention from this grim event. 😑

by Anonymousreply 365December 4, 2023 8:44 PM

Pretty sure the Chowchilla screening story is fake. It’s not posted anywhere else.

by Anonymousreply 366December 4, 2023 9:12 PM

Omid Scobie is more admirable on his worst day than this scrounger is on his best.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 367December 5, 2023 2:08 AM

I hope so. It's just another Uvalde extension. She didn't know how brutally offensive she was then, and Ari Emmanuel cannot save Meghan Markle from herself now. I can't imagine how she pays his astronomical fees.

by Anonymousreply 368December 5, 2023 3:47 AM

Is that why you admire Scobie, r367, because he's not Charles? In that case, you must admire every single person in the world other than Charles simply because they are not Charles.

Is there anything unique to Scobie himself for which you admire him? There must be a reason why you are such a Scobie stan! Perhaps you are Scobie himself, or someone from his agency? Although it appears his agency stitched him up.

As a Scobie stan, does it pain you to see him universally derided, his new book panned, his career down the shitter?

by Anonymousreply 369December 5, 2023 6:41 AM

[quote]... this paragon’s ‘willingness to help others and her drive to excel meant she often was deemed “fake” by classmates at school who felt it was impossible for anyone to be that perfect’ and that ‘Meghan immediately impressed Harry with her packing skills. She has always taken pride in being a great packer – going as far as layering dryer sheets in between her clothes to keep them smelling fresh.'

Julie Burchill goes in on Scobie.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 370December 5, 2023 10:36 AM

archive.ph hasn’t worked for me in months. (iPad, Safari or Firefox) 😢

by Anonymousreply 371December 5, 2023 12:17 PM

I just read something spot on about narcissists:

A narcissist will do something vile to you, then let some time pass, then try to talk to you again like NOTHING happened.

I have experienced this and also see this with Harry and his harridan. They lob bombs at his family and then they are like "Oh hi, we wouldn't mind an invite to Christmas..." or "Why don't you want to see us or talk to us? Something wrong?"

by Anonymousreply 372December 5, 2023 12:47 PM

[quote]But I do remember thinking ‘Oh – so that’s what a Groom of the Stool looks like!’ on first seeing a photograph of Omid Scobie.

Ouch. Scobie really lost with this venture. It will be interesting to see if his royal expert gigs dry up over the next six months. None of this worked out very well for him.

by Anonymousreply 373December 5, 2023 3:36 PM

I don't feel sorry for Omid Scobie but you know he read that Julie Burchill piece and it would have hurt. It was vicious. Still, he left himself open to it with his choices.

by Anonymousreply 374December 5, 2023 3:36 PM

There's nothing particularly extreme about Burchill's piece, r374.

by Anonymousreply 375December 5, 2023 3:54 PM


[quote] archive.ph hasn’t worked for me in months. (iPad, Safari or Firefox)

I had the same problem for quite a while. Did not work with Firefox.

Try the link with Google Chrome. It works for me.

by Anonymousreply 376December 5, 2023 4:02 PM

Saw the clip r353 mentioned and Scobie did look stricken. Now that it’s come out that they were named in an earlier version of the book and that draft was (accidentally?) sent to the Dutch publisher, now we know why. Presumably the publisher’s lawyers wanted it taken out of the finished book.

by Anonymousreply 377December 5, 2023 4:08 PM

Megz photographed doing a Pap Stroll yesterday....her stick legs and pancake ass are unfortunate.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 378December 5, 2023 4:40 PM

People who walk around carrying their phone in their hand are stupid.

Not a lot of "there" there.

by Anonymousreply 379December 5, 2023 4:43 PM

The Princess of Wales was out and about today, visiting a children’s day surgery surgery unit. She has obviously decided to keep calm and carry on.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 380December 5, 2023 5:16 PM

Meghan's sweater is covered in household lint and hairs. You would think a Duchess would own a lint brush. And her body creeps me out. She looks like a grey alien.

by Anonymousreply 381December 5, 2023 6:45 PM

She really is repellent.

by Anonymousreply 382December 5, 2023 6:58 PM

The insults were scathing, R375, by any measure. But he brought it on himself.

by Anonymousreply 383December 5, 2023 7:01 PM

So Kate is doing actual good works and Megzilla is strolling a parking lot for the paps she called. That tracks.

by Anonymousreply 384December 5, 2023 8:25 PM

Charlie knows if they were to strip the Sussexes of their titles who haven't committed a crime, they can kiss the brown Commonwealth nations goodbye. Sussex didn't commit pedophile, take million-dollar briefcases, steal money from the dead, or replace wife with mistress.

by Anonymousreply 385December 5, 2023 8:27 PM

Poor Harry the snubs just won't stop!

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 386December 5, 2023 8:29 PM

She's a whore dear.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 387December 5, 2023 8:40 PM

Lady C is having none of it today....I don't really like Lady C but sometimes she hits the nail on the head.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 388December 5, 2023 9:00 PM

Jewelry experts, what's Camilla wearing on her dress? It's not Queen Mary's stomacher.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 389December 5, 2023 10:05 PM

R389: The Times says "The Queen, 76, wore a cream embroidered evening gown by Fiona Clare, wearing a diamond brooch previously owned by the late Queen Elizabeth II."

by Anonymousreply 390December 5, 2023 10:17 PM

But the Telegraph says: The Queen wore a cream embroidered evening gown by Fiona Clare, with the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland tiara, her Garter sash, the late Queen Mother’s diamond brooch and Queen Elizabeth II’s diamond bracelet.

by Anonymousreply 391December 5, 2023 10:18 PM

"The most exciting aspect of Camilla’s jewelry this time around, however, is the corsage ornament that she pinned to the front of her evening dress. The diamond stomacher looks to me like a late nineteenth-century piece, with its interesting diamond tassel design elements. In their briefing to royal reporters, Buckingham Palace noted that the diamond stomacher belonged to Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.

This piece isn’t one that I can ever recall seeing the late Queen Mother wear, even in portraits from the days when she was Duchess of York. I don’t believe it matches any of the pieces described in the official lists of her wedding gifts from 1923. Could it possibly be part of the Greville Bequest? (It looks so familiar, but I can’t place it!)"

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 392December 5, 2023 10:24 PM

Two powerhouse tiaras.

by Anonymousreply 393December 5, 2023 10:38 PM

"Stomacher" is not an appealing word to describe a piece of jewelry.

by Anonymousreply 394December 5, 2023 10:43 PM

From The Court Jewellery post above, the pearl drops in the Lover's Knot tiara came originally from the pearl toppers on the Girls of GB and Ireland tiara. It was Queen Mary who repurposed them.

by Anonymousreply 395December 5, 2023 10:53 PM

"Stomacher" sounds like an exercise contraption.

by Anonymousreply 396December 5, 2023 10:59 PM

Wow. Just WOW! No, not the jewels silly; what lady C said in the vid at r388 .

by Anonymousreply 397December 6, 2023 12:00 AM

Prince William spent the day selling the Big Issue magazine at Tesco in Hammersmith to raise cash to fight homelessness

Meanwhile, Prince Harry’s lawyers were in court continuing his fight to receive VIP security.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 398December 6, 2023 12:05 AM

Prince Harry challenges U.K. government's decision to strip him of security detail.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 399December 6, 2023 1:26 AM

[post redacted because linking to dailymail.co.uk clearly indicates that the poster is either a troll or an idiot (probably both, honestly.) Our advice is that you just ignore this poster but whatever you do, don't click on any link to this putrid rag.]

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 400December 6, 2023 2:00 AM

Camilla looked find, but oh Kate in her glittery Packham gown, the Cambridge Lovers Knot tiara and - gasp! - the gorgeous Greville bequest chandelier earrings! Stunning.

I'm pretty sure they were making a point here, blinging out Kate to the point she outshone Camilla, which usually wouldn't be allowed. It's a tacit kind of stamp of approval, a big pat on the back after what she went through publicly this week.

(see link to photo above in r400)

by Anonymousreply 401December 6, 2023 2:00 AM

The Packham gown is a repeat. So are all her jewels. Meanwhile Camilla wore some new stuff.

by Anonymousreply 402December 6, 2023 2:31 AM

The humiliation just will not stop for Harry!!!! Brahahahahahaa!!!

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 403December 6, 2023 2:44 AM

R402 apparently Camilla's dress is actually the gown her sister wore to the coronation.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 404December 6, 2023 2:46 AM

"Prince William spent the day selling the Big Issue magazine"

No doubt Willy will be as successful as his curry resturant,piazza joint , hamburger truck ,Middle East Peace and Cancer cure.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 405December 6, 2023 2:55 AM

^ Damn that is one creepy looking bloke.

by Anonymousreply 406December 6, 2023 2:56 AM

"No doubt Willy will be as successful as his marriage ."😂

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 407December 6, 2023 3:02 AM

Stars! They work and dress just like us!

by Anonymousreply 408December 6, 2023 3:03 AM

The Princess of Wales will overcome these libelous accusation some day!

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 409December 6, 2023 5:08 AM

But maybe the gown her sister wore to the Coronation is really a gown that belongs to Camilla.

by Anonymousreply 410December 6, 2023 5:25 AM

He looks almost life-like!

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 411December 6, 2023 5:49 AM

Royalists are dolts. THIRD in a row that Prince William gets his photo op with the homeless and DAVE IS STILL HOMELESS .Willy's cruelness disguised as charity.the Royal Family constantly displays for the world to see . Their PR team and Rota media shills are so out of touch. Laughable clueless sroungers.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 412December 6, 2023 10:31 AM

But you dolts have your size XXXXL panties in a wad over Scobie's plastic surgery. Pathetic dolts.

by Anonymousreply 413December 6, 2023 10:33 AM

Are you British, r412?

by Anonymousreply 414December 6, 2023 11:57 AM

Is Scobie a republican? He's keen for everyone to acknowledge that his mother's side of the family are Persian, not Iranian, and even that they're "slightly aristocratic". He must be a supporter of the Shah then. That doesn't sound very anti-royalist.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 415December 6, 2023 12:03 PM

R412 Dave looks thrilled to be with His Royal Highness. Another Daily Fail cover for Peggy.. Then Dave goes back to his "palace" until next years photo op. One more transparent fail for the Windsor Crime Family.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 416December 6, 2023 4:39 PM

A slight digression....FYI: Anyone who is curious, the Royal Family account on instagram shows a video today of Camilla at Clarence House with a bunch of handicapped kids and their families decorating the Christmas tree and having a buffet lunch. It was festive and happy, and little crippled kids were spontaneously hugging Camilla ...and she was hugging too. Very tactile, and she had good energy. Elton John soundtrack.

by Anonymousreply 417December 6, 2023 4:40 PM

[quote]I'm pretty sure they were making a point here, blinging out Kate to the point she outshone Camilla, which usually wouldn't be allowed.

I don't care she wears every piece in the Tower all at once, Kate won't be 'out-blinging' Camilla until the day she appears with The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland on her head, which I'm pretty sure we won't see until after William's coronation as King.

by Anonymousreply 418December 6, 2023 6:13 PM

You know, William seems like he may want to downsize and modernize the RF out of existence, but honestly, as they get older, I betcha Catherine will want to get blinged out and sparkly and wear fancy clothes and get the best seats at public occasions. She will push back against to take away her royalness.

by Anonymousreply 419December 6, 2023 6:20 PM

William, just like his grandmother Elizabeth, and his father Charles, has little if any say in the 'future of the Monarchy'. That is ultimately for the government to decide.

by Anonymousreply 420December 6, 2023 6:24 PM

How did she outbling Camilla? She's worn the Cambridge Lover's Knot a number of times before and the same gown twice in the span of six months. She's not even wearing a necklace.

by Anonymousreply 421December 6, 2023 6:24 PM

If my lickspittle Daily Fail had the balls to say what everyone knows about worthless Willy...

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 422December 6, 2023 6:38 PM

Give it up, Omid at r422. No one is ever going to take you seriously.

by Anonymousreply 423December 6, 2023 6:41 PM

I'm sure that, in person, Camilla's gown looks elegant, but honestly, in photographs it looks like she is wearing a bedsheet. Maybe something from a nunnery. When ER II got dressed up she GOT DRESSED UP! Her clothes were gorgeous even if she was decrepit.

by Anonymousreply 424December 6, 2023 6:43 PM

R417 Queen Side Piece has no issues touching the little white "cripples". Did her "Royal Touch" make any of them walk again? Too bad she can't cure that crippling illness of "Blackness"

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 425December 6, 2023 6:44 PM

There is no need to spew obscenities R414.

by Anonymousreply 426December 6, 2023 6:46 PM

In other words, r426, you're spouting off about a country you have no fucking clue about.

by Anonymousreply 427December 6, 2023 7:44 PM

Vat is dis "spewing?" Is this the same for when Donald drools? Or is different?

by Anonymousreply 428December 6, 2023 8:58 PM

[quote]FYI: Anyone who is curious, the Royal Family account on instagram shows a video today of Camilla at Clarence House with a bunch of handicapped kids and their families decorating the Christmas tree and having a buffet lunch. It was festive and happy, and little crippled kids were spontaneously hugging Camilla ...and she was hugging too. Very tactile, and she had good energy.

Once the cameras were off, however...

by Anonymousreply 429December 7, 2023 12:31 AM

So??? I pranced through a parking lot for the paps I called! I'm WINNING!!!!

by Anonymousreply 430December 7, 2023 12:46 AM

I wonder if the paps include a mileage rate on the bill they send to her. Montecito ma'am? Okay, if you can afford it, we'll be there.

by Anonymousreply 431December 7, 2023 1:14 AM

So You're American = Murica love it or leave it.

Trumpers = Royalass

Diffrent lipstick same pigs.

by Anonymousreply 432December 7, 2023 2:36 AM

Your British Melania

Kitty doesn't care do you?

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 433December 7, 2023 2:39 AM

FAIL STUPID YANK! Melania would never be this overdressed!

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 434December 7, 2023 2:46 AM

'Her agency could drop her' | Meghan Markle could be dropped - 'constant drama and whining!'

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 435December 7, 2023 4:02 AM

R432, you have comprehension problems. "You're American?" in these threads means "You're talking drivel about something you have absolutely fuck all knowledge or understanding of and which is absolutely no concern of yours". As your constant paralleling of people who don't hate the British royal family or the concept of royalty with Trump supporters proves.

by Anonymousreply 436December 7, 2023 8:14 AM

Spot on. This is who you dolts are. My sides 😂

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 437December 8, 2023 1:26 AM

R436 You must be British. The British are too bloody thick to be allowed to pick their own head of state. And they are happy to let dolts, scroungers and nonces rule over them due to an accident of birth.Tells you all you need to know about a truly servile people in a third rate Disneyland of a country. Americans voted out their ruling Crime Family. What about you wankers? You cultist Royalasses lickspittles deserve the Windsors and the toxic media who prop them up. Now go back to blathering about Scobie's plastic surgery and what stolen tiara the party planers daughter is wearing. Beyond pathetic lot of loons. You make Trumptards seem rational.

by Anonymousreply 438December 8, 2023 1:50 AM

Not only is the wog touching Me but she wants £ 4 Trillion. EGHADS!

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 439December 8, 2023 1:58 AM

r438 Some would say Americans are too thick to elect a head of state given that Trump was elected in 2024 and despite everything including a near coup on January 6th 2021 , he is still a contender for 2024. Infact many US posters on here did say it when they feared a Trump reelection in 2020.

I guess being a Superpower plutocracy like the US has its drawbacks and problems too.

by Anonymousreply 440December 8, 2023 3:05 AM

R440 are you high? Because you sure got your dates fucked up.

by Anonymousreply 441December 8, 2023 4:27 AM

R440 And how many courtrooms has nonce Prince Andrew been in ? When will Charlie Windsor be up for British citizen approval? 😂

by Anonymousreply 442December 8, 2023 5:05 AM

r441 Oops I meant elected in 2016 but my point still stands many people including posters on here said Trump being elected in 2016 and fearing his possible reelection in 2020 and subsequently the fact after everything he is still a contender in 2024 is proof/evidence that the American people are too thick to elect their head of state.

r442 Face it your system is a very imperfect dysfunctional plutocracy.

by Anonymousreply 443December 8, 2023 5:12 AM

R440 It took Americans less than 100 years to realize the British monarch was rubbish. We've been electing our head of state for 234 years. The British have been toadying to their unelected accident of birth crowned head of state ( if you don't count the one who lost his head) for 1200 years. That tells you all you need to know about the character of the British. There is difference between "tradition" and abject servility. If in 2023 AD the British find these corrupt cosplay mediocrities acceptable then they are a kowtowing groveling servile culty lot. If you don't "get" that you're the senile scourser git we all know you to be.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 444December 8, 2023 5:20 AM

r444 Well Hillary Clinton said on a british chat chow in the 2000s that the British system of separating out the head of state with symbolic ceremonial functions and elected political head of government role was arguably a system that worked better than the US system. Sweden, Denmark, Norway ,The Netherlands , Belgians and Spanish all have monarchies too.Do they all fit into your childlike caricature of servitude and stupidity that you attach to the British??? All these known to be very different nations in character are all the same as the British?? Really? Would you say American democracy , given the likelihood of a 2024 Trump candiacy and the near succesful coup on January 6th 2021 , is in a more robust and stable state than say Denmark or Swedens?

America is a plutocracy with more inequality than even the UK. Most Power and wealth shared among a tiny group of people and families in the US.You have political dynasties and a class system .Naive to pretend otherwise.But if you think who can suck up to corporate donors best and who can secure insane amounts of money just to run a campaign to be head of state is proving to be an unquestionably better system then of course you are welcome to that viewpoint.

Priviledge , wealth and power may not be inherited in the form of a monarchy in the US but your plutocracy is very much akin to a closed shop for the priviledged fews main benefit only.

by Anonymousreply 445December 8, 2023 5:40 AM

R445, it's privilege. Even though it sounds as though there's a "d" in it, there isn't.

by Anonymousreply 446December 8, 2023 5:50 AM

If you hate the monarchy, you really ought to hate Harry, whose Netflix film denounced the monarchy for profiting from slavery but who still wants his cut of the public and family purse and his security bills picked up by taxpayers. He's awful and his wife is unhinged, judging from her frenetic Invictus performance. Say what you will about William and Catherine but they're not as embarrassing as those two psychos. And Scobie posting his trendy meals on Instagram--just what I'd expect to see Bob Woodward do. What a joke that schmuck is.

There's a good book to be written about the coming collapse of the monarchy but Scobie hasn't written it and really doesn't have it in him.

by Anonymousreply 447December 8, 2023 6:51 AM

r446 Thank you.Regular mistake of mine.

r447 Some excellent points.I never understand anti royalists who defend royal privilege and special exceptionalism for Harry.In some ways Harry is the most medieval royal of them all, wanting to reduce duty to the very least but milk as much wealth and privilege of the royal system as possible .Harry and Meghan asked for half in half out.All this talk of fleeing a cruel royal system is a rewriting of history.

At least the likes of Anne ,William Sophie etc understand you have a public and moral duty to put something in

by Anonymousreply 448December 8, 2023 7:11 AM

R438 Do us all a favour, leave your trailer park to go shopping in Walmart, and try to get involved in a mass shooting on the way.

by Anonymousreply 449December 8, 2023 7:12 AM

Yes r438, I'm British and you're proving my contention that Americans such as yourself have fuck all comprehension of the institution of the British royal family or of Britain, British politics or British national life. You have a caricature understanding even of the history of the British monarchy in the US. The funny thing is, your northern neighbour Canada does just fine with the British monarch as their head of state. Do you ever tell the Canadians that they need to start electing their head of state?

Our head of state is a politically neutral ceremonial head of state that embodies the nation and its history. We have chosen our head of state because the monarchy is the system we choose. There is no desire in the UK every five years to go to the polls to elect a ceremonial head of state from a bunch of assorted old politicians, actors or former charity heads. Some countries, e.g. Germany and Italy, don't even elect their ceremonial presidents but the parliament selects them.

The US has the worst system of all, where the head of state is the same as the head of government, which isn't the case even in many other executive presidential systems where the head of state and head of government are separate roles. Instead, you have a highly polarised political system, which is why the US is such a divided and angry society. Even your Supreme Court is not neutral but consists of political appointees. You have no neutral national institutions that embody the nation in the US - except perhaps the military, which is, well, militaristic - so you can't get your head around a national institution such as the royal family which has broad acceptance from all sectors of society.

by Anonymousreply 450December 8, 2023 7:36 AM

Not that you need my stamp of approval, r450, nevertheless, I'm an American and what you at r450 is right-on.

by Anonymousreply 451December 8, 2023 12:35 PM

R438 is the whacked out troll who's posted about 100 times on this thread at all times of the day and night.

by Anonymousreply 452December 8, 2023 12:40 PM

How much fun would it be if, now that Scobie's book is a flop, the Sussexes totally cut him off?

And then, out of hurt and desire for revenge, he writes tell-all about them?

And, watching him being interviewed about Endgame, he's very skilled, if not persuasive, about rationalizing and defending himself.

Again, I'm not saying he's persuasive, but if he turned that skill on the Sussexes, that would be fun.

by Anonymousreply 453December 8, 2023 12:45 PM

If Charles can find money to support his d isgusting brother Andrew, then he can support his own son, who is no criminal, just incredibly foolish. Harry publicly criticizing the family and the staff and the media was a battle he would never win. He was stupid to step into that pile of shit. And I'm not a fan of his wife's because she seems inauthentic to me. And we can chew on every example of that if you like, but actually the two of them are pretty boring when it comes to that.

by Anonymousreply 454December 8, 2023 2:01 PM

Thanks r451!

by Anonymousreply 455December 8, 2023 3:51 PM

Great post R450

by Anonymousreply 456December 8, 2023 4:16 PM

"Our head of state is a politically irrelevant ceremonial parasitical head of an ancient Crime Family .

Fixed for R450

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 457December 8, 2023 6:08 PM

Spot on R450. Charles is total neutral when it comes to accepting payoffs:. Bags of cash, jewels, credit cards, bank stock . charitable contributions, PPV Loans, deeds to dead citizens homes ect.. ect..Bloody hell it's all neutrally grifting for Charlie Windsor & Co.

by Anonymousreply 458December 8, 2023 6:17 PM

"Say what you will about William and Catherine but they're not as embarrassing as those two psychos"

Lasix is now covered by NHS R447 😂

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 459December 8, 2023 6:23 PM

And so it begins....

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 460December 8, 2023 6:29 PM

God Save Our Gracious Git

God Bless Our Noble Git

God Save The Git

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 461December 8, 2023 6:31 PM

R460 What begins?

by Anonymousreply 462December 8, 2023 6:35 PM

How much fun would it be if you took your meds R453 . That would be fun, try it .

by Anonymousreply 463December 8, 2023 6:36 PM

R460 I assume you are aware that the National Anthem used to be performed at all film showings and concerts in the UK until the 1970s? I assume you interpreted that development (much more wide-reaching and significant than the one you posted) as the beginning of the end of the monarchy?

by Anonymousreply 464December 8, 2023 6:50 PM

Looks like the mentally ill Scobie stan just had his dinner.

by Anonymousreply 465December 8, 2023 7:19 PM

^ Delicious. Much better that the shite you eat on a daily basis from your beloved monarchs.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 466December 9, 2023 5:28 PM

Omid Scobie has finally admitted that the names of the two alleged royal “racists” were included in early drafts of his book.

For more than a week, the author of Endgame has denied any responsibility for the King and the Princess of Wales being named as the relatives who had made comments about Prince Archie’s skin tone before he was born.

But in a piece for the i newspaper, Scobie wrote that “unbeknownst” to him, “early and uncleared text” had been provided to his Dutch publisher in advance so translators could begin working on the text – leading to names appearing in books sold in the Netherlands.

It is the first time that Scobie, 42, has appeared to acknowledge that he had written the names of the senior members of the Royal family in early drafts.

The co-author of Finding Freedom has previously strenuously denied “ever” submitting a version of Endgame with the names included.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 467December 9, 2023 5:43 PM

I took him and Meghan a week to come up with that work-around?

by Anonymousreply 468December 9, 2023 5:48 PM

How many of us think it was a Montecito 'calculated error' strategy?

by Anonymousreply 469December 9, 2023 5:54 PM

Gee, wherever could he have gotten the names?

by Anonymousreply 470December 9, 2023 6:21 PM

R469, I'm slightly more inclined to think this one got away from somebody. There is no upside behind the scenes to dragging in Charles. Then again, it's no mystery behind the scenes to knew to tell in the first place.

by Anonymousreply 471December 9, 2023 6:28 PM

Does anyone really believe anything that comes from anyone in the Sussex camp?

by Anonymousreply 472December 9, 2023 9:01 PM

Charles was the only one who was genuinely happy at Harry and Meghan's wedding so it's hard to believe he would have been offended in any way at the appearance of the fruit of their union.

by Anonymousreply 473December 9, 2023 10:09 PM

Thought the fruit of the union was this poof..

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 474December 10, 2023 2:32 AM

Scobie Doo's book is officially a flop in the US only selling 9000 copies in its first week.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 475December 10, 2023 3:05 AM

What's with the Groucho Marx eyebrows?

by Anonymousreply 476December 10, 2023 3:23 AM

There's no upside to dragging Charles into the non-issue. But when have the Harkles ever been good at strategizing? Naming Katherine, of course, just reeks of Meghan's petty jealous and vindictiveness.

by Anonymousreply 477December 10, 2023 5:10 AM

You know Scobie is fucked now, because he has become the story and his book is a total flop. I bet that he was counting on sales from the U.S. market because our celebrity fascination extends to the Royal Family, but Scobie failed to recognize that in general the American public is over it. There's nothing new to say, and yet it has been said repeatedly ad nauseam. People are exhausted and tired of all the bullshit. If anyone really wants to write an expose' on anyone, I'd love to get the real story on Andrew. A biography that truly "tells all." Because he is filth, and the Epstein debacle is just one strand in a tawdry tale of corruption. I'd like to get the real story on the dynamics of his relationships with his mother and father, his brothers, and how he functioned . He had some responsibilities that gave him access to a lot of wealthy business people and he was a d og after a bone. Now that story has some legs. The Charles/ Camilla, William/Harry, Meghan/Harry bullshit is dull. There's not enough drama to milk.

by Anonymousreply 478December 10, 2023 2:39 PM

I'll flatly predict right now - Scobie is going to turn on the Sussexes.

by Anonymousreply 479December 10, 2023 6:43 PM

He's an interesting wild card. He seems to take very personally the reaction to his choices and work. You have to wonder if he's cut out for the playground he's chosen. I don't feel sorry for him, he chose, but still his handling of the fallout doesn't read thick skinned.

by Anonymousreply 480December 10, 2023 6:52 PM

His talent lies in foraging gossip. He's in over his head. From the excerpts I read, he made himself part of his book, which seems to have provided him with opportunities to preen and whine.

by Anonymousreply 481December 10, 2023 7:06 PM

Odious Scabies...

by Anonymousreply 482December 10, 2023 7:11 PM

I think it's interesting that he wasn't on any of the U.S. talk shows to promote the book, especially with his pal Gayle King.

From the NY Post which I will not link for reasons well-known to DL. I don't know how Sarah Levin would get Hollywood scoops.

[QUOTE]But it seems as though her return to Tinseltown might be short-lived after all, as royal expert Angela Levin claims that WME is “horrified” about what repercussions Scobie’s book could have for the Sussexes’ rebrand.

[QUOTE]"They said they were ‘horrified,’ that can’t just be about the two names that were mentioned, it must be about their client, Meghan,” Levin told GB News.

[QUOTE]"It seems to me that they will think very carefully what they do next. I have never heard such a well-known agency be clear about how they feel.”

[QUOTE]"Meghan needs to be very careful. A lot of people have dropped her. The agency has told her to ‘stop moaning,’ because people are ‘getting fed up’ with it,” Levin continued.

by Anonymousreply 483December 10, 2023 7:17 PM

you know aside from the fact that she's close to her brother Charles, Anne doesn't seem that close to Andrew or Edward and Sophie. She seems more involved with her own family and of course she was close to Harry and somewhat close to William too, because of Charles. We can see Catherine and Sophie being friendly, but Anne is cordial at best in public settings.

by Anonymousreply 484December 10, 2023 7:20 PM

Where is Edward these days anyway? I suspect he's battling a serious illness given his extreme and unhealthy weight loss in the few recent appearances he's had.

by Anonymousreply 485December 10, 2023 7:23 PM

Those statements are unequivocal. Interesting to see if there's an outright denial or even some modest "sources close to WME say..." put about at some point.

WME signed her because they think they can make money. If they don't anymore, or don't see an acceptable ratio of hassle:profit, would suggest she's lost her last best chance.

by Anonymousreply 486December 10, 2023 7:23 PM

Hunny Edward was in Southeast Asia. I suspect he took a side trip to Bang Kok.

by Anonymousreply 487December 10, 2023 7:30 PM

[quote]Omid Scobie has finally admitted that the names of the two alleged royal “racists” were included in early drafts of his book.

It's nice that Omid admitted to being a liar.

by Anonymousreply 488December 10, 2023 7:41 PM

These people must live in another dimension thinking they can just outright lie their way through life.

by Anonymousreply 489December 10, 2023 7:45 PM

It's the lying more than the book flop that's going to sink his "journalistic" career. He's been caught in a handful. His age, never flying in a private jet, now this. There's probably more. The worst thing he did was try to blame the translators.

by Anonymousreply 490December 10, 2023 7:58 PM

[quote]These people must live in another dimension thinking they can just outright lie their way through life.

It no wonder that Meghan, Duchess of Lies, felt an affinity with him.

by Anonymousreply 491December 10, 2023 9:22 PM

It's never a good idea to tell a lie about someone that would affect their ability to make a living. Smart people would have figured this out before they said something unhelpful.

by Anonymousreply 492December 10, 2023 9:35 PM

r484 Anne and her family are close to her brother Edward, his wife Sophie and their children.They partake in outdoor rural pursuits together at Balmoral and Sandringham.Close .Not super close but close .She is closest to Charles.Andrew is the one she is least close to and while she aint good friends with her ex sister in law Fergie she does credit her with bringing up her daughters well. Some of Annes older grandchildren are quite paly with Edwards children.

by Anonymousreply 493December 11, 2023 1:20 AM

I think Megz is the one with "concerns" about people of colour.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 494December 11, 2023 6:15 AM

Anne's. meanness is too much, as she climbs out.

by Anonymousreply 495December 11, 2023 8:40 AM

R494 if the palace had assigned a woman of colour to work with Megsy she would have been insulted not to be assigned a queer wheelchair-using woman of colour. Oh, and an American, I guess.

There really was nothing that was good enough for that scheming slag, was there?

by Anonymousreply 496December 11, 2023 9:21 AM

"I've told Louis: 'One false move and I'll set you on fire.' I don't have to stop at Louis.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 497December 11, 2023 1:01 PM

Zara Tindall has a very coltish walk.Seriously.

by Anonymousreply 498December 11, 2023 1:03 PM

Scobie's comment asking whatever could an 80+ year old woman have to teach Harry's wife shows what a complete dope both he and his boss are.

Lady Susan was close to the Queen, traveled with her, would have met world leaders and mingled with upper level people from many countries. Knew all the ins and outs of how the system worked.

So, what could M have learned from her? Huh? Really?

But then, since I never thought Harry's girl was really interested in doing her part, perhaps M didn't want someone who could see her (M) for what she was.

by Anonymousreply 499December 11, 2023 3:58 PM

All of this hubris trying to cover the fact that the Mr. and especially the Mrs. Harry had no intention of being actual working royals, the plan from the day they met was to get to Hollywood and 'make it big'.

by Anonymousreply 500December 11, 2023 6:46 PM

Happy Holidays! Harry loses his libel case against the Daily Mail and has to pay their legal fees. Guess Megsie is going to have to cut back on buying ill-filling designer clothing for awhile.

by Anonymousreply 501December 11, 2023 7:39 PM

[quote] Harry loses his libel case against the Daily Mail and has to pay their legal fees.

That’s a nice feel-good story for today. It’s not as satisfying as seeing Harry and Meghan carried on a cart through London as the subjects of King Charles freely throw dung at them, but it will do for the moment.

by Anonymousreply 502December 11, 2023 7:50 PM

To them, R502, it will feel exactly the same.

by Anonymousreply 503December 11, 2023 8:25 PM

It seems as if Meghan had her heart set on being besties with Catherine and supposedlylearning from her--which means outshining her and violating all her confidences--, but that was not to be as Catherine got her number almost immediately. That's why it became Meghan's mission to kill Catherine and she isn't letting go.

by Anonymousreply 504December 12, 2023 12:23 AM

R504 sounds like the most accurate assessment of that in-laws situation. Meghan had managed to charm a number of people on her path to Harry (Piers Morgan included with their private email correspondence and meeting before she even knew Harry) Even 'ol Piers didn't spot the snake in the grass before Catherine did.

by Anonymousreply 505December 12, 2023 2:29 AM

A public disclosure form filed with the American tax authorities shows Harry and Meghan’s foundation recorded a deficit of $674,485 due to a sharp plunge in donations.

The foundation received $13 million in 2021, including $10 million from a single donor, but that figure dropped to $2 million last year, the filing shows. The donations from last year were from two individual donors who each gave $1 million, though their identities are not revealed.

Archewell, which was founded in October 2020 after Harry and Meghan embarked on their lives in America, still has net assets of $8,344,105.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 506December 12, 2023 10:00 PM

How does Archewell have that much in assets? Are the Dumbarton's not spending money on charitable works? Or are they just using the money to buy Meghan her awards?

by Anonymousreply 507December 13, 2023 12:37 AM

R506 "It's REALLY Quite Worrying!" - Royal Expert On Prince Harry And Meghan Charity Donation Plunge.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 508December 13, 2023 1:24 AM

The picture at r506 says everything one needs to know about the state of that couple.

by Anonymousreply 509December 13, 2023 3:41 AM

Doria Ragland's Shocking Fall from Grace: Tom Bower Uncovers $9M Arrest & Charges!"

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 510December 14, 2023 8:13 PM

^ Lurid regurgitation of the usual rumors. Not Tom Bowers.

by Anonymousreply 511December 14, 2023 9:00 PM


Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 512December 15, 2023 5:18 AM

Omid Scobie's 15 minutes are up.

by Anonymousreply 513December 15, 2023 5:40 AM

The Sussexes appall me but so do the Youtube fake news channels that make a cottage industry out of defaming them.

by Anonymousreply 514December 15, 2023 6:57 AM

Isn't truth an affirmative defense against defamation? I'm not sure the Harkles have a case.

by Anonymousreply 515December 15, 2023 7:38 AM

[quote] The immense authenticity that the Kardashians have built with their fan base over time.

From r512’s link. At the end, he compares H & M unfavorably to the Kardashians when it comes to Building A Brand.

Just… everything is wrong with that sentence.

by Anonymousreply 516December 15, 2023 5:38 PM

The thing is, they're such fucking downers. Whatever they're preaching about light and grooviness, virtually every thing they do is sour or sulky. She is judged by the company she keeps. He come across as bitter and permanently pissed off. Even his win in court today you're kind of like, get over it. Stop suing everybody. You got what you wanted. Live your life. Have some fun. Shut the fuck up. They're not even fun to hate on any more. It's just... ick. They're downers.

by Anonymousreply 517December 15, 2023 6:17 PM

The funniest thing about his reaction to the court case verdict is his statement "great day for truth".

The Sussex pair are not known for their familiarity with "the truth".

by Anonymousreply 518December 15, 2023 7:18 PM

The other funny thing is that Harry lost over half of his claims against the Mirror group.

[quote]Prince Harry has won 15 claims in his case accusing Mirror Group Newspapers of unlawfully gathering information for stories published about him.

[quote]A judge has ruled in his favour on almost half of the sample of 33 stories used in his claims of phone hacking and other methods.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 519December 15, 2023 8:14 PM

The judge's ruling.

[quote] I have found the Duke’s case of voicemail interception and unlawful information gathering proved in part only. I found that 15 out of the 33 articles that were tried were the product of phone hacking of his mobile phone or the mobile phones of his associates, or the product of other unlawful information gathering. I consider that his phone was only hacked to a modest extent, and that this was probably carefully controlled by certain people at each newspaper. However, it did happen on occasions from about the end of 2003 to April 2009 (which was the date of the last article that I examined). There was a tendency for the Duke in his evidence to assume that everything published was the product of voicemail interception because phone hacking was rife within Mirror Group at the time. But phone hacking was not the only journalistic tool at the time, and his claims in relation to the other 18 articles did not stand up to careful analysis.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 520December 15, 2023 8:25 PM

Is it true that Christian Jones, one of William's aides, leaked dirt on Harry to the press? It's all over British Twitter, but I can't find anything to back it up.

by Anonymousreply 521December 15, 2023 8:32 PM

"but I can't find anything to back it up" - This is often the case with the "the palace leaked stories to the press about Harry" stories.

by Anonymousreply 522December 15, 2023 8:45 PM

[QUOTE]He was awarded £140,600 in damages

Isn't this the case where Harry was advised by the Palace to accept a 300k offer of settlement from the Mirror Group?

I posted this over at the "Harry to pay legal costs to Mail..." thread

[QUOTE]I'm still curious about the law firm that represents him. It sounds like Elton John's and other plaintiff lawyers were keen to get him involved and managed to rope him in. His testimony earlier in the year was embarrassing and caught him in a number of inconsistencies that did not favor his case. Didn't he also fail to show up on the first day scheduled for testimony, leading some to speculate he was too hung over?

Sherburne is the lawyer here and he's quoted in the BBC article linked above as saying the judgment was "vindicating and affirming". But how affirming can it be when the court ruled in your favor in fewer than half of your claims. He could have flipped a coin and roughly the same percentage would have gone in Harry's favor. He did worse than chance. And if he was indeed offered £300K, he got less than half for all of his efforts and looked like a fool during parts of testimony.

by Anonymousreply 523December 15, 2023 10:31 PM

Well, those legal fees $$$ are certainly affirming for Sherbourne.

by Anonymousreply 524December 15, 2023 10:33 PM

[quote]The funniest thing about his reaction to the court case verdict is his statement "great day for truth".

I thought the funniest thing was Harry saying "The mission continues." Laughably pretentious, though he probably didn't write it himself.

by Anonymousreply 525December 16, 2023 12:30 AM

Everyone knows that the tabloids hacked mobile phones back in the 2000s. The most despicable case is that of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler, whose voicemail was hacked by the News of the World, which led to the closure of that rag. This current case isn't revealing anything that wasn't known. Its only purpose is to get some redress for celebrities whose phones were hacked by the Mirror Group.

Harry didn't even bring this case himself - he jumped onto the case that other people had brought. He could have received greater financial compensation - and thus been more "vindicated" - by taking another legal route. The judge in this case even rubbished over half his claims of phone hacking as having no foundation.

With his recent conduct (lying, revealing other people's private affairs in court and the media) Harry has proved that he doesn't care either about the truth or about doing something to stop the tabloids' violation of privacy. He's just an angry man who wants to crush his enemies publicly and get revenge. What is he going to do with his life once all his court cases are over?

by Anonymousreply 526December 16, 2023 8:19 AM

The right to privacy is a vital human right and no-one has the right to violate it, unless big buckets of cash are involved.

For more information on the lives of everyone I have ever met, from Willy the Necklace Snapper to Pat the Unhot Eton Matron, see my 6-part Netflix series and my bestselling memoirs “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”.

by Anonymousreply 527December 16, 2023 10:47 AM

A friend of mine who was a very minor celebrity about 20 years ago got £120.000 from news international because they hacked his phone.

by Anonymousreply 528December 16, 2023 6:08 PM

Was he that fellow from the Bridget Jones movie?

by Anonymousreply 529December 18, 2023 4:19 PM

Scoobydoo's naming Charles and Catherine was obviously deliberate. My only question was whether he did it at the douche-ess' command (trashing any hope of reconciliation between Harold and his family) or whether he did it on his own to knife both Harkles in the back?

Inquiring minds etc...

by Anonymousreply 530December 18, 2023 9:57 PM

My impression is that Scobie foraged to find evidence of racism. Meghan was insulted by the offer of the help of a Black equerry after she turned down other offers of help, and was insulted because he wasn't a Black woman or a biracial woman or a white woman like her sorority sisters. Sophie was offensive because she said "Oprah who?" and suggested people on other continents who didn't watch daytime TV might not be familiar with Winfrey. Catherine and Charles were participants in a conversation about future children's skin color but no one knows what was said. Supposedly, they had concerns, most likely that Harry could be a good father. There are many legitimate criticisms to be raised about the monarchy but this is bullshit. He's a lightweight gossip collector masquerading as a serious journalist.

by Anonymousreply 531December 18, 2023 11:07 PM

Chris Rock already dealt with this bullshit. Scooby's missed the boat and the Harkles are retarded as usual.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 532December 18, 2023 11:17 PM

If I was any type of celebrity I would cross the street if I saw Harry and Meghan coming. Those two are grifters and liars and Scobie will end up thrown under the bus.

by Anonymousreply 533December 18, 2023 11:46 PM

Cue their monthly comeback attempt.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 534December 21, 2023 1:58 AM

They look like they smell, even when they try to get done up.

by Anonymousreply 535December 21, 2023 2:04 AM

LOL how much did that cover story cost them?

by Anonymousreply 536December 21, 2023 2:09 AM

It's entirely possible that Kate is indeed a horrible person who made a racist comment. None of us really know what any of these people are like behind the scenes (and the painstaking PR).

BUT... Meghan heavily implied in the Oprah interview that speculation over the unborn Archie's skin colour may have been a factor in him not being made a prince. Which is bullshit, because great-grandchildren of the monarch are not generally princes or princesses. Anne and Andrew have several grandchildren, and none of them have titles at all - they weren't offered the title of Earl or Lady, as Archie and Lilibet were. William's children were born princes and princesses because their father is the future king. And anyway, the whole thing was pointless, because everyone knew it wouldn't be long before Charles became king, at which point Archie and Lilibet would become grandchildren of the monarch (and would therefore be eligible for the titles of prince and princess) anyway.

tl;dr - Meghan was willing to take something as petty as her son having to wait a few years to become a prince and spin it into a race row, even though most of the Queen's great-grandchildren weren't given any titles. I have no doubt that Meghan, as a biracial American woman entering the British aristocracy, did indeed encounter racism. But that doesn't mean I unquestioningly believe her and Harry's version of events. Case in the point: their claim to have been in a "near-catastrophic" car crash earlier this year, even though the driver himself said they were exaggerating.

by Anonymousreply 537December 21, 2023 2:39 AM

The photoshop on that US cover - jaysus.

The Harkles are middle aged now. They've never been a young couple or young parents or young anything since they've been together. I'm sure that Harry's next wife will be some sweet young thing just as I'm sure that Mrs Harkle's next husband will be ancient.

by Anonymousreply 538December 21, 2023 5:39 AM

"I have no doubt that Meghan, as a biracial American woman entering the British aristocracy, did indeed encounter racism." - Really, r537? On what basis do you make that claim?

by Anonymousreply 539December 21, 2023 10:33 AM

[quote] On what basis do you make that claim?

On what basis can you deny that claim r539?

Are you White?

I am not. I'm a proud member of an ethnic minority with darker features, so I speak from the experience of every-day life.

Markle walked into a situation where there was everything to "lower" level staff on up to Queen Elizabeth II.

Of course, among SOME of those persons occupying those positions, they displayed bigoted or, if viewed in the best possible light, unintentional bigotry toward Markle, and to deny that is typical White thinking - "I've never experienced it so it can't be."

I determined a long time ago that Queen Elizabeth's immediate family, most likely, were NOT bigoted toward Markle. The reports I've read sounded credible that they actually welcomed her presence, at first, knowing that her particular demographic niche provided a needed shake-up, if you will forgive this cliche- " a breath of fresh air"- to their ranks, in a positive way.

William just, plain and simple disliked Markle off the bat, and would have, no matter her ethnicity, race or rank, brother's girlfriend or not. I can understand that.

Markle's brand of Artificial Earnestness grates. I myself started off seeing her in a positive light, but, damned if I can't avoid my now honest reaction to her: she's just plain unlikable.

And the Duke of Sussex is even more unlikable.

by Anonymousreply 540December 21, 2023 12:22 PM

R539 - for a start, there was the incident with Princess Michael wearing that blackamoor brooch to an event attended by Meghan.

by Anonymousreply 541December 21, 2023 12:44 PM

R541, I agree with you. To wear such a thing as Princess Michael did when meeting the fiancée of your husband's cousin is racist.

To be generous (written with heavy sarcasm), it demonstrates utter stupidity, ignorance, and experience of NEVER having contact of a Black person as an equal.

Utterly stupid woman!

by Anonymousreply 542December 21, 2023 1:13 PM

R542, it doesn't matter how distant Princess Michael's relationship to Meghan is. The brooch is a racist caricature.

by Anonymousreply 543December 21, 2023 1:51 PM

R543, yes, and water is wet.

by Anonymousreply 544December 21, 2023 2:36 PM

R539, I didn't deny there was racism, I asked how you can be sure there was.

If the very marginal Princess Michael wearing a Blackmore brooch on one occasion is the only example of racism towards Meghan that can be claimed then that's hardly a strong incidence of racism. Princess Michael would never even have intended it as racism. It's hardly proof that Meghan was encountering regular racism during her brief time in the royal family.

R541, you said "for a start". What came after that?

by Anonymousreply 545December 21, 2023 2:53 PM

R545 I am certain you must realize that not all racism involves overt expressions like a blackamoor brooch. Any Black person who finds themselves "the only one in the room" can explain it to you. And lets add to that the bubble the RF lives in. Their private lives are very insular. So you have extremely wealthy, titled aristocracy, a throwback to another century really, and the social stratification it entails, and you add that to the pot. Of course they have friends who are not part of the RF but those friends come from a social class, and are part of the elite. Does William have school friends maintained for years? Probably. But those friends are Etonians. It's a world apart. And that's what Meghan stepped into. But I also feel like R540. I think some members of the RF welcomed the idea of her. But I have also concluded she is just not likeable.

I think the speculation we are seeing right now about Meghan attempting to revive a career is telling. She is going to work very hard to establish herself separate from Harry, so that when (not if) they end their marriage, she will be established. So I give it maybe 3-5 more years.

by Anonymousreply 546December 21, 2023 3:09 PM

In other words, r546, you have no actual evidence of racism but you're assuming it on the basis of... stereotypes. Yet, you claim to condemn stereotypes. Perhaps the one riddled with prejudice is you?

by Anonymousreply 547December 21, 2023 3:48 PM

R547 stop giving yourself W/W likes. WTF are you talking about that I am "assuming it on the basis of stereotypes?" You're full of shit. You certainly need to learn to read with understanding.

by Anonymousreply 548December 21, 2023 4:54 PM

Meghan was in an ad for some coffee company.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 549December 21, 2023 5:09 PM

R545, it's inevitable that a biracial woman marrying into the aristocracy is going to face racism. I freely admit I don't have proof, but I'd be astonished if she didn't.

by Anonymousreply 550December 21, 2023 5:23 PM

Lol r548, I didn't give myself any WWs. Projecting?

by Anonymousreply 551December 21, 2023 5:27 PM

The only reason you think it's "inevitable" is because of your own prejudices, r550. It says a lot that aside from Charles apparently wondering what his grandchild might look like (which is not by any stretch of the imagination racist) and the utterly irrelevant brooch of Princess Michael, no other incident of racism has ever been claimed. Surely if racism was as "systemic" as you claim we would have been hearing about endless incidents of microaggressions. But, we have heard of none.

by Anonymousreply 552December 21, 2023 5:31 PM

We always seem to get that contrarian troll who has an air of superiority and challenges any assertion that is reasonable. They need to read about specific events or incidents or language. Read the fucking room. There is a level of politeness and cordiality that can be withering.

by Anonymousreply 553December 21, 2023 5:54 PM

There are many reasons to dislike Meghan, which have nothing to do with her invisible biracial status. She hogs interviews and the camera in public appearances, has been caught in numerous lies, makes fatuous statements as if she's delivering the sermon from the mount, uses people and dumps them, and ensures that when she writes a check to an ongoing charitable endeavor, it's transformed into an initiative she started. And the check is funded by other people's money.

Note that I use the word "dislike" rather than hate, which is far too strong an emotion to waste on a tiresome self-promoter. I reserve that for Trump, Alito, Tuberville.

I think the Black British and American fans who referred to her as a Black woman pissed her off as much as the racists. They wanted her to identify as Black and she doesn't unless it's helps her as a PR or marketing move. That would be fine if she hadn't forged an identity as a victim of racism to make the couple's "flight to freedom," a money grab to capitalize on their popularity, easier to explain.

Now is the Royal Family awful? Maybe. I have no idea.

by Anonymousreply 554December 21, 2023 6:32 PM

[quote]Meghan heavily implied in the Oprah interview that speculation over the unborn Archie's skin colour may have been a factor in him not being made a prince.

Repeating for the umpteenth time, there WAS no speculation over unborn Archie's skin colour. Harry confirmed the question about a child's possible skin colour occurred when he and Meghan were engaged, and declined to tell us exactly what the question or comment was.

Your point that Meghan implied her children's race could be a factor in their not being given titles is correct, however. She's real stupid.

by Anonymousreply 555December 22, 2023 2:18 PM

Thank you R555, I've always said that she's shallow and stupid. People go around saying she's "whip smart" but that's not true. From Windsor Great Park to hawking mushroom coffee and desperately trying for a "comeback" as an influencer. That's a long way down the Harkles have fallen.

by Anonymousreply 556December 22, 2023 2:59 PM

[quote] Your point that Meghan implied her children's race could be a factor in their not being given titles is correct, however. She's real stupid.

This right here^, except, I don't share the opinion Markle is stupid. It's worse- she's cowardly.

Ambition, guts, hard work, striving and using every weapon at your disposal including your physical beauty are admirable character traits. For example, they're why I don't climb on the "Let's call Lauren Sanchez a whore" bandwagon.

That take on her is too easy and incorrect. I give that old climber her due.

And, when are we going to stop using the word "whore" to only include a transaction where sex is bartered?

When it comes to actual Whoring, I reserve that behavior for the likes of Donald Trump and Clarence Thomas. Those two whored themselves out to the wealthiest Johns in world, and sex wasn't the consideration. It was their deciding votes, decisions and the power of their offices.

Getting back to Markle, I don't mind a striver. I do, however, mind a lack of guts and courage. Rhett Butler's words to Scarlett, "While I may endure a trollop for a wife, I won't endure a coward.", come to mind.

The tell on her lack of courage is when she didn't attend the Coronation of her children's grandfather.

You know? That guy who was crowned the King of the UK and the commonwealth realms? That guy who both Sussexes complained wouldn't give their children Royal styles/titles that suited them? And I notice they didn't dare name Q E II as the source of their complaint even though she was alive during the Oprah interview.

Seriously, I would have given Markle my grudging respect if she had appeared at King Charles coronation. But, she doesn't have the intestinal fortitude to pull off such a nervy feat, not even on behalf of posterity for her children's sake.

Lastly, Markle's use of the term "Waity Katie" during the Oprah interview was a seemingly small, but telling moment about her character, specifically, her lack thereof.

"My jaw dropped" up to then, had merely been a figure of speech. But it actually did when Markle said that sexist, cruel sobriquet, years after it had faded, on world-wide TV.

That moment revealed to me what a jealous Mean Girl is at the heart of Markle.

And yeah, Kate, the Wealthy, White, future Queen of the UK doesn't need my defending. My point is that Markle likes to inform us of the sexism in society, and she's right about that. But she herself indulged in it by resurrecting "Waity Katie", no matter what context she may want to use to justify it.

There you have it. I dislike Markle because she's earned it.

by Anonymousreply 557December 22, 2023 3:04 PM

I have ceased to be interested in the Sussexes and Scobie. They have nothing to offer except resentment and New Age blather.

by Anonymousreply 558December 22, 2023 3:25 PM

Meghan has a PR piece in the Maul about a comforting phone call to a resident of Ulvade who's husband died of a heart attack a few days after the massacre. WTF? Why resurrect memories of that disasterous visit? She's fucking tone deaf. She should just fade away and enjoy her money. Unlike other targets of DL, e,g Madonna, Bradley Cooper, she has no talent or accomplishments except marrying a prince.

by Anonymousreply 559December 22, 2023 4:10 PM

Meghan thinks she can resurrect her career.Well, maybe she can. But her biggest problem is that she comes across as not being likeable. And while she has beauty, her face is...unfriendly? She may suffer from what I call the Angelina Jolie syndrome. No one likes Angelina. She is all PR. The big difference is that Angelina is talented.

by Anonymousreply 560December 22, 2023 4:58 PM

H&M just lost their PR Chief. According to the article: "Hansen, an American of Iranian heritage, is not leaving Archewell for another role. A source said: “Ashley has been putting the feelers out for doing some freelance work on her own. It hasn’t worked out with Harry and Meghan. She is really good and highly rated by their team — it’s just the clients don’t always listen to the advice.”

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 561December 24, 2023 5:43 AM

Someone upthread indicated how sad Scobie's instagram account content is, but the sheer tragedy of it is overwhelming.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 562December 24, 2023 11:49 AM

It's the "start of a new era" for Scobie. It seems this interview took place before his book tanked.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 563December 24, 2023 11:58 AM

R562, R563, looking at his IG account and this picture you posted, I'm almost certain he has had work done to his face. The boy has issues.

by Anonymousreply 564December 24, 2023 3:36 PM

His Insta is filled with pictures of Harry and Meghan. His attachment to them is part opportunism and part ick.

by Anonymousreply 565December 24, 2023 4:28 PM

[quote]I'm almost certain he has had work done to his face


by Anonymousreply 566December 24, 2023 4:30 PM

R561 For some reason The Times took down this article. It's very damning too! Claims that that H&M's PR staff have tabloid editors on a WhatsApp Chat and that they frequently let them know where Meghan is and what she is wearing.

by Anonymousreply 567December 24, 2023 7:57 PM

The Times article also listed a long list of former employees some who didn't even last a year. These are accomplished professionals who couldn't stick it out with the Sussexes. Ther's probably more craziness going on behind the scenes than we can imagine.

by Anonymousreply 568December 24, 2023 10:43 PM

[quote]Ther's probably more craziness going on behind the scenes than we can imagine.

Probably? More likely guaranteed.

by Anonymousreply 569December 25, 2023 12:45 AM

The Times may have taken its article down, but the archive.ph version linked above will hover and discredit forever. Especially the St. Laurent *scram.*

by Anonymousreply 570December 25, 2023 3:11 AM

Surely this pair of bullying idiots have zero credibility these days. How are they viewed now in the USA?

by Anonymousreply 571December 25, 2023 8:10 AM

R571, I think most people still have affection for Harry here, but not crazy about Meghan. It's kind of like at some point they expect her to betray him and they're waiting for that other shoe. They don't trust her.

by Anonymousreply 572December 25, 2023 2:24 PM

R567 there's nothing unusual about that. Most celebrities who have PR people do the same thing. It is standard to let the publications who focus on entertainment and celebrity news ( including tabloids) know what their client is wearing or where they are. Without that most of these publications would have to report on aliens hiding in your basement or JFK turning 105 in some secluded castle in Europe.

by Anonymousreply 573December 25, 2023 2:27 PM

Omid Scobie? What a funny name, Omid Scobie.....

by Anonymousreply 574December 25, 2023 2:31 PM

[quote]I'm almost certain he has had work done to his face

Similarly, I'm almost sure "The Last Supper" had restoration work done to it.

by Anonymousreply 575December 25, 2023 4:19 PM
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