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Tina Turner- RIP- You will always be a beloved icon in my home

I grew up LOVING Tina. I was born in the 80s so I missed out on her Ike and Tina era, but I remember her 80s output as a kid (my mom bought her cassettes) and loved her. And then I saw What’s Love Got To Do With It? and still love that film to this day. I was always fascinated by Tina and her story, her music, her talent. She was so interesting to me. I remember her Larry King interview in 1997 and seeing it and just adoring her. It solidified what I already knew about her, she was a beautiful and strong and intelligent woman, a lovely person.

I am truly saddened by her death, but saw this coming.

I loved her Larry King interview. She was very honest. I loved when she said she’s as famous as Madonna in Europe, but not in the states. It says so much about Americans without saying it.

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by Anonymousreply 37May 26, 2023 5:14 PM


by Anonymousreply 1May 24, 2023 7:25 PM

There had been rumors for some time that she was ill or suffering from an unnamed illness that kept her out of the public eye. Much like her friend David Bowie, she kept most of the details to herself, and died privately in her private home.

I knew her mostly from her mid-1980s revival. A class act, may she RIP.

by Anonymousreply 2May 24, 2023 7:30 PM

at 60, just a damned force of nature.

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by Anonymousreply 3May 24, 2023 7:33 PM

That’s fun R3, I posted a link to Proud Mary on the other thread, which I saw first. It was always one of my favorites since I was a kid. Back to The Ike and Tina Turner Review with the Ikettes.

by Anonymousreply 4May 24, 2023 7:47 PM


Steel Claw playing in the background

by Anonymousreply 5May 24, 2023 7:55 PM

Steel Claw

Steel Claw for the bitches

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by Anonymousreply 6May 24, 2023 7:56 PM

not sure why she thought she wasn't famous here. Everyone I know loved her and followed her from the beginning. We were happy when she was able to get away from Ike. At least she had a good life after him.

by Anonymousreply 7May 24, 2023 8:00 PM

and yet, talentless Madonna still lives.

by Anonymousreply 8May 24, 2023 8:01 PM

Now now r8. She made her mark. Differently perhaps, but still.

When she goes, there will be an outpouring for her, just like today.

by Anonymousreply 9May 24, 2023 8:07 PM

I don’t know which of the six threads to comment on! Joking aside, we just played Nutbush City Limits in my gym class on Monday, coincidentally - another reminder that Tina was an incredible, beautiful, strong superstar.

by Anonymousreply 10May 24, 2023 8:17 PM

So, I’m from the 80s too ! I just told a member of a band that toured with her about this loss, they are devastated. It’s a sad moment in music and it makes music lovers treasure moments in time. I bonded with my family by attending one of her concerts, my mother was a fan of Tina and my sister and I were fans of the warm up act. We became supportive of Tina after the concert. Her dress designer deserves a medal. Check out this classic funky show! Such a great lady! Ike was a loser tho

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by Anonymousreply 11May 24, 2023 8:22 PM

So...you needed to start a thread for this statement and not add it to one of the half dozen existing threads?

by Anonymousreply 12May 24, 2023 8:24 PM

yes r12, this is a celebration. the others are shock and mourning.

I am not posting anything with her ex husband. this is my second favorite

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by Anonymousreply 13May 24, 2023 8:37 PM

Nutbush City Limits is so popular in Australia. Why’s this?

by Anonymousreply 14May 24, 2023 10:40 PM

R14 because they like it….

by Anonymousreply 15May 24, 2023 10:43 PM

The DL moved on past Tina’s death announcement very very quickly. Sad asses.

by Anonymousreply 16May 25, 2023 3:12 PM

There are several threads already r16. She’s not forgotten.

by Anonymousreply 17May 25, 2023 3:15 PM

Are they active? No

by Anonymousreply 18May 25, 2023 4:43 PM

[quote] I loved when she said she’s as famous as Madonna in Europe, but not in the states. It says so much about Americans without saying it.

Considering how much more David Hasselhoff was beloved in Germany than the U.S., please tell what that says about the U.S.

by Anonymousreply 19May 25, 2023 5:25 PM

R19, I just watched that entire Larry King interview online. What a class act of woman. The way she was able to be honest, yet and still gracefully dodge questions she didn't want to answer. I was surprised how hard her passing hit me. I guess when someone has been in your life, a celebrity your entire life, you look back at their songs and at their career, you remember all the stages of your life they have been there with you. The first time I saw Tina was in TOMMY when I was like five years old. It was on HBO in 1980 and it scared the shit out of me. But I remember her since then.

And we didn't always know her exact backstory, although there were always rumours swirling about the abuse. But it wasn't public knowledge. Tina was just always someone you rooted for, just a genuine kind person - and that's quite an achievement given the life she was subjected to.

by Anonymousreply 20May 25, 2023 6:16 PM

[quote]I loved when she said she’s as famous as Madonna in Europe, but not in the states. It says so much about Americans without saying it.

It doesn't say anything about Americans - these things occasionally happen.

I lived in England and she was big there but never more famous than Madonna during the 80s.

BUT River Deep flopped in America and was a huge hit in England back in '66. So she was right there. It was a big deal for an American singer to have a big hit in England in the mid-60s.

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by Anonymousreply 21May 25, 2023 7:25 PM

We'll be right back with Tanya Tucker.

by Anonymousreply 22May 25, 2023 9:53 PM

Fuck her r22

by Anonymousreply 23May 25, 2023 9:58 PM

R21 that’s actually false. Madonna’s popularity in England during the 80s is hyped. Most of The #1s she had here weren’t #1 there.

by Anonymousreply 24May 25, 2023 10:11 PM

Someone had posted a video of Kylie vs Madonna in the UK and Kylie outperformed Madonna on the UK charts also, something not even close to true in the states.

by Anonymousreply 25May 25, 2023 10:12 PM

Thank you so much for posting that, R3. Absolutely made my day. Damn.

by Anonymousreply 26May 25, 2023 10:22 PM

They show her as an opening act for the Rolling Stones in the documentary Gimme Shelter. Mick Jagger is shown commenting that it's cool to have a chick. (with them? doing rock? as their opener? can't remember exactly)

by Anonymousreply 27May 25, 2023 10:26 PM

RIP to one of my all-time fave performers. My Tina Turner / Ike & Tina Turner playlist is close to my heart tonight.

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by Anonymousreply 28May 25, 2023 10:34 PM

Tina was primarily rock 'n roll (and a bit of pop), the title Queen of Rock 'n Roll. Madonna is pop, not that pop is bad--it's good and appeals to a wider swath of the public.

They are two different performers with a different focus on music.

by Anonymousreply 29May 26, 2023 12:01 AM

Plus two very different generations

by Anonymousreply 30May 26, 2023 12:25 AM

What’s Madonna got to do with it? NOTHING

by Anonymousreply 31May 26, 2023 12:27 AM

Mary!! x 31

by Anonymousreply 32May 26, 2023 12:28 AM

I wish Madonna had died instead of Tina

by Anonymousreply 33May 26, 2023 12:28 AM

Tina at 60 was on FIYAH (see video at R3). The body, the moves, the voice, the fashion. The LEGS! She was out of this world. Whatever work she had done on her was subtle, and anyway, black don't crack. She was a goddess at 60.

And then........there's Madge at 60.

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by Anonymousreply 34May 26, 2023 1:27 AM

“When I got successful, I said baby we ain’t living in this craphole anymore! We’re gonna find the greatest place in the world that this money could buy. After all, I earned it.”

by Anonymousreply 35May 26, 2023 1:47 AM

Saint Tina of Geneva

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by Anonymousreply 36May 26, 2023 11:55 AM

R36 I have to have that for my TT collection!

by Anonymousreply 37May 26, 2023 5:14 PM
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